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NAVCUBE™ a cost effective and user friendly Business Analytics solution for ERP Systems like Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle.

NavCube Sales Management Dashboard. Sales Management Dashboard with NAVCube Business Intelligence enables the sales team to understand their performance.

NavCube Sales Management Dashboard

Sales being the most critical part of any organization requires detail analysis with lot of information require to convert data into actionable. With NAVCube organization can do this very easily. Hence eventually helps top executives to make the decision or be informed to plan the adversity. NAVCUBE: NavCube Manpower Count Dashboard. HR Analytics is one of the important & critical for any organization.

NAVCUBE: NavCube Manpower Count Dashboard

We can analyze Manpower Count Dashboard through this dashboard which shows periodic New Joining, Active Employees along with Resignation against critical dimensions. NAVCube makes data availability secured and approachable. Hence eventually helps top executives to make the decision or be informed to plan the adversity. This can achieved for drill down levels with all grids on the dashboard. The report can also be made available on the scheduler periodic wise. Open Source Dashboard Software - Collaboration is nothing new.

Open Source Dashboard Software -

However, it is becoming increasingly important in the modern world, as we become more connected around the globe. When working on a project, sometimes one employee isn’t going to know everything they might need to. By collaborating with others in different departments, or even offices, skills can be pooled in order to make the project more successful than it might otherwise be. Collaboration not only equals a happier workforce, it represents an educated one. This is because it naturally inspires a sense of community within an organization, meaning that employees feel almost like they are a part of a family.

Go To Meeting: We use Go To Meeting which is extremely simple, extraordinarily powerful way to hold unlimited online meetings. Basecamp: To manage our 4P (Product, People, Project, Partnership) we use Basecamp. Implementation Services For A Better Technology Next. The reliability of the implementation services with the open source BI License has been helping every organization to bring on success with their works and with avoiding some of the common pitfalls that are associated with the business intelligence implementations.

Implementation Services For A Better Technology Next

This really is faster, simple, and painless and indeed is collaborative to go for the deployment. Advantageous impact: It happens that if you want to enable the users to access, analyse and even to share some of the data quite quickly without any practical guidance then you initiative would surely be languish. It does happen that you might suffer from inaccurate data, incomplete deployment, and partial use and even from the unrealised returns. Bringing On a Positivity With Business Environment. Business intelligent environment is bought on with the way to gain a competitive advantage in today’s challenging market place.

Bringing On a Positivity With Business Environment

This is going to provide with perfect information to the companies at the right time to bring on with a strategic decision being critically set ahead of the competition. The business intelligence initiatives are considered to be of quite a high priority for various enterprises across the globe. The consultation process: Cost Effective BI Solution - BI Solutions for Organizational Efficiency: navcube.

Complete BI Solution for Reporting for Enterprise Resource Planning ERP like Dynamics AX and various other ERP systems enable building of OLAP cubes without any prerequisite technical expertise easing out entire business process management.BI makes the process of evaluation and subsequent management less time-consuming exercise and concludes it on less cost well in terms of resources spent and utilized.

BI Solutions for Organizational Efficiency: navcube

The cost is dependent on deriving experienced and expert professionals support for applying out of the box solutions linked to ERP applications. Business Intelligence bears risk of future goals and implementation of plans, future events, optimizing response times, and identifying obstacles beforehand, hence BI is elementary in Risk Management, Predictive analysis and expands business in Economic value by aptly channelizing resources. Reporting tools in business intelligence. Sales, Manufacturing, Inventory, Supply Chain BI – Industry Vertical Served: Prudence comes with the experience and the expertise to serve clients with industry specific needs.

Sales, Manufacturing, Inventory, Supply Chain BI –

Using proven business performance management methodologies combined with ERP solutions expertise, Prudence has developed business strategies and implements solutions that optimize profits and streamlines your businesses. Our solutions are based on an in-depth knowledge of the processes that drive your business, whether you are a small business, a midsize company, or a large enterprise. We are proud that we have committed the time and resources to cultivate a true understanding of the business processes and challenges for companies engaging in: Customers with a focus in any of the above areas should look no further than NAVCUBE for their business management needs.

Business Intelligence Reporting Dashboard - Real Time Monitoring Real time dashboards for better collaboration of the two important resources of the organizations: DataEmployeeReal time Reporting for making effective analysis of the key users.No user intervention ensures the data is reached without any changes.Schedule Reports & Dashboard to your inbox.

Business Intelligence Reporting Dashboard -

Continuous Improvisation Improved strategies with right info in right dimensions.With real information you can negotiate better rate contracts with your vendor and supplier. For example: Customer performance analysis gives you insight in to his payment behavior, hence better control on the terms of payment.Multidimensional analysis of the data helps in building up the root cause of the core problem or achievements, helping organizations to take focused actions.As user can design their own reports, they have power to take their own decision helping organizations to improve the decision making efficiency.

Implement and Migrate Microsoft Dynamics Nav. NAVCube – Business Intelligence Presentation. Multiuser Business Intelligence Solution - Navcube. Best Business Intelligence Solution for Manufacturing, Sale, Food Chain Retails. Pre Packed Multiuser BI Integrated Solution - In the age of information organizations are covered with data for the users who are demanding more functionality, such as consolidated information and Dashboard with advanced visualization for both structured and unstructured data on real time.

Pre Packed Multiuser BI Integrated Solution -

Already consumed lot of time at deploying an ERP system, organization look for quick reports as for them data is available and they have right to anaylyze. While few enjoy timely information most of the organization keeps struggling with same. How to Manage External or Internal Circumstances Using Business Intelligence Power? A business is an economic system driven through exchange of goods/services for money or other purpose.

How to Manage External or Internal Circumstances Using Business Intelligence Power?

In the process of this exchange lot of sub processes take place and these processes are influenced by external/internal circumstances. These circumstances can be government policies, consumer behavior, technology evolution, innovations etc. For an entrepreneur it is important to capture the information related to these circumstances. In typical business scenario it is expected that a structured data will be generated across processes. With support of the structured data collected through sub processes or external information businesses can generate or simulate the impact analysis. Building up a better forecasting system in organizationControl on the Cash FlowIdentification of the leakage points in terms of resourcesCentralized visualization across organization.

Static, Dynamic BI Analysis & Reporting Software - Data Sheet NAVCUBE™ offers managers a high-level and detailed view of an organization’s operation. A powerful tool, reporting can deliver eye-opening insights on business trends, helping managers identify efficiencies and opportunities to optimize the management of an organization. NAVCUBE™ offers mainly two types of reports: Dynamic reports- Build on the pure fundamental of excel pivot, NAVCUBE dynamics reporting offers users to analyze their data dynamically by drag and relate functionality.

Integrated BI Dashboard Solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV - NAVCUBE™ a cost effective and user friendly Business Analytics solution for ERP Systems like Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle etc. NAVCUBE business intelligence helps organizations to better understand their business and make more confident decisions. Organizations can monitor, explore, and analyze dynamics data across companies, and then use it to plan, mitigate risk, and take action through in depth capability of the NAVCUBE™, Business Analytics for Power users.

They can improvise in decision making and performance. Companies has achieved saving of 40% resources to generate MIS by using NAVCUBE™. Further they can explore the data across other applications Like CRM, POS, HRMS due to flexible integration capacity of the NAVCUBE™. Seamless integration with Excel further helps in integration of the planning, forecast and Budgeting. Some of the unique features of the NAVCUBE™: ERP Implementation Product Support Training - Product Support Services: In this you are entitled to one year of support services related to the product only and are renewable every year. Prudence Technology provides you with upgrades, re-installation services, support on user issues and bug fixes free of charge during the continuance of the AMC and support services.

Services like consultation, ERP support with new development like Report, dashboard and other customization of the product for specific needs is not included in the AMC. Implementation Support Services: In this you are entitled to one year of support for the services provided during implementation and are renewable every year.