Triplant canard Ekranoplant (russe)

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Beriev Bartini VVA-14 - une vidéo High-tech et Science
Beriev Bartini VVA-14 Documentaire Russe - une vidéo High-tech et Science
Ekranoplan - The Future
Ekranoplan KM 'Caspian Sea Monster' seaplane
Ekranoplan KM - a Film & TV video
What is an Ekranoplan?
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Ekranoplane : avion a effet de sol - une vidéo High-tech et Science
Caspian Sea Monster The aeroplane that never quite got off the ground-- literally and intentionally. In the 1960s, American spy satellites photographed a peculiar object floating about in the Caspian Sea within the borders of the then Soviet Union. First, it was aeroplane-shaped-- sort of. Second, it was gigantic-- something on the order for 310 feet long and weighing up to 540 tons. Caspian Sea Monster
Ekranoplan_km - a News & Politics video
ekranoplan: world’s strangest airplane « raincoaster and probably the ugliest as well. diggI’m giving this the Squid tag, and Technorati can just sue me, because this has the central core of Squiddiness, the Platonic Ideal of a Squid-like quality, and that is that regardless how loathesome this thing may be you cannot possibly look away, nor think any thought but “KEWL” while you’re looking at it. It’s just frickin’ cool! Besides which, it is a Sea Monster. Read on… Technically speaking this is not an airplane. ekranoplan: world’s strangest airplane « raincoaster
KM Ekranoplan
KOREA commercial WIG craft - ARON-7
Aquaglide 5