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National Air and Space Museum: How Things Fly. Point-Line Distance. Weierstrass functions. Weierstrass functions are famous for being continuous everywhere, but differentiable "nowhere".

Weierstrass functions

Here is an example of one: It is not hard to show that this series converges for all x. In fact, it is absolutely convergent. Professor Michael Accorsi: Parachute Simulations. What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic. CGNS Standard Interface Data Structures - Conventions. (CGNS Documentation Home Page) (Steering Committee Charter) (Overview and Entry-Level Document) (A User's Guide to CGNS) () (SIDS-to-ADF File Mapping Manual) (SIDS-to-HDF File Mapping Manual) (Mid-Level Library) (ADF User's Guide) (CGNS Tools and Utilities) (Introduction) (Design Philosophy of Standard Interface Data Structures) () (Building-Block Structure Definitions) (Data-Array Structure Definitions) (Hierarchical Structures) (Grid Coordinates, Elements, and Flow Solution) (Multizone Interface Connectivity) (Boundary Conditions) (Governing Flow Equations) (Time-Dependent Flow) (Miscellaneous Data Structures) (Conventions for Data-Name Identifiers) (Structured Two-Zone Flat Plate Example) Data Structure Notation Conventions The intellectual content of the CGNS database is defined in terms of C-like notation including typedefs and structures.

CGNS Standard Interface Data Structures - Conventions

The database is made up of entities, and each entity has a type associated with it. [Mathematica 3.0, Wolfram Research, Inc. CGNS Standard Interface Data Structures - Conventions. List of geometry topics. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This is a list of geometry topics, by Wikipedia page.

List of geometry topics

Geometric shape covers standard terms for plane shapes Types, methodologies, and terminologies of geometry[edit] List of computer graphics and descriptive geometry topics. Log In - Computational Science - Stack Exchange. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.