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Natural Art Fence

Natural Art Fence, a Vancouver based fencing specialist company with over 15 years of experience in Fences installation services.

Concrete Fence Panels. Benefits of Privacy Fence – Natural Art Concrete Fence Vancouver. Property holders who are hoping to assemble a security fence have a lot of alternatives for adorning and modifying an important protection fence.

Benefits of Privacy Fence – Natural Art Concrete Fence Vancouver

There are many reasons that mortgage holders introduce a tall, durable privacy fence around the border of their home. While protection surely is a worry, there are various different advantages that these wall offer. Enhanced security. Security wall obstruct the perspective of your home’s windows and entryways from potential offenders who need to access your family and assets. Most offenders are searching for a simple approach to get in and out of your home. Pet control. Lessen ecological clamor. Secure your family. Enhance open air living space. Decrease wind. Like this: Like Loading... Uncategorized. How to Maintain Your Fence – Natural Art Concrete Fence Vancouver.

A nice fence not only improves the value of a property, it can also improve the wellbeing of the people living on that property by bringing a sense of security and peace.

How to Maintain Your Fence – Natural Art Concrete Fence Vancouver

On the other hand, a worn-down rickety fence not only shortens the life of the fence, but also is unattractive to potential buyers of that property. Thus it is important to keep your fence maintained in order to save you lots of hassle in the future! Some fences requires more maintenance over other fences depending on the material. Typically a wooden fence would require more and frequent care than a higher quality material like concrete. Here are some DIY Fence repair tips that can save you money in the long run! 1. This applies to all types of fencing material. *Find problems at an early stage and fixing it will prevent big problems down the road. 2. If you own fencing like concrete, vinyl, or composite, cleaning is pretty much all the short term maintenance you will have to do. Concrete vs Wood vs Vinyl; Which is right for me? – Natural Art Concrete Fence Vancouver.

Choosing the Right Type of Fencing Choosing the right fence for your home can be distressing especially you have to factor in the up front cost, maintenance cost, property bylaws, security, aesthetic, and all the different type of materials available in the market.

Concrete vs Wood vs Vinyl; Which is right for me? – Natural Art Concrete Fence Vancouver

This article is here to ease some of that stress by giving you some insight on what is out there. Cost is a big factor in choosing materials, of course. But consider strength and maintenance, too. Repainting a fence every few summers is a headache. Here’s a rundown of pros, cons and maintenance needed for a basic 6-foot-tall fence of several popular materials. Wood In BC where there is an abundance of wood, we can see a wide array of wooden fencing from different material to different designs.

Cons: Most wood, even if treated, requires protection with a stain or paint. Maintenance: Daily, weekly, or monthly wash down of the wood fence with a mild cleaning agent may be required to prevent molds and stains. Concrete Sound Wall: Noise Reduction – Natural Art Concrete Fence Vancouver. Then Concrete sound barriers could be your solution to peace and quiet.

Concrete Sound Wall: Noise Reduction – Natural Art Concrete Fence Vancouver

Noise-Reduction Noise pollution has been a major concern of health deterioration due to restlessness and sleeplessness. We should not have to compromise our quality of life to bear with our noisy neighbors. Whether you live near a school zone, construction site, high traffic area, or any areas with excessive noise, concrete sound walls are the most effective methods of cutting down the noise! By reading this article you will understand what you can do to reduce the level of intrusive noise entering your home. To begin, let’s understand the nature of sound waves. *Depending on object density, sound may still able to penetrate it! Another rule to remember how sound waves travel is the “line of sight”. An important factor to look at is sound wave intensity, which is measured in decibels.

At 80 dB, heavy city traffic is one of the most pervasive unwanted noises transmitted to residential homes! How Much Does Concrete Fencing Cost? – Medium. Natural Art Fence: Understanding Canadian Fence Building Regulations (Part 2): Our neighbour’s fence could grant them permission to have rights over your property!

Natural Art Fence: Understanding Canadian Fence Building Regulations (Part 2):

Understanding fence building regulations will help prevent any unwanted intrusions onto your property and/or disputes you may have among your neighbours! In British Columbia, Canada, the Land Titles system governs ownership of land. Under the Land Titles system, if your neighbour placed his fence onto your property, you are legally entitled to have your neighbour remove the fence. However, if you do not object or grant permission, your act of doing nothing after 10 years will grant your neighbour the right to obtain Court Order confirming his ownership of that strip of property. For example, your neighbour has built a fence one foot onto your property. Now, lets say you were building a fence, how would you avoid the problem your neighbour had faced in the previous scenario? Understanding these rules will help you reduce unwanted surprises!

*Disclaimer* – Natural Art Fence: Understanding Canadian Fence Building Regulations (Part 1) When building a fence, some of the common legal questions that arise are: who owns the fence?

Natural Art Fence: Understanding Canadian Fence Building Regulations (Part 1)

Where can you build the fence? Who pays for the fence and maintenance? “Good Fences Make Good Neighbours” written by Brian Madigan is a useful article to read, if you are interested in understanding Canadian rules and regulations of building fences. To answer the previous questions, The Line Fences Act provides something of a solution. The Act provides a solution to resolve disputes, as follows: 1) One party will be given authority to construct the fence, 2) The fence will be located along the boundary of the two properties, 3) The fence will be jointly owned, 4) Each owner will have to pay a certain percentage of the cost (not necessarily 50%), and 5) Both owners will have to share in the maintenance. Natural Art Concrete Fence Vancouver: Privacy Fences & Sound Walls in Vancouver. Commercial Fencing Vancouver - Natural Art Concrete Fence. Residential fences Vancouver - Natural Art Concrete Fence. Privacy Fence / Fencing Material in Vancouver. Fence Supplier Companies, Builder & Contractors in Vancouver.

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