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Natalia Varela

Mi dedo gordo del pie tiene lonjitas, amo leer las cajas de los cereales, viajar y comer en el mercado local de cada lugar, las burbujas y el cine en el cine.

How to Handle Working for an Asshole. “Most people work just hard enough not to get fired and get paid just enough money not to quit.” - George Carlin Like any job, going to work in the film industry isn’t always fun.

How to Handle Working for an Asshole

Stepping on set can become a chore when you’re stressed from a shoot, feeling pressure from your department, and working extremely long hours. So the last thing you need in a situation like that is someone treating you poorly: berating you, yelling at you, and generally being a damn asshole. But it happens. I wish I could tell you that everyone in the film industry is nice as cherry pie, but statistically that’s impossible and, from personal experience, I know it’s not true. Recently a reader (who wished to remain anonymous) told me a story about her experience with a director of photography (DP) who was treating her terribly: I’m just wondering, however, if you have any advice on what to do if the guy you’re working for – the DP – is the asshole!?

Camera Assistant.


Why is my computer slow? Hello and welcome to my User Tip I will attempt to explain in short how a computer works and perhaps identify the reasons why your machine is acting slow, beach balling etc.

Why is my computer slow?

¿Instalaste OSX Lion o Mountain Lion en tu Mac y ahora está muy lenta? Aquí esta la solución. Una de las ventajas de ser usuario de Mac vs. ser un usuario de PC es la facilidad con la que puedes migrar a un nuevo sistema operativo. El proceso ha sido simplificado de tal forma que hasta usuarios principiantes pueden realizar la tarea sin complicación alguna sin tenerse que preocupar por la compatibilidad del hardware de la máquina. Todas las versiones de OSX lanzadas en el transcurso de los años han incluido mejoras que simplifican la forma como el usuario interactúa con el equipo y cada vez más, la barrera entre OSX e iOS se hace más delgada. En lo personal, el migrar a OSX Mountain Lion en mi iMac del año 2008 con procesador Core 2 Duo y 4Gb de RAM me ocasionó más problemas que beneficios. El desempeño de la computadora se vio seriamente afectado por la actualización a pesar de cumplir y exceder los requerimientos mínimos de hardware. MAYA LIN STUDIO.

Build a Website — Squarespace. Behind-the-scenes of La Triple Corona. La Triple Corona is the story about one of Mexico's toughest endurance challenges, a grueling three-race series around La Malinche Mountain, also know as Matlalcueitl, an inactive volcano in the South-eastern states of Tlaxcala and Puebla.

Behind-the-scenes of La Triple Corona

Tasked with filming this incredible story in 2014, local production company Encinta was enlisted by the series's race sponsors, Alta Vertical, to capture the emotion and allure of not only the 3 races themselves, but also the majestic beauty of the region where it is staged and the integral characters that weave their story together. We chat to producer Daniel Díaz about what this project entailed: Trails In Motion [TIM]: Tell us a little bit more about the background of the project, where it all began for the Encinta team, who the client was, what their requirements were from the film.

Daniel Diaz [DD]: The idea of doing the Triple Corona came after we finished the UTMEX ultra marathon video that we did on 2012. Siete películas pornográficas mejores que "Nymphomaniac", según El País. Tile. Un nuevo estilo de vida: los neosolteros. Regularmente hablamos de la soltería como un tiempo intermedio mientras encontramos a nuestra media naranja, viéndole las ventajasde estar solo y sacar provecho de la exquisita libertad antes de emparejarnos.

Un nuevo estilo de vida: los neosolteros

El prototipo de soltera ha sido explotado a lo sumo (cine y TV), pero casi siempre gira en torno a la culminación de esa soltería gracias al éxito amoroso, o un fracaso para levantarse e intentarlo de nuevo. Tenemos desde Carrie Bradshaw hasta el viral ”35 años y soltera” de Paula Schargorodsky. Desde hace más de una década, el modelo de vida de los solteros tiende a adquirir rasgos cada vez más concretos hasta llegar a una nueva definición: los neosolteros, los que viven solos por convicción y no como “quedados” o que “se les pasó el tren” como se juzgaba antes. CreativeLive: Free Live Online Classes - Learn. Be Inspired.


Lightroom. Design. Life Experience Photography & Video. Art. Si par hasard Front Page : si par hasard (eng) Cultura zapopan. “Curtain,” a project by Jerome Haferd and K. Brandt Knapp - modern - new york - by SCULPTURE — Through October 21, 2012"Curtain"Socrates Sculpture Park,Long Island City, New YorkMade up of plastic chain-link partitions and enclosures, "Curtain's" white structure invites you to explore the modernist understanding of “curtain walls” as fixed boundaries. Conceived by architects Jerome Haferd and K Brandt Knapp, the sculpture is the winning submission from Folly, a competition organized by The Architectural League. SHOW — September 26–30, 2012Istanbul Design WeekOld Galata Bridge, IstanbulHead over to Istanbul to see what's trending in fashion, design and technology from Mediterranean creative professionals.

The week is filled with new designs and exhibits, displayed on the Old Galata Bridge — the ultimate venue connecting both coasts of the Golden Horn. Hours: 9 a.m.–5 p.m; Tuesday, 10 a.m.–5 p.m.; Saturday, 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

Urban cultural stuff

Asylum Art. Hear the moment when the Boston Symphony Orchestra announced JFK's assassination to a shocked audience. Just after 2 p.m. on November 22, 1963, the musicians of the Boston Symphony Orchestra — already onstage at Symphony Hall for a Friday afternoon concert to be simulcast on radio station WGBH — were suddenly handed new sheet music for an unscheduled change in the program.

Hear the moment when the Boston Symphony Orchestra announced JFK's assassination to a shocked audience

Seconds later, BSO conductor Erich Leinsdorf walked onstage and spoke directly to the gathered audience: “Ladies and gentlemen, we have a press report over the wireless. We hope that it is unconfirmed, but we have to doubt it.” In the moments before Leinsdorf emerged from the wings, he had pre-empted the planned program and rushed the new music to his musicians, according to an interview TIME conducted with longtime BSO librarian William Shisler.

Though many in the hall had already heard that President Kennedy had been shot in Dallas an hour before the concert began, nobody knew the severity of the president’s injuries. It was up to Leinsdorf to break the news to the crowd. THICKZINE. 400 vaginas de 400 mujeres en 10 paneles. Tras un extenso casting de mujeres, el artista británico Jamie McCartney hizo moldes de las partes bajas de las voluntarias. Los genitales femeninos han sido siempre una fuente de fascinación. Hoy en día parece que la creación de imágenes de la vagina es el dominio exclusivo de la pornografía, artistas eróticos y feministas. My Modern Metropolis. Mejora tu Escuela.

Online tv shows

Dashboard. Libros. Maldita Vecindad Y Los Hijos Del Quinto Patio - Mare - Free mp3 Download. La Página de los Cuentos - Texto 'Tripas (Chuck Palahniuk)' de Zama. Tripas Tomen aire.

La Página de los Cuentos - Texto 'Tripas (Chuck Palahniuk)' de Zama

Tomen tanto aire como puedan. Esta historia debería durar el tiempo que logren retener el aliento, y después un poco más. Así que escuchen tan rápido como les sea posible. Gambeteando palabras: El cuadro del Raulito (Por Eduardo Sacheri) Por Eduardo SacheriEl decidió, de entrada nomás, dejarlo en libertad. Tenía la idea de que los amores no se imponen, ni siquiera se eligen. Pensaba que en todo caso eran los amores los que optan, los que se le imponen a uno. Por eso, con cierta prescindencia fatalista pensó que si tenía que ser, sería, y que si no, era inútil gastar pólvora en chimangos.No le fue fácil, sin embargo.

Arboricultura y jardineria

Publicidad. Looking 4 a job? Demola’s Autumn Season Started Bigger Than Ever! Demola Tampere kicked off the autumn with over 150 students and 33 projects!

Demola’s Autumn Season Started Bigger Than Ever!

The multi-disciplinary student teams find solutions for challenges set by partner companies. During the 4-month period, the teams get inspiration from workshops and trainings, including support from Demola facilitators. The project topics cover a wide range of different companies and needs of the customers. Take a look at the projects and follow the team news! Videos Archives « The Clymb.


Home Decor DIY. Fashion. Dia de muertos. Cooking. Piñatas. Producción! Shows. Home - Festival Sayulita. Nespresso - "Pixie" Launch Event (Behind the Scenes) Global Oneness Project. Blogging - Programación. Travel!! Blogs. Film and t.v. ITESO - Un ecosistema para innovar en la comunicación. Mobiliario técnico audiovisual. Acoustics. Office Design Bath & Office Interiors Bristol - OEG Interiors. It is widely acknowledged that the environment in which people work has a major influence on their concentration, performance and productivity.

Office Design Bath & Office Interiors Bristol - OEG Interiors

Achieving this ideal environment requires careful analysis, creative yet functional design followed by effective implementation. This is where OEG's experience comes in. We specialise in providing a range of office design services in Bristol and surrounding areas, and are well-established as one of the leading firms working in the office refurbishment industry. What can OEG Interiors offer? Read on to learn more. Understanding & Analysis The basis of successful project design is a defined project brief & set of objectives united with an in-depth knowledge of the organisation, it's situation, problems experienced, staff, organisation structure & operation processes. Design Process Best Practice Implementation Draw on our expertise in:- Client Testimonials The team from OEG Interiors were instrumental in our ability to achieve our goals.

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