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Pt. Lokesh Jagirdar offer the free Horoscope mobile app available for Android Phones and iOS platform. You can download it now from Google play store.

Benefits Online Astrology Consultation in India. Astrologer on Live Chat. In this Navratri season, people in India are spending a lot of time in worshiping and going for astrology predictions.

Astrologer on Live Chat

People are going for best solutions for any of their future hurdles and seeking live astrology on chat so that they can easily get in touch with well known astrologers and get the best solution for their problems instantly. Astrology, as the name sounds, is related to the stars associated with the birth of every single human child on the planet. Every single person has its own sun sign in which he/she was born. According to that star, the whole future and present on-goings in the life of that person work as it is destined to happen. Although, it is a fact that no one can learn whole of his/her future in advance, but still,with the help of some well known astrologers who have studied deeply in this field, we can get a small glimpse of what can happen in our life ahead. Astrologer on Mobile.

Live Astrology Chat. Online Astrology Consultations at Navgrah Mandir. Astrology is also known as the branch of science that deals with the movements of planets and stars, through which we come to know about our present, past and future.

Online Astrology Consultations at Navgrah Mandir

Online Astrology Consultations at Navgrah Mandir. Akshaya Tritiya Puja. Get Live Astrology Help Free of Cost! What better you can get while you woke up in the morning when you get some good news about your future predictions?

Get Live Astrology Help Free of Cost!

Yes! Now you can get live horoscope reading for yourself easily at your own mobile phones daily. These live horoscope reading are not just mere sentences written by someone for you. Instead, this live horoscope reading is provided to you by expert astrologers who have done detailed studies on the planetary motions, their impacts on the people’s lives and other future predictions of what is written in the future store for you ahead. Not only your daily future predictions are suggested for you by them, but they also give you live astrology help on several basic issues going on in your life.

Are the possible solutions one should follow to reduce their bad impacts. Live Astrology Service at Navgrah Mandir. What is more good than getting fresh updates about what are the possibilities of things which are going to happen in your day ahead.

Live Astrology Service at Navgrah Mandir

What if when you woke up, there is online astrology consultation report presented for you on your mobile phones? Isn’t it wonderful to sound? Yes! Online Astrology Consultations. Live Astrology Chat. Live Astrology in India.

Astrologer on Mobile | Navgrah Mandir

Free Horoscope Mobile App. Free Horoscope Mobile App. Live Astrology Chat Online Free. Benefits Online Astrology Consultation in India. Rahu Puja Online. Online Budh Mercury Puja. God Hanuman Puja for Fight all Illness. Online Baglamukhi Jayanti Puja at Navgrah Mandir. BagalamukiJayanti is celebrated in devotion of Goddess Bagalamukhi.

Online Baglamukhi Jayanti Puja at Navgrah Mandir

Goddess took birth on earth when the Asura named Madan challenged her to protect the Dharma. The Jayanti is celebrated in the month of Vaisakh on the eighth day of bright half-moon and is also known as Vaisakh Shukla Ashtami. Goddess is fond of yellow colors and is known as MaaPitambara. People celebrate this day in a very religious manner as on this day Goddess saved the mankind from all the evils and the enemies. Goddess is famous for seizing the tongue of the enemies. This year the jaynati will be celebrated on 9 May, 2016 and people will do the Pooja on this day to make the evil’s tounge and feet paralyzed. Why we do Bagalamukhi Puja The Pooja devoted to Goddess will be very beneficial in many ways as this can remove the evil spirits from the life of humans and will help them to live a peaceful life. Live Astrology Chat Online Free. Online Shukra Venus Puja. Online Kanak Dhara Puja at Navgrah Mandir. Online Kal Sarpa Yagya at Navgrah Mandir.

Online Mangal Mars Pooja. Live Telecast of Lord Shiva Puja at Navgrah Mandir. Lord Mahadev is known as the “Sangharak” of this world, Mahashivratri is a leading festival for Shiva devotees.

Live Telecast of Lord Shiva Puja at Navgrah Mandir

People generally perform abhishek to make happy the Bhagwan Mahesh. There is a process to do this abhishek; devotees offer milk, curd, dhatura, flowers and bhang. He is the destroyer of evil and sorrow, and source of fruitfilment in all living things. Whatever you will wish on this grand day, the God will give you as a reward of worship.

You will feel a different energy in your body after the Lord Shiva puja. All of the Astro Reports are delivered with in 72 hours via Email. Lakshami Kuber Yagya at Navgrah Mandir. Now get the live astrology on your phone. In this busy world it is very difficult to give proper time to read news-paper.

Now get the live astrology on your phone

There are many people who review the newspaper just to know their astrology. Astrology have its own importance, many of the people are there who are not able to start their day without going through it. They find it very difficult to wait for the newspaper so that they can go through their daily horoscope. They want to know in brief about the particular day, so that they come to know whether the day is favorable for them or not. Now as we know mobile phone is the most common thing for all of us. Online Budh Mercury Puja. Lakshami Kuber Yagya at Navgrah Mandir. Online Mobile App for Android & Iphones.