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Animations / explainers of atmospheric circulation

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BC atmospheric circulation

Typhoon Kammuri cloud top –109.4°C. #30DayMapChallenge Day 7. Green. Animation showing annual NDVI variation in Europe. 2019-01-01 - 2020-01-01. Created in @googledevs #modis @NASAEarth @NASA. Twitter. Twitter. Easter challenge: geography themed #EasterEgg □ My daughter’s attempt #oceancurrents as she remembers from #highergeog #geographyteacher… Severe-weather.EU sur Twitter : "*10-20 day outlook* The new year 2020 will start the development of a Pacific-Polar-Atlantic pressure tri-pole. That causes fast Polar Circulation Amplification, locking the cold air into the North Pole and North America, The Year's Top Images of Earth From Space. At about 4 a.m. on June 22, 2019, the remote Raikoke Volcano blew its top, sending a column of ash and gases rocketing ten miles high into the atmosphere above the northwest Pacific Ocean.

The Year's Top Images of Earth From Space

As luck would have it — and the word "luck" is particularly apt because this volcano rarely erupts — astronauts aboard the International Space Station were in position to observe the event. One of them captured the photo above. (For the full-sized image, please click here, and then click on the image again to zoom in.) I offer this as one of my picks for the top images of Earth as seen from space during 2019. Keep reading for the others — an admitedly eclectic mix documenting breathtaking — and in one case terrifying — earthly spectacles. Raikoke is one of a chain of volcanoes in Russia's Kuril Islands. Thick palls of smoke stream from dozens of blazing bushfires in New South Wales, Australia, on December 7th, 2019. Globally, there have been a stunning number of very intense fires this year. But wait. General circulation of atmosphere - Google Slides. *****BC: For this and linked topics, I always recommend the excellent @cambecc.

*****BC: A bit of whiteboard action is a must. I made this animated alternative for dept / follow-up to help students know what's happening up there (makes link with biome distribution) #dualcoding. @crg121078 Yes the trouble with the pop-ups is they can be hugely time-consuming for perhaps no benefit. Nice and visual but then you have the faff of scissors, glue, mess! He he. *****How a tornado forms (shows low pressure) For #EarthDay: A little visualization of surface winds around Antarctica. #Roaring40s… Eoin Hughes sur Twitter : "Using Line Draw Animation & Export as Animated GIF with #Keynote on #iPad to represent the Atmospheric Circulation Model □ This is one of the most difficult concepts for #Geography students to grasp, but this animation should be.

EUMETSAT sur Twitter : "Our 2018 Year of Weather video has now been published! Take a look back at some of the major weather events across the globe with the help of @eumetsat Training Manager @Dr_MarkH. A big thanks to our partners for their help with th. Awesome animated #map by @neilrkaye shows the seasonal cycle of global mean temperature. I am always looking out for the perfect 25 degrees all year long... Source. Annual global cycle of precipitation (rainfall and snow) This uses WorldClim2 data and shows a 30 year average for 1961 to 1990 #dataviz #climateviz… George Hadley was born #OnThisDay Hadley cells are named after him find out more about global circulation here. Look out for our new #LearnAboutWeather online course starting March 4th.

***** How do ocean currents work? Thermohaline circulation (conveyor) (21) [4K] 2018: full, one year time lapse of surface winds over the North Atlantic. Met Office sur Twitter : "At the end of last week, computer models indicated a slightly different jet stream position for this Friday compared to latest projections. As this graphic illustrates, small changes in the jet stream can result in very different.

*****Downstream amplification: Will we see any snow next week? Parts of the UK have seen some snow today and there’s a chance we could get more next week. In part, it depends on events thousands of miles away and something happening now over the we. This was much harder than I thought. Full year 2018 time lapse animation of surface winds... in 4K! (But you need to visit YouTube for full res. Made animation of winds that blew in 2018. Source code and explanation of how it is done is here. Tomer Burg sur Twitter : "I'm taking a course on building a generic atmospheric cloud model. I built a 3D model with periodic lateral boundaries & rigid top + bottom boundaries and inserted random warm and cold bubbles, and the resulting loop is just mesm.

What is global circulation? What is global circulation? What is global circulation? POSTER OF THE WEEK: Simplicity is key to understanding when it comes to the tricky topic of Global Atmospheric Circulation! #geographyteacher #UKedchat #GCSEGeography - How AMAZING is this! The Global Circulation on a balloon. Complete with ITCZ! Deserts! And a rainforest! #WFSyear10 #WFSyear11…

Global Atmospheric Circulation.