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MOVEment: Iris Van Herpen x Russell Maliphant. Beyond the stereotypes and cliches, little is known to most of the world of the customs and traditions of the Gypsies.

Traditionally perceived as strangers, surrounded by distrust, they have always existed in isolated groups on the margins of developing European communities. But their contribution to the general cultural heritage, especially in music, dance and various handicrafts, is unquestionable.I have tried to make a plea for tolerance towards those whose lifestyles, religion, and rituals differ from our own. My journeys, tracing the lives of present-day Gypsies in ten countries, have confirmed my earlier belief that little has changed for the Romany. OMOTE / REAL-TIME FACE TRACKING & PROJECTION MAPPING+ Color Coded Food and Flowers Photographed by Emily Blincoe. Photographer Emily Blincoe (previously) continues to make us smile with her arrays of food and plants perfectly organized by color.

Color Coded Food and Flowers Photographed by Emily Blincoe

Blincoe collects every color permutation of tomatoes, oranges, eggs, and even candy and then sorts them into groups and gradients for each image. How Wolves Can Save an Ecosystem. It seems like nobody likes a top predator.

How Wolves Can Save an Ecosystem

Sharks seem scary and people believe they have healing properties, so they’re being heavily hunted. Big cats like leopards and tigers are hunted for their skins and whiskers, in addition to suffering tremendous amounts of habitat destruction. What happens when you eliminate a top predator? The delicate balance that exists in almost every ecosystem is disturbed and the next organism down on the food chain proliferates unchecked. Cosmic Flower Unfolding. Innovation urbaine Cambridge : Bientôt des routes lumineuses ?

I-d.vice. Ken Robinson : changer l'Education (vostfr) New Device Makes It Possible to Take Pictures With Your Mind. The technology of mind command recognition is coming to the market: A British company unveiled an application that connects Google Glass to a wearable electroencephalography (EEG) device, giving users the ability to take pictures with the power of thought.

New Device Makes It Possible to Take Pictures With Your Mind

The company This Place, based in London, offers free software called MindRDR to pique the interest of developers who could design new applications. The application connects Google’s electronic glasses with another gadget, the Neurosky EEG biosensor that costs around 71 pounds (or 121$). This wearable, lightweight device consists of electrodes that touch the user’s head and reads the brainwaves associated with concentration and focus. To take pictures, a user has to focus their mind on a white line that appears on the screen of Google Glass. When the line rises up, the picture is taken by Glass’s camera.

Featured image credits: Homeless Fonts : cette association permet aux sans-abris de vendre leur typographie. This Grocery Store In Berlin Will Have Zero Packaging. Walk down the aisles of a typical grocery store, and basically everything is in a package--in some stores, even the produce is shrink-wrapped.

This Grocery Store In Berlin Will Have Zero Packaging

Since an average supermarket has around 42,000 different products, getting rid of that packaging isn’t exactly easy; a grocer that wants to eliminate waste has to rethink their entire supply chain. That hasn’t stopped a few pioneers from trying. The latest is a Berlin store called Original Unpacked (Original Unverpackt), now raising funds on the crowdfunding site Startnext. “Our goal is that shopping will never be the same,” the founders write in German on the site. “No disposable cups, no shrink-wrapped vegetables, no plastic bags in cardboard boxes, and no Tetrapaks.”

That means certain products won’t be available. The store itself is clean and modern, and trying to distance itself from the hippie vibe of the typical bulk bin section at a natural food coop. Paradise or Oblivion (30 language subtitles) JACQUE FRESCO - A Story of Change. « SMILE CITY, Demain la ville en mieux » EXPOSITION « SMILE CITY, Demain la ville en mieux » Et si le futur n’était pas celui que beaucoup nous promettent : gris, triste, inquiétant ?

Une machine pour reverdir le désert. Documentaire Nature Invisible Plantes Superpuissantes Fr 2013. Des algues remplacent le pétrole dans la fabrication du plastique - CitizenPost. Comme Nikola Tesla en son temps, Rémy Lucas est un de ces ingénieurs qui construisent le monde de demain.

Des algues remplacent le pétrole dans la fabrication du plastique - CitizenPost

Tout en créant son entreprise Algopack, il a inventé un plastique à base d’algues qui a la faculté d’être 100% biodégradable ! Conçu par l’ingénieur breton Rémy Lucas, l’Algopack est un plastique à l’allure tout à fait normale, il est presque impossible de le différencier des plastiques à base d’hydrocarbure. Et pourtant, il y a des différences de taille : La Greenboxx en papier recyclé pour lutter contre la désertification. Filter Factory - Atelier Monté. Cyril & Mélanie presents Demain le film. The project There will be a full English version of the film.

Cyril & Mélanie presents Demain le film

The Kiss Kiss Bank Bank system only allows one video to cover the French and English versions of the campaign page, so we had to subtitle it! An big thanks to everyone who has been contributing to project, to the many people who are behind us, encouraging us and telling us how necessary this film is. We are very touched, amazed and greatly strengthened by all of this positive energy. On May 27th we launched this campaign because we needed to start filming, and we had to supplement the financing we hoped to receive from our film and television partners.

General Store San Francisco. Bernard Stiegler : « Dans 20 ans l’emploi aura disparu, tout le monde sera intermittent » Bernard Stiegler : « Dans 20 ans l’emploi aura disparu, tout le monde sera intermittent » La crise des intermittents ne doit pas nous cacher une crise généralisée de l’emploi, qui est amené à disparaître avec le développement universel de l’automation.

Bernard Stiegler : « Dans 20 ans l’emploi aura disparu, tout le monde sera intermittent »

Mais travail n’est pas emploi : et si le modèle de l’intermittence était appelé à devenir le régime de tous ? How sugar affects the brain - Nicole Avena. Overall Rankings — The Good Country Index. Comment clouer le bec à un ami raciste ? Tout d’abord, ce sont les pays du sud qui accueillent le plus d’immigrés et de réfugiés.

Comment clouer le bec à un ami raciste ?