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Australia Dec 2019

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Met Office sur Twitter : "The @WMO #StateoftheClimate shows 2019 was an above-average fire year. Australia experienced an exceptionally prolonged and severe fire season in the later part of 2019. Our #datavis by @neilrkaye shows the extent of the area bur. Australia bushfires: Visualizing the scale of Australia's bushfires. The BRINK sur Twitter : "This is the reality of climate change. Some of the 3,000 dead Grey-headed Flying-foxes (threatened species) killed by heat stress in Kangaroo Valley last weekend. #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #wildlife @EvanQuartermain @Animal.

Hey @SMH, I fixed the headline for you! □ "Murdoch Media Continues to Poison the Public Discourse over Climate Change in Australia" *****Australian wildfires: Unbelievable footage. Rebecca Herbert sur Twitter : "Kangaroos Are Invading Australia's Suburbs Now kangaroos are all over Australia's suburbs #Tiredearth #Australia #AustralianOpen #AustraliaDay #AustralianFires #AustraliaBushfires #ClimateEmergency #VIDEO… Wow! An Australian artist, who creates huge works of art on beaches, has responded to the bushfires with his latest creation The artist remains anonymous, and uses his body and rakes to mark the sand.

Fire raining on beaches, red skies and a billion animals killed: the new Australian summer. Sometimes you can see the end of the old world and the beginning of the new one as clearly as a seam.

Fire raining on beaches, red skies and a billion animals killed: the new Australian summer

Transformations that were once barely perceptible, recognisable only after the fact, this summer have become akin to a crossing. You can see the line as you step over it. It’s the first summer of this new decade. Welcome. Heat stress and the Australian flying fox. In December, Australia recorded its hottest day, during a period of prolonged drought in parts of the country.

Heat stress and the Australian flying fox

The hot weather, drought and associated bushfires that have swept though southern and eastern Australia have affected native wildlife. The grey-headed flying fox, a large bat inhabiting the south-eastern forested regions of Australia, is one species which is being adversely affected. It is already listed as vulnerable on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List of threatened species, and is especially susceptible to hotter conditions. Image copyright Doug Gimesy / Nature Picture Library. Steven Bernard sur Twitter : "The task of animating the Oz bush fires was only made possible with @underdarkGIS's amazing @qgis #Timemanager plugin. Using expressions to change the size and colour was invaluable Read @C_BruceLockhart and @valentinaromei's. Grass trees already blooming in the wake of the Australian wildfires.… Recovered baby Koala □ Climate art of the day: Innocent victims @ChinaDaily… Neil McMahon sur Twitter : "To summarise the last two hours in Melbourne, six days before the #AusOpen: > Dalila Jakupovic retires in coughing fit due to smoke. > Eugenia Bouchard leaves court for medical time out; breathing issues > Maria Sharapova ends.

James Murdoch Slams Fox News and News Corp Over Climate Change Denial. In a long-simmering rift between factions of the Murdoch family over climate change, Rupert’s younger son, James, and his activist wife, Kathryn, are attacking the climate denialism promoted by News Corporation, the global media group, and also by the Fox News Channel overseen by James’ older brother, Lachlan.

James Murdoch Slams Fox News and News Corp Over Climate Change Denial

The sweet relief of rain after bushfires threatens disaster for our rivers. When heavy rainfall eventually extinguishes the flames ravaging south-east Australia, another ecological threat will arise.

The sweet relief of rain after bushfires threatens disaster for our rivers

Sediment, ash and debris washing into our waterways, particularly in the Murray-Darling Basin, may decimate aquatic life. We’ve seen this before. Following 2003 bushfires in Victoria’s alpine region, water filled with sediment and debris (known as sediment slugs) flowed into rivers and lakes, heavily reducing fish populations. We’ll likely see it again after this season’s bushfire emergency. Australia fires: Dalila Jakupovic retired from her Australian Open qualifying match because of the "unhealthy" air quality from ongoing bushfires in the country.

Jessica Braithwaite sur Twitter : "I've noticed a fair bit of misinformation spreading around the #AustralianFires and the role of #ClimateChange - so I made this nifty guide to help you separate fact from fiction. @climatecouncil…

Scott Morrison

'arsonists' Australia fires: What's being done to fight the flames? Image copyright Getty Large parts of Australia have been devastated by the worst wildfires the country has seen in decades, with huge blazes tearing through bush, woodland and national parks.

Australia fires: What's being done to fight the flames?

Record-breaking temperatures and months of drought have helped the fires burn an estimated 10 million hectares (100,000 sq km) of land since 1 July. What are the Australian authorities doing to stop the fires and could anything have been done to prevent them? Fighting the fires is a huge task Bushfire conditions eased over the weekend, giving fire crews a period of temporary respite. Thousands of firefighters are still battling blazes across large swathes of Australia - ranging in size from small fires to infernos burning across hectares of land. Source: Nasa Firms. Points represent any detection of fire, not actual area burned. Entire towns have been engulfed and residents across several states have lost their homes. State and federal authorities have been working together to try to stem the spread.

Svein T veitdal sur Twitter : "Explainer: what are the underlying causes of Australia's shocking bushfire season? Despite the political smokescreen, scientists are in no doubt that global heating has contributed to Australia’s fire emergency. I played on a softball team called The Wombats. We said it stood for Women of Modest Background and Talent. I am fonder than ever of them.… The practice of wombats sharing their burrows is also documented by celebrated author, Jackie French. The collective noun for wombats is a wisdom of wombats. Fitting!… Dr. Lucky Tran sur Twitter : "Hey I love wombats, but they are solitary and hugely territorial animals. Their burrows are large & it's true that researchers have observed other animals venturing into them, but usually wombats chase other animals out if th. At the same time as this is going on the Victorian government continues to issue wombat kill permits to kill healthy wombats.…

Apparently wombats in fire effected areas are not only allowing other animals to take shelter in their deep, fire-resistant burrows but are actively herding fleeing animals into them. We’re seeing more leadership and empathy from these guys than the entir. Simon Banks sur Twitter : ""A 19-year-old has died of a severe asthma attack attributed to the choking smoke she was exposed to in the wake of the...bushfires. Now experts brace for a possible second wave of illness and death as a result of the ongoing, u. Thankful koala holds kind man's hand. ✋□□□… There have been lots (understatement alert) examples of climate science denial at The Australian over the years. I have written about lots of them. A thread.

Jakelin Troy sur Twitter : "Climate crisis victims. Beautiful Lara my horse who died after collapsing in smoke and heat on New Year's Day. Now me. I have severe asthma from the bushfire smoke in Canberra. This is what climate change feels like. It kills. Fires have ravaged #Australia's Kangaroo Island. #AustraliaBushfires… Australia fires: Plants photographed regrowing in ashes. Image copyright Murray Lowe The unprecedented bushfires sweeping parts of Australia have devastated huge areas of the country's natural environment.

Australia fires: Plants photographed regrowing in ashes

At least half a billion animals and countless trees, plants and other living things have been killed since the fires began in September. More than 6.3 million hectares (63,000 sq km or 15.6 million acres) have been burned so far - one hectare is roughly the size of a sports field. But in some recently-burned areas, signs of life are returning, as captured by local photographer Murray Lowe, who went to investigate how fire had affected the bush near his home in Kulnura on Central Coast, New South Wales. Brendan May sur Twitter : "We knew #ClimateChange would cause mass migration of people. Not sure we predicted that scores of terrified #kangaroos would seek safe haven in residential streets. This is reality now. But still, let’s protect the coal industry. A tribute to Australia’s brave firefighters on the shells of the country’s most glorious building. In awe of them. Absolute legends #AustralianBushfireDisaster #climatecrisis…

Rebecca Herbert sur Twitter : "They are all so scared and don't know what to do □ #Tiredearth #AustralianBushfire #AustralianBushfiresDisaster #AustralianFires #Austra @GretaThunberg @Australia @XRebellionAus @GuardianAus @ScottMor. There could soon be as many Aussie koalas in New York as Aussie coffee shops. Big Apple solidarity with those hit by the #AustralianBushfireDisaster #AustraliaFires… Baby kangaroos saved from the Australia fires… Choice page. Australia fires: News Corp employee calls Murdoch media coverage dangerous, misinformation. "I find it unconscionable to continue working for this company, knowing I am contributing to the spread of climate change denial and lies.

Australia fires: News Corp employee calls Murdoch media coverage dangerous, misinformation

The reporting I have witnessed in The Australian, The Daily Telegraph and Herald Sun is not only irresponsible, but dangerous and damaging to our communities and beautiful planet that needs us more than ever to acknowledge the destruction we have caused and start doing something about it. " After the email leaked, Ms Townsend said she felt compelled to send it to Mr Miller's email group because of the "sickening" coverage the media organisation had given to the bushfires. "Everything I said in the email I stand by.

I feel sick, not because the email has been circulated but because I have been contributing to this deception by continuing to work for this organisation. I haven't been able to sleep, this has really preoccupied my thinking; it is unconscionable what this company has been doing when it comes to climate change," she said. Related Article. More positive feedback More fires = more CO2 = more heating = more fires Return to start!… *****Carrick Ryan: The qualifications of Australia's most well known climate change deniers: Craig Kelly: Yr 12 Rowan Dean: Yr 12 Kerry-anne Kennerley: Yr 12 Piers Ackerman: Yr 10 Andrew Bolt: Yr 12 Alan Jones: Arts Degree Prue Macsween: Dip in A. I see a trend @ScottMorrisonMP… This graphic on the scale of Australia’s bushfires is amazing. Australia bushfires: Visualizing the scale of Australia's bushfires. Dave Throup sur Twitter : "Looks like a doom laden climate breakdown vision of the future. In fact it’s the Australian weather service’s review of 2019. Undoubtedly influenced by the Indian Ocean dipole event but very worrying nonetheless.…

*****'What could I have done?' The scientist who predicted the bushfire emergency four decades ago. Day after day @BBCRosAtkins and his team have been doing outstanding work bringing the #AustraliaFires to a global audience @BBCWorld… WEATHER/ METEO WORLD sur Twitter : "WOW!!! Before and currently in Kangaroo island, Australia, image on right is at the moment, after the #AustraliaFires a devastating image! Source Informações Meteorológicas #Australiabushfire #KangarooIsland…

In case you didn't know, Australian people are going into the forests ahead of the fires to save the koalas. #Heros ❤ IG emmateu… The deck of HMAS Adelaide, which has docked off the coast of New South Wales in Australia to help fight the bushfires.… This baby kangaroo has been saved from the flames in Australia - but ecologists fear as many as one billion animals could die from the massive wildfires.…

Dark Sky Photography sur Twitter : "A man-made catastrophe? More than 180 Australians have been arrested accused of DELIBERATELY lighting bush-fires since the start of the horror season that's left 25 dead via. The best visual summary guide I've seen to the nature and causes of the Australian fires. #geographyteacher. Time lapse animation of carbon monoxide surface concentration. Australian fires clearly visible as large blotches that intensify over time. (Data from NASA GEOS-5 model.)…

No. The vast majority of south coast bushfires have been caused by dry lightening strikes Please don't promote misinformation.… Informed observers understand that. The Murdoch-manufactured "it's arson" talking point is intended to fool people who don't understand that. It's a seemingly convincing lie.… This Kangaroo□hugs the volunteer who saved her life❤️ "No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart... #AustralianBushfire smoke crossed the Pacific Ocean and was detected by satellite over South America – 7,500 miles away.

Australian fires on BBC Outside Source. Australia: you have just experienced the future.… Lucy Carter sur Twitter : "Just spoke to Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park. They estimate that at least half the island's koalas have died, many many more horrifically injured. The island's koalas were Australia's 'insurance population' as they were not affec.

*****The Guardian: It takes a few seconds but when you see it the sheer enormity of what you're looking at is hard to comprehend. Thermal imaging captures the immense scale of the bushfire front in the East Gippsland area of Victoria on 31 Dec. # Just arrived in #Canberra...The smoke here is brutal! Very hard to breath. Made even harder by wind picking up. You can barely see Parliament House the city’s most iconic building...Right now air quality in #Australia’s capital is among the worst in the w. This photo □ #AustralianBushfire… Paulo Fernandes sur Twitter : "I keep seeing gross underestimates of burned area in Australia. What's happening in the SE is of course dramatic & unprecedented but in terms of BA is a minor fraction of the mean 45.5 million ha that burn every yr in the co. "There was no fuel on the ground, it was already burned. The heat ahead of the fire front ignited nearly everything in its path. Before he saw any flame my neighbour's car exploded. They just escaped with their lives...

IT FUCKING RAINED IN AUSTRALIA!!! AFTER HAVING NO RAIN FOR 5 MONTHS WE FINALLY HAVE IT. BBC News - Australia fires: 'Ghostly feel' in Kangaroo Valley. Excellent analysis @tveitdal We need to vote out politicians that are denying this climate emergency. @ScottMorrisonMP @POTUS @jairbolsonaro #AUSTRALIANBUSHFIRES #AustraliaFires #AustraliaIsOnFire… Australia Bush Fires: Svein Tveitdal, Klima2020 Director. Australia Bush Fires: Svein Tveitdal, Klima2020 Director. Kangaroo Island bushfire: Luxury resort destroyed by enormous blaze that has killed at least two people.

Mike Cannon-Brookes □□‍□□ sur Twitter : "Yet another insane-because-it’s-not-a-movie photo. Scientists warned us. Repeatedly. We didn’t listen. We must start listening - as a nation - across boundaries, parties, divides. The climate crisis will not respec. 2:30pm outside my home in West Auckland, New Zealand in the middle of summer. Just dark, ash clouds. We are over 2000km away from Australia. No filter. □… *****Australia’s pathetic PM reveals much about the right’s effort to deny reality.

There are worse leaders than Scott Morrison.

*****Australia’s pathetic PM reveals much about the right’s effort to deny reality

The “international community” includes torturers, mass murderers, ethnic cleansers and kleptomaniacs beside whom he seems almost benign. But no leader in the world is more abject than the prime minister of Australia. He cuts a pathetic figure. A leader must speak honestly to his people in a crisis. The sly tactics of climate change denial, the false consoling words that it’s a scare and we can carry on as before, have left Morrison’s words as meaningless as a hum in the background. Australian English is rich in its descriptions of worthless men: as useful as tits on a bull, a dry thunderstorm, a third armpit, a glass door on a dunny, a pocket on a singlet, an ashtray on a motorbike, a submarine with screen doors, a roo-bar on a skateboard.

The climate change denialism he espoused is a moving target. Scott Morrison is hunkered down in stage two. So impressed was Boris Johnson that he hired Morrison’s boys to win the British general election. A pyrocumulonimbus cloud this arvo from Moss Vale #nswfires… Joshua Stevens sur Twitter : "It can be difficult to imagine just how smoky Australian skies have become. This pair of @NASA_Landsat images shows a smoke-free day compared to yesterday. It's bad and getting worse.

Our terrifying journey out… Try to imagine 60°C, 80mph winds and uncontrollable fires. Australia today.… Simon Proud sur Twitter : "Pollution from the #AustralianFires is reaching aircraft cruise altitudes, and higher, near New Zealand. I wonder if flight crews are being briefed that they may experience anomalous smells of smoke... Any thoughts, @JonathanPow. BBC Weather sur Twitter : "AUSTRALIA: New South Wales and ACT experienced the worst of the #heatwave on Saturday Canberra recorded its hottest day on record at 43.6C (prev record 42.2C) Preliminary reports suggest that hottest conditions were just west of.

Like bats in hell. My @ABCNews segment with @JoeABCNews on #AustraliaBushfires & climate change has ~74K views (and growing) on @Youtube. It's estimated around 480 million animals are being directly affected by the Australian bushfires. ⬇️… Nick Bryant sur Twitter : "An Australian prime minister slammed for being a slick PR man out of his depth in the midst a national crisis (“Scotty from marketing”, he’s being called) responds to criticisms by producing a slick PR ad. #AustraliaFires #Austr. "The entire sky has been turned this deathly shade of orange. Kangaroo Island is one of the most special places on the planet. Heartbreaking to see it burn and to hear that lives have been lost #AustraliaBushfires #AustraliaOnFire #KangarooIsland…

Australia fires: A very simple guide. Image copyright AFP Australia is fighting one of its worst bushfire seasons, fuelled by record-breaking temperatures and months of severe drought.

Australia fires: A very simple guide

Since September, at least 25 people have died and thousands have been made homeless. Dr Ben King □UN-accredited Climate Change Teacher sur Twitter : "'Bushfires don’t just burn animals to death, but create starvation events. Birds lose their breeding trees and the fruits and invertebrates they feed on.' 'Silent death': Australia's bushfir. With more than 10 million acres of land scorched by flames, these Australians were forced to find safety from the bushfires out at sea… A joey that died trying to escape the #AustralianFires.… Matt Williams: Scale of the catastrophe in Australia is like nothing I have ever seen.

The Six Nations, Heineken Cup and the Pro 14 are really not that important when a raging bushfire attacks your home.

Matt Williams: Scale of the catastrophe in Australia is like nothing I have ever seen

Johnny Sexton’s knee injury very quickly drops down the list of important issues in your life, if flames are in your garden. I have spent Christmas and New Year in a Sydney that I have never seen before. Things here have changed dramatically. NOAA Satellites sur Twitter : "As the sun set over #NewZealand and #Australia on Jan. 2, 2020, #GOESWest recorded this Natural Color imagery of thick #smoke from the ongoing #AustralianBushFires blanketing much of the #SouthPacific. More imagery:

#Australia picked a winner with this guy. #AustraliaBushfires… This pharmacist in Malua Bay, NSW is keeping his doors open for patients, despite losing his own home to the bushfires #AustraliaBurning… - The Washington Post. *When the manager loses the dressing room* Look at the comments under this tragicomic article. 1.5K of them, almost all hostile. The Hun has spent decades pumping out misinformation about climate change. You can't get a redo.