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NatIT LLC is a USA based IT company offering affordable services in website design and development, mobile application development and software development in and around Florida and other states.

Points to Remember for SEO Friendly Mobile Web Design. In today’s generation, as the number of smartphone users have increased, the use of smartphones when searching for information has also increased considerably.

Points to Remember for SEO Friendly Mobile Web Design

This trend is not going to end sooner and therefore to get ahead from the competition, websites must be optimized for mobile devices too for better SEO visibility and increased traffic. This will help in achieving the primary goals of any business – successful conversion, and Return on Investment (ROI). Here are some important tips that you need to follow to make your website SEO friendly. Page Load Speed Page load speed is a major issue that hampers user experience a lot when browsing through a mobile device. There are a number of ways to improve page load speed of a website. Compressing large imagesJavascript and CSS minificationUsing browser caching for logos and important imagesMinimizing HTTP redirects The average load speed for mobile web pages is less than 3 seconds. Use of Pop-ups Smooth Navigation and Scrolling. Know the Primary Aspects of Material Design.

Google is reputed for helping the world with redefined technological conveniences.

Know the Primary Aspects of Material Design

Even technical experts are found appreciating its innovative options and ideas in the field of development and designing. A perfect approval of such admiration can be gathered from the growing popularity of Material Design, one of the best designing languages till date. Optimal Aspects of “Quantum Paper” Such allegorical epithet can be related with the serviceable functionality of this adept language that helps end users to impersonate the feel of paper and pen. Google Updates to Increase Trust on Online Business Organizations. Google keeps on releasing new updates and it also keeps on innovating on a number of things to provide better user experience.

Google Updates to Increase Trust on Online Business Organizations

Recently it implemented innovative steps for measuring store visits. The search giant will measure the number of visits in Adwords. Along with providing store visit details to new advertisers, Google will also be able to report on more store visits for those advertisers who are already using the store visit insights. This will obviously be made available to advertisers from all over the world.

Since it had introduced store visit measurements during 2015, Google has kept on improving on the store visit measurements. AMP Providing the Best Experience for Users on Mobile Platform. The AMP or the Accelerated Mobile Pages project is considered to be the future of binding the world web together.

AMP Providing the Best Experience for Users on Mobile Platform

It is an open-source initiative aiming to provide better web experience to all the users. Under this project, websites and advertisements can be created in a faster and more beautiful manner which will also be driven by quality and high-performance across multiple platforms. AMP is known to provide more engagement on the part of the user through web pages and ads published in the AMP open source format. This also reduces the load time to provide better and faster user experience which is also more engaging and valuable both on desktop and mobile platforms. Android Nougat Latest Update Making Smartphones Smarter. Android has launched its new and updated OS in the form of Android 7 Nougat.

Android Nougat Latest Update Making Smartphones Smarter

As usual with them, they keep updating their Operating Systems (OS) so that the electronic devices become more user-friendly. The latest update in the form of 7.1.2 was released long back for users with better features and fixed bugs for various mobile phones using the Android OS. Now, it has been made available to the general public through phones after leaving the beat version. Google promises that the Android Nougat latest update will solve many user issues and the phones will be even smarter. The updates along with bug fixes will be released for Pixel and Pixel L now and later will be available for other devices.

Originally, Android 7.0 Nougat was released in August last year. The Nougat update 7.1.2 has been rolled out on 3rd April for all those who were looking forward to using it. Steps to Curb Search Engine Optimization Spam Techniques. SEO spam techniques are still being used at large in spite of Google updating its algorithms.

Steps to Curb Search Engine Optimization Spam Techniques

Whatever fixes have been in vogue, they are not for permanent use and are also not up to the mark. There is a large number of search engine optimization specialists who employ various spam techniques which violate Google My Business terms and yet continue to do well in the SERPs. There are several business owners who are using spam techniques to rank better by using their keywords. There is another significant issue making rounds which is the fact that MapMaker has been shut down by Google. The edits will continue to be displayed but only through Google Maps. Factors to Measure the Feasibility of a Website Builder – Natit LLC. Website building is not easy.

Factors to Measure the Feasibility of a Website Builder – Natit LLC

One must think about various aspects of website building before plunging into it. Mobile App Development Fraternity Reacts Positively to React Native. React Native is the next level of React which is a JavaScript code library developed by Facebook and Instagram.

Mobile App Development Fraternity Reacts Positively to React Native

This was launched way back in 2013 on Github which was accepted with open arms. In fact, Native app denotes those apps that are created for a particular operating system. Web Design, Mobile App & Software Development Company in Florida: Trends Followed by Web Development Company Providing Better Value to Users. Web development is a dynamic field and changes are taking place everyday.

Web Design, Mobile App & Software Development Company in Florida: Trends Followed by Web Development Company Providing Better Value to Users

Web developers are adapting to those changes so that they can be the best in their field. It is vital for people working in the technologically advanced industry to keep themselves abreast of updates otherwise their practices suffer. Web development trends have come up for 2017 and the developers are taking note of those changes which is causing the industry to function in ways that is marginally different from the earlier times. Any web development company in Fort Lauderdale will keep track of these changes to keep up their game. Some of the most interesting web development trends are: Using AI or Artificial Intelligence- AI or Artificial Intelligence programs are being used successfully by various big shot organizations all around the world.

Trends in Software Development for Enhanced Customer Experience. 2016 was the year of new beginnings for software development whereas 2017 is the year for those new beginnings to move a step further by reinforcing the use of those trends.

Trends in Software Development for Enhanced Customer Experience

Features like predictive analytics, AI-infused solutions, cloud offerings and much more have become an integral part of operations across industries. All these help companies to become more connected with their users at a personal level. All these are considered to be smart solutions which will become standard tools across industries to bridge the gap between technology and humans.

Smart Apps are King Internet of Things have loaded the companies huge information which they do not know how to use. Technological Innovations in Web Development Industry for 2017. Advanced technology surrounds us all the time and it is becoming powerful day by day. It is actually amazing to find any relevant information anytime.

You can find anything on the go through the electronic device anytime. What more? The device simply fits inside your pocket. There are so many new things and advanced developments happening every day that one can’t help but marvel at them. 7 such trends will pervade through 2017 and it is wise to know about these trends so that they can be used to reach out to the target audience in innovative ways. Physical-Digital Integrations Mobile devices have made us dependent on technology by adding it to our daily lives. Machine Learning Machine learning has taken huge steps forward in the last few years, even emerging to aid in and enhance Google’s core search engine algorithm.

Innovating The World — iOS Application Development- Some Trends to be... Problems Faced by Mobile App Developer While Developing the Application – Natit LLC. Mobile application development is one of the most profitable businesses currently. However, it is not easy to develop applications. Mobile app developer in Doral face a number of problems for doing it. Mobile App Development Services Taking Leverage of Google News Cards. The Google App is displaying “Trending News” for both Android and iOS platforms used by users.

News is being displayed in the form of news cards for various Android and iOS users. The users have spotted it and are reporting on various social media platforms. The cards are the latest features on the Google app. The news cards are appearing above the regular set of news stories which usually appear when a user first opens the application or tap on the “G” button in the button center. Bigger Brands Leveraging Snapchat for Social Media Marketing. Snapchat is the new buzzword and social media marketers along with investors are keeping a close eye on the performance of the app whose parent company possessed the largest IPO since 2014 with a market worth of $24 billion. Snapchat is being considered as the new kid on the block for social media marketing.

Web Design, Mobile App & Software Development Company in Florida: Some Popular Practices Adopted by Software Developers in 2017. It is highly important to keep pace with the changing practices in software development in terms of methodologies, trends and technologies. However, it can easily get out of hand if someone is attempting something new without learning it. Here, being smartly selective is vital so that you can keep the junkie trend outside and not be influenced by it. Use jQuery Pagination Plugins to Display Information in Order.

Low-Code Tools Making Mobile App Development Effortless for Pros. Low-code tools are becoming popular among mobile app developers because it is letting them build applications quickly. These are anticipated to grow rapidly popular by the end of this year. Innovating The World — Choosing a Website Builder Platform for Successful... Create an App and Launch it the Right Way – Natit LLC. No matter how effective and smart an app you have created, it will not be popular and appropriately functional unless you launch it on the right platform. You might think that getting it ready and making it functional is the end of your job and now it is time for launch. Pause a little. The Importance of Internal Content Linking to Rank Well in SERPs. Web Design, Mobile App & Software Development Company in Florida: Evolution of Website Design from Above the Fold to Scroll. Website design has evolved a lot and it is now far away from the fold that was displayed even decades back on websites.

All decisions on website design depended on this element of fold without which it was not complete. The Business of Mobile App Development is Growing in Leaps and Bounds – Natit LLC. Visual Basic Losing Its Place in .Net Application Development. Visual Basic from Microsoft has been one of the most widely used languages globally which has taken Microsoft right at the center of the enterprise stage. It has been the chosen language for enterprise application development. However, it was reborn from its initial stage to being part of the .Net platform. It features a huge library of user interface elements along with connectors to common database. Mobile App Development - Challenges Faced by Developers. Innovating The World — iOS App Development Is a Profit Making Venture... WAI-ARIA Offering Better Website & Web Applications Accessibility. Better semantics is sometimes not enough to render a sophisticated web application entirely available.

That is when WAI-ARIA comes into play. It enhances the functionality and content by making it more accessible for common users. It enhances oh what HTML5 has already built for accessibility. WAI-ARIA means Web Accessibility Initiative-Accessible Rich Internet Applications. Most of us understand the literal meaning but may not be aware of its practical implementation. Bad Ads Report – Google Removes Deceptive Content. Google has banned around 200 sites for endorsing false news. Web Design, Mobile App & Software Development Company in Florida: Creating an App in Broward County has Propelled Changes in the Market. iOS& Android Mobile App Development in Broward County, FL.

Native Web App Development or Cross-Platform – Choose Wisely – Natit LLC. Angular JS 4 - The Latest JavaScript Upgrade from Google. Web Design in Doral Fl Follows Trends to Be on Top. Web Design, Mobile App & Software Development Company in Florida: Hiring a Professional App Developer to Create an App in Miami Beach. Tangible Ways to Develop Great Content. Innovating The World — Popular Software Using Imagination as Their Source. iOS Application Development – Its Challenges and Their Solution – Natit LLC. Website Design & Development Company in West Palm Beach, FL. Let Your Creative Juices Flow with Stickers and Hands-Free Video. iOS & Android Mobile App Development in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Website Design & Development Company in Broward County, FL. iOS& Android Mobile Application Development in Kendall, FL. Custom Software Development Company in Miami, Florida. Web Design, Mobile App & Software Development Company in Florida: How to Get Benefitted with the Best Website Design in Coral Gables? Unparallel Rewards of the Diligent Mobile App Developer in Miami Beach – NatIT US. Web Design, Mobile App & Software Development Company - Natit LLC.