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Seal friendships forever with natural diamonds. It did not take a lot of emotional verses or grand gestures to express our love for our friends when we were growing up.

Seal friendships forever with natural diamonds

All it took was that friendship band on friendship day, celebrating each other with that knot and saying what words were incapable of saying. Your friendships were and will always be your safest haven; a grotto that you have chosen and the one you may have cherished the most. You made many promises to each other, about sharing your lives, living your dreams and never leaving each other’s side; and the memory of those promises still keeps you going, even though your lives may have changed. Just like a natural diamond is forever, so are your friends- always ready to make you shine. But do you know what can never change? I promise to support you We have all had moments when we just needed to be heard and understood, and your friends did just that.

I promise to keep your secrets safe I promise to be the shoulder you can cry on I promise to trust your crazy ideas. Natural Diamonds: Pledging for a Sustainable Future. Natural diamonds are not only one of nature’s most wonderous creations, they are also precious for the people and the economies of the countries where they are found.

Natural Diamonds: Pledging for a Sustainable Future

If nurtured in the right way, diamonds are nature’s powerful gift to a country’s development. “When we speak about natural diamonds we do not always think about the communities where diamonds come from and the real people who benefit from them. Diamonds are more than jewelry, they have a societal legacy,” said Raluca Anghel, Head of External Affairs and Industry Relations at the NDC.

Before diamonds can be unearthed, the Natural Diamond Council (NDC) members go through years of planning when they work with governments, local and regional communities and indigenous populations. Bohemian to Retro Chic. Diamonds, A Fashionista's Best Friend. Natural Diamonds are eternal and ethereal.

Bohemian to Retro Chic. Diamonds, A Fashionista's Best Friend

Sourced from the upper mantle of mother Earth, natural diamonds are miracles of nature, forged in conditions that are awe-inspiring. Since their discovery, natural diamonds have made their way through the royal jewellery caskets to the day-to-day ensemble of modern women. Ask a woman, and she would tell you that there is a diamond for every occasion and every outfit. Natural, rare and precious, each natural diamond is versatile, unique and unmatched in its cut and clarity. Diamond Definition: What Makes a Natural Diamond. From Rough to Ready, 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Natural Diamonds. Natural diamonds are the ultimate symbol of strength and resilience, prized possessions either bought to commemorate a special occasion or to be passed down from one generation to the next as family heirlooms.

From Rough to Ready, 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Natural Diamonds

Perfect Raksha Bandhan Gifts for Everyone. The onset of August serves as the cause of much excitement in Indian homes, as siblings trade in the year-round bickering and banter for bonding and bonhomie on the eve of Raksha Bandhan.

Perfect Raksha Bandhan Gifts for Everyone

The holiday fetes the unique bond that siblings share with the tying of an ornamental bracelet on the brother’s wrist, known as a rakhi. However, the passage of time has witnessed traditional customs and conventions receiving a contemporary update. Whether real or from another mother, this day offers the chance to cherish those special people in your life—from your sibling to your best friend who patiently proofreads your text messages before they are sent to your armor to your self-proclaimed rakhi brother who will show up with a baseball bat in hand if someone hurts your feelings.

When it comes to finding a timeless gift, diamonds serve as a no-brainer – they are elegant, classic and can be passed down through generations. Radhika Makkar and Her Diamond Story. Shambhavi Sahai and Her Diamond Story. Shreya Soni and Her Diamond Story. Lucy In The Sky - The Largest Diamond In The Universe. Diamonds Today – Beautiful. Conscious. Giving. Fashion of Diamonds: Reliance Jewels X Shriya Som. Fashion of Diamonds: VBJ X Ikai. From one mother to another: Lisa Ray.

Fashion of Diamonds: BR Designs x Shriya Som. Fashion of Diamonds: Sona Chandis X Ikai. Fashion of Diamonds: A S Motiwala X Ridhi Mehra. Fashion of Diamonds: Senco X Ridhi Mehra. Chopard's Animal World Collection at Cannes. Year after year, we’ve sat glued to our television sets to catch a first glimpse of the extravagant star-studded affair that the Cannes Film Festival is.

Chopard's Animal World Collection at Cannes

Lucy In the Sky - The Largest Diamond in the known Universe. In 1967, The Beatles released one of their greatest hits, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

Lucy In the Sky - The Largest Diamond in the known Universe

Originally, the song was inspired by a portrait drawn by John Lennon’s son, young Julian, about a girl quite literally among the stars that glittered like diamonds. In 2004, astronomers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics made a startling discovery and created a prophetic connection of the iconic Beatles’ song to what could very well be the largest natural diamond in the known universe. Identified initially as V886 Centauri or BPM 37093, this white dwarf is about 4000-km across, and is possibly the largest diamond anyone has ever seen. Inspired by The Beatles, the scientists who discovered her christened her, Lucy, quite literally in the sky with diamonds.

Its size? An Unforgettable Gift For The Most Special Man In Your Life. A father is a daughter’s first love and a son’s first hero.

An Unforgettable Gift For The Most Special Man In Your Life

He is there for you in your good times and your biggest source of strength when times are bad. He adds a unique touch to his children’s lives by being there and supporting them in a way only he can. Every dad is as special, priceless and resilient as a natural diamond. So what better way to say thank you than by celebrating this Father’s Day with this very same unforgettable token of love? Remind him that he has an irreplaceable place in your life with some natural diamond accessories. Choose the Perfect Symbol of Love.

What is the most memorable possession in a woman’s life?

Choose the Perfect Symbol of Love

The answer is often her diamond engagement ring. Nature Made Me A Better Mom. I am an only child, but I did not grow up lonely.

Nature Made Me A Better Mom

Whenever I sought out companionship, I found it in nature. And my mother nurtured this relationship. Of the Earth. By The Earth. For the Earth. Natural Diamonds. The true wonders of nature. What began in 1970 with 10% of the American people at the time taking to the streets to protest environmental ignorance and demand a new way forward for our planet is, today, recognized as one of the planet’s largest civic events.

Any talk about the environment inevitability leads to re-examining our role in it. And thankfully, more than ever, the focus these days is on a far more sustainable way of living and consuming; On a way of being that is in complete harmony with Mother Nature, with Planet Earth. Bohemian to Retro Chic. Diamonds, A Fashionista's Best Friend. India’s Cannes Connection: When Diamonds Stole the Show. In India, May has always meant the season of blazing hot summers, luscious mangoes and the Queen of Red Carpet Events – Cannes. For years, we have seen a host of gorgeous women in dreamy custom-made couture dazzle us and the paparazzi alike and set new fashion trends.

A festival renowned for its films, Cannes is also famous for the embodiment of style. And when you are at the pinnacle of high-fashion, there is nothing else you would choose to ornament yourself with than one-of-a-kind Natural Diamonds. Diamonds and India – A Romance for the Ages. Diamonds have captured the imagination of royalty through the centuries. They continue to beguile and fascinate women across all ages. Sathya Saran traces the gem’s journey from Mughal courts to its modern interpretations as an aspirational heirloom.