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Teaching atmospheric circulation

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High-res hourly water vapor. Atmospheric eye candy from ERA5 reanalysis. #rayshader #AtmosphericRiver #RStats #CAWx.

Drawing atmospheric circulation

Seeing atmosphere as an ocean of air. Differential heating of Earth. Worked examples. Some scope for developing but pleased so far. Twitter. I may have a degree in physical geography but weather and climate has somehow passed me by. I am looking forward to teaching it next year but think I need to back up my subject knowledge. Does anybody have any recommendations of how I can go about this? □ @MissDerere_geog Regularly encourage students to look at what's going on in the #AtmosphericCirculation and #ThermohalineCirculation. Massimo sur Twitter : "The edge of Earth’s atmosphere and low Earth orbit to scale with the map. Stack of pennies on right represents the Kármán line where space begins. It is 62 miles (100 km) high. Left stack represents low Earth orbit, approximately 18.

Geography Sarah □ sur Twitter : "So impressed with the effort that has gone into year 10’s homework to make a model of the Global Atmospheric Circulation System! We’ve had 2 cakes and a Piñata so far! Can’t wait to see the rest! @HenleySchool #year10 #geo. Sulfur hexafluroride is ultra dense. It can temporarily Change your voice and make it all “demonic” it’s odourless and non flammable. It’s density can be demonstrated by these candles being extinguished simultaneously. *****Inversion - atmosphere like a liquid: A truly spectacular timelapse video of low level inversion fog acting like the sea! Taken in Ain region, France, on the first day of 2020. Video sent to us by Brice Volo. Posted with permission.… *****Absolute pleasure to talk to new geography teachers today about meteorology. @PTIEducation…

Tom H □ sur Twitter : "Ben has exceeded himself here (which takes some doing!) - what an exceptional thing to produce and then to share so willingly? Absolute champion. It's beautiful! One for @olicav #teamgeog #geographyteacher #cogscigeo… Home Learning with BBC Bitesize - KS4 Geography for Year 10 - BBC Bitesize. BC sur Twitter : "2/2 Recently @eumetsat + @meteofrance have produced a vg time lapse of the previous year's weather = excellent teaching resource. It's a bit long so I edit into chunks according to need + speed it up a bit. Labelling of major #TropicalSt. BC sur Twitter : "1/2 What I'm using to teach... #AtmosphericCirculation #ExtremeWeather #TropicalStorms #ITCZ Over the last couple of years, there have been many requests for help with teaching these topics. I've shared many ideas, but here's a new one I. *****Year of Weather 2019 @eumetsat @meteofrance Extract shows #Hurricane #Cyclone #Typhoon Season: #TropicalStorms' life cycle; energy transfer; disruption by #PolarJet; Aus #drought; #ExtremeWeather #TropicalStorms #ITCZ #GeographyTeacher Full 20m vid.

It’s one of the most boring/confusing/difficult things to teach and this looks way more interesting!… Ω Omega Block Ω in the forecast Useful explanation here from @metoffice. How I teach… Global Atmospheric Circulation Model – Team Geography. *NOTE – This does not reflect an hour, or any other convenient package of learning, but is instead an overview of how I would go about unfolding this concept.

How I teach… Global Atmospheric Circulation Model – Team Geography

The amount of time taken depends on a huge number of other factors! * A recurring theme within the #geographyteacher community on Twitter is about how to teach the global atmospheric circulation model. The model seems to strike fear into the hearts of teacher, and students, alike. I confess, I felt exactly the same the first time I taught it. Here it is: At first glance, it looks intense. In teaching about this, I want my students to be able to: Key idea – Understanding latitude To begin with, we recap what is meant by latitude. Key idea – Differential heating Assuming I am happy with students understanding of latitude at this point, we would now move onto consider the impacts of uneven insolation across the surface of the Earth. Key idea – Air pressure I may now re-purpose my diagram to allow me to add the rising air at the equator.