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4 June 1783. A hot-air balloon was demonstrated by the French brothers Joseph & Jacques Montgolfier. 2 June 1910: Charles Rolls, joint founder of Rolls-Royce Ltd, made the first non-stop double crossing of the English Channel by an airplane. *****Because this deserved a gif. @AirCanada’s #AC7169’s air-to-air photo flight path from earlier today. □ *****1 June 1907 Air Commodore Sir Frank Whittle is born. He is credited with single-handedly inventing the turbojet engine. #OTD 1961: Tony Hart explained the difference between jet and piston engines, with the aid of his trusty marker and some cardboard cutouts.

*****#Map shows busiest #airports in #Europe. Good spread with power concentration / core and periphery / #Paris #Frankfurt #London #Amsterdam. Men at work in Ladybird, part 5. The Airman (1967) #JohnBerry. *****European air traffic data visualization from 4th series of ZDF's Germany from Above by @422South. #OnThisDay 1949: The Royal Aeronautical Society showcased vintage planes and helicopters - some were an absolutely ancient 30 years old. *****The modern world in old Ladybirds, part 133. Important Russian visitors (1964) *****Pan Am posters map.

Unusual / Spectacular Airports

Air New Zealand stewardesses, 1960’s. United Airlines incident Apr 2017. European air traffic data visualization by @422South. Supersonic e.g. Concorde. *****1967: Reginald Turnill reported on the supersonic American competitor to Concorde, the Boeing 2707. He literally reported on it. Emirates unveils plans for world’s largest commercial aircraft. The triple-decker APR001 includes a swimming pool, games room, gym & park. Today in Ladybird 1 April 1918 theRoyal Flying Corps merges with Royal Naval Air Service to form the RAF #JohnBerry.

British Air Ferries

This is how big some of the most famous aircrafts are by @businessinsider (1 feet = 0,305 meters) *****Noise pollution from road and air traffic: National Transportation Noise Map. Russian pilot Valentin Privalov flying under the central span the bridge over river Ob. June 14, 1965. Sustainable air transport. London's Airports. #OTD 1959: Whicker's World came from Hong Kong. Do tell us about your flight, Alan. The global flow of people and goods on more than 14,000 flights. □ NASA research aircraft fleet. Reduce Fuel Burn With a Dose of BLI. Engineers and researchers at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center monitored the flights, and were able to observe the mapping of the sonic boom carpet from the F-18, from the center’s Mission Control Center.

Reduce Fuel Burn With a Dose of BLI

Credits: NASA Photo / Ken Ulbrich NASA pilots flying supersonic aircraft now have a display that tells them exactly where sonic booms are hitting the ground. A series of flights, recently flown at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center in Edwards, California, featured a display that allowed NASA research pilots the ability to physically see their sonic footprint on a map as the boom occurred. The series, which marked the second phase of the Cockpit Interactive Sonic Boom Display Avionics project, or CISBoomDA, continued from the project’s first phase, where only a flight test engineer could see the display.

Back when ... part 115. The fly-drive holiday (1968) Lots of pictures of the sole surviving 'Caspian Sea Monster' 1970's Boeing 747 interior. 5 March 1936 - Spitfire makes its 1st flight (Eastleigh Aerodrome in Southampton). #OTD 1936 The first Spitfire (K5054) was flown at 16.30 by Joseph ‘Mutt’ Summers, from Eastleigh Aerodrome. The flight lasted 8 minutes. We're working to accelerate aviation research, testing advanced technologies to help make aviation cleaner, faster and quieter. #aviation17. The First Air Show at the Grand Palais - Paris 1909. One of the most beautiful flights over the Alps from Venice to Scotland. □ #planeview #mountains #landscape #alps #travel.

Overhead San Francisco International Airport at night. This is the view from inside a flight deck. Qantas announces the world’s longest direct flight. Australian airline Qantas has announced plans for the world’s longest commercial flight.

Qantas announces the world’s longest direct flight

Beginning in March 2018, passengers will be able to fly non-stop from London to Perth in Australia. At 14,498 kilometres long, the journey is expected to take around 17 hours. The flight will be operated using the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. Image: In 1947, when Qantas launched its pioneering Kangaroo route, the flight from Sydney to London took four days. Australian minister for trade, tourism and investment, Steven Ciobo, praised the announcement, saying it would transform Perth Airport into a hub for passengers from the Australian East Coast, creating more jobs in the area.

Psychedelic Braniff Airlines stewardess uniforms c. 1960s. The world's longest flights. Antonov An-124 Landing at Iqaluit, capital of Nunavut, Canada. The grand sight of parallel @Airbus #A380 @HeathrowAirport landing - @British_Airways on 27R followed by @SingaporeAir on 27L. #avgeek. Three Avro Vulcan B2s of 617 Sqn, carrying Blue Steel training rounds, take off in quick succession at RAF Scampton on 9 August 1963. Today in Ladybird 21 Jan 1976 from Heathrow and Orly Airports, the 1st Concordes with commercial passengers simultaneously take flight. The modern world in old Ladybirds, part 121. The Hawker Harrier Jump Jet (1976). "It is certain ..." #JohnBerry.

This Plane Can Detach Its Cabin In Case Of Emergency. Rarely in history have air passengers survived air crashes.

This Plane Can Detach Its Cabin In Case Of Emergency

However, thanks to Vladimir Tatarenko, an aviation engineer from Ukraine, who has been working for three years continuously to make air travel safer for passengers, he has invented a plane with a detachable cabin that would eject in a matter of seconds whenever there is an emergency. Also, the cabin can land in both ground and on water. There are parachutes attached to the roof of the cabin and also rubber tubes that get inflated in cases of emergency to make sure that the cabin stays afloat at all times. While speaking to LiveLeak, Vladimir told that surviving in a plane crash is now possible. Soviet #Nuclear Zeppelins. Three words that inspire confidence... Tekhnika Molodezhi magazine, 1971. An English brewery delivers kegs of beer to troops fighting in Normandy, June 1944. Today in Ladybird 3 Jan 1496 Leonardo da Vinci unsuccessfully tests a flying machine. #MartinAitchison. United flight #UA890 departed Shanghai in 2017 and will arrive in San Francisco back in 2016! #BackToTheFuture.

Loading Air Mails for the Empire, Croydon by Harold Sandys Williamson 1934 (@thepostalmuseum). Short L.17 Scylla. Croydon Airport, Surrey, in the Early 1930s by Frank Sturges 1992 (@SuttonLibraries). Handley Page H.P.42 ‘Heracles’. Aircraft tires are pretty amazing. Old Ladybird Books updated, part 90. Peter and Jane get a lot harder to impress (1964 and 1979) Today in Ladybird 22nd December 1916 first flight of the Sopwith Camel #RobertAyton.

Contains graphic scenes of aircraft birthing. Now that @lufthansa has received their 1st #A350 XWB, take a look at how the aircraft came to life. #TBT #ThrowbackThursday #LHA350. Want to see two humans being blasted off the edge a ship to test out ejector seats? Of course you do. It happened #OnThisDay in 1964. Wilbur and Orville Wright make the first controlled, sustained flight of a powered aircraft. Today in Ladybird 21 Nov 1783 Montgolfier balloon rises 3000 feet with 2 passengers and travels 5 and a half miles. Proceed to departure: this is the longest non-stop flight in the world. An Air India jet has flown from Delhi to San Francisco in a single journey, making it the world's longest non-stop flight.

Proceed to departure: this is the longest non-stop flight in the world

The route covered 15,300 kilometres in 14.5 hours. The airline already flew to San Francisco but it has swapped its route from one that flies over the Atlantic to one that goes the other way around the world, crossing the Pacific. The Pacific route is almost 1,400 km longer but took almost two hours less thanks to tailwinds – the winds that blow in the same direction as the plane, making it go faster. Image: The Economic Times of India “While taking the (western) Atlantic route to SFO, we usually face headwinds of 24 kmph. The world’s fastest non-stop flights Before the Air India flight, the world’s longest flight was Dubai to Auckland at 14,120 km in 17.25 hours, which is an average speed of 819 km per hour.

In third place is Qantas’ route from Sydney to Dallas, at 13,725 km in 17 hours, with an average speed of 807 km per hour. There are also environmental advantages. #OTD 1957: Trans World Airlines was hiring British air hostesses. With our famed "excellent complexions" who could blame them? Mapping Natural Hazards: Swiss Re helps organizations understand risk. #OTD 1965: An ambitious Anglo-French aeronautical project, named Concorde, was beginning to take shape. Before the invention of radar, aircraft were detected by listening. There Are Secret Rooms in Aircrafts You Never Knew Existed. Even among the largest of the airplanes, do you think you can hide an area altogether?

There Are Secret Rooms in Aircrafts You Never Knew Existed

However, surprise! There is a hidden area in every airplane and you would be surprised to know more about it. Through this article, we take you through a tour of how there is a hidden compartment and how it looks like when you look at it. Flight attendants have a tough job to do and they often feel tired, as they undergo exertion too and would not mind a nice sleep. #avgeek #TU144 #SovietUnion. 'Shortest flight' welcomes millionth passenger. Your Clipper across the Pacific from Manila to San Francisco. Pan Am's pioneering route across the Pacific. #FlyPanAm.

Old Ladybird Books updated, part 85. The Age of Air Travel, 1960 and 1972 #RobertAyton. #History of #aviation in a single #map from 1950. @Qantas flew to more destinations than I expected. Hilariously stereotypical visuals... Legroom on major airlines compare to one another. 1958 - Finnair. This is how babies used to fly on airplanes. 72 Hours of Global Air Traffic in 13 seconds.