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Juan S. Wong

Three Key Benefits of Regular Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance. It is often seen that commercial refrigeration maintenance is one thing that usually does not feature at the top of most restaurant managers things to do list.

Three Key Benefits of Regular Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

This, in fact, should not be the case as preventive maintenance of appliances ensure that your appliances continue to work at their optimal capacity and you do not suffer loss of business owing to their unexpected breakdown. 3 door commercial fridge are ideal for maintaining reliable and consistent temperatures. However, it can only happen if you keep it well-maintained. As humans, we can be forgiven for not paying attention to things when they are working properly. When all is hunky dory with kitchen and grocery store equipment, you cannot be really faulted for not thinking about mold formation, extra energy consumption, unexpected breakdowns, etc. National Kitchen Equipment — Guidelines in Choosing Your Next Commercial Oven. 5 IDEAS FOR PURCHASING RESTAURANT KITCHEN EQUIPMENT.

​Purchasing restaurant equipment is one of the toughest tasks while opening a restaurant.


You need to pay due attention while buying restaurant equipment. Efficient and high-quality equipment for restaurant ensures better performance and increased output. As there is a substantial investment involved and as it is a one-time investment, you should take care while buying restaurant equipment. This blog will serve as a buying checklist for you.1-Buy What You Need​Plan your menu, then focus on the items and purchase only the equipment that you need.

Do not blow your budget on a full-size oven that you will only use once a day, and do not hold back on specialty equipment like high temp commercial dishwasher which has the ability to keep up with demand and make the investment worth. Factors to consider when buying a commercial dishwasher. With so many sizes, models and brands of commercial dishwashers on the market, how do you choose the best dishwasher to suit your business?

Factors to consider when buying a commercial dishwasher

Here, we are going to discuss how to choose the best dishwasher for your commercial kitchen. Commercial dishwashers fall into four main types of categories. Figuring out which type will work best for you is essential to getting the best dishwasher possible. 1. What are the advantages of using an electric combi oven in a busy commercial kitchen? Combi Ovens are a favorite with chefs for quite a sometime now.

What are the advantages of using an electric combi oven in a busy commercial kitchen?

Combi ovens allow for better precision in the cooking process regulating both the humidity and the temperature. You can cook food at lower temperatures and see better cooking results which comprise retaining nutrients and taste. Why there is a need of commercial dishwasher for restaurant. Many restaurants use commercial dishwashers instead of hiring an employee to wash dishes.

Why there is a need of commercial dishwasher for restaurant

There are sufficient reasons why buying a commercial dishwasher for your restaurant is a great idea. Of course, one of the many benefits of spending on a commercial dishwasher is the speed: usually, a wash cycle is between one and four minutes. There are other significant benefits that you will get to take help of if you choose to buy a commercial dishwasher, which have an effect not only on your business as a whole, but also on the way your restaurant is professed by customers: Buying a commercial dishwasher lets you stay on top of the things when there’s a lunch rush. This refutes the requirement to scramble around and find clean dishes or glasses; high temperature commercial dishwashers make sure that there’s a continuous supply available, so that your customers aren’t left waiting around for their drinks and meals. Many restaurants serve a huge number of customers on every day. How to Choose the Best Commercial Dishwasher for Your Restaurant. Commercial dishwashers are an essential equipment for any establishment with a kitchen.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Dishwasher for Your Restaurant

They make sure that your restaurant will be able to use dishware and glassware when it requires them, not to say that they help you obey with the sanitation codes in your area. Picking the best commercial dishwasher for a kitchen in the office is different from choosing one for your house. Your equipment must have the correct kind for your wares, the right temperature, and the right size for the demand and kitchen space.

They should also fit within your budget in terms of upfront costs and ongoing costs. THE BENEFITS OF OWNING A COMMERCIAL DISHWASHER. Commercial dishwashers are a huge asset to any restaurant or bakery kitchen, but are the benefits enough to make it worth the cost?


For start-up restaurant and bakery owners looking to save money, it can be tempting to simply use a standard, residential dishwasher versus purchasing a commercial model. Below are six reasons foodservice professionals can easily justify the investment in buying commercial dishwashers. 1. Lower Labour Costs Running a profitable establishment comes down to managing cash flow and allocating resources correctly. To date, there is no machine that can take the place of wait staff or hosting, but you can use appliances for dishwashing instead of people, and you should. 2. Commercial Refrigeration Equipment - National Kitchen Equipment. The most common benefits of combi ovens.

Combi ovens are fast becoming a mainstay in commercial restaurant kitchens because of their true versatility.

The most common benefits of combi ovens

Its core essentials control temperature and humidity for both dry heat cooking and humidity heat cooking. The most common benefits of combi ovens include:Decrease cooking time (mostly because of humidity which transfers heat to the food in addition to temperature)Improve food quality & consistencySave on commercial kitchen equipment costs The combi oven/steamer is just one piece of restaurant equipment that saves space and has multiple cooking capabilities. Bake, grill, roast, steam and much more with the electric combi oven. Its functionality of controlling temperature, time and humidity, makes it truly versatile for multiple types of product.​Combi ovens can bake bread, steam fish, braise a beef roast, roast a chicken and sous vide a strip loin. It proofs bread perfectly and can deliver a blast of steam for the perfect crust when baking. Deaken Commercial Pizza Dough Roller. The Deaken Commercial Dough roller is perfect for rolling pizza dough for pizzas up to 40cm It's designed to perform well and work in small areas with consistent results.

Deaken Commercial Pizza Dough Roller

How to buy the best electric combi oven for your kitchen of your choice. By Juan S.

How to buy the best electric combi oven for your kitchen of your choice

Wong National Kitchen Equipment Offers Innovative Kitch With so many models on the market, choosing the best oven can be a daunting task. You find yourself asking questions like What’s the difference between the two types of electric combi oven, conventional and fan-forced? Why does one oven model cost so much more than the next? And what’s better, a built-in or a freestanding oven? Well the first part’s easy: the conventional electric oven doesn’t distribute heat as evenly as a fan-forced one, it’s usually slightly hotter at the top than the bottom. Built-in ovens The most popular choice of oven this day is a built-in oven. There are various types of built-in ovens: single ovens installed either under the bench or at even level, double ovens installed as eye-level units, double ovens placed under-bench, and compact ovens.

Deaken Commercial Stainless Steel Milkshake Maker. These stylish looking polished stainless steel milkshake makers are made from high quality materials with strong motors that are made to last. Easy to operate, perfect for your cafe or take away business. Features & Specifications: Two Speeds,Speed 1: 12000 RPMSpeed 2: 18000 RPMPower: 300WSize 19 x 16 x 53 cm1 Stylish Stainless Steel cup includedCup Dimensions: Diameter 95mm, Height 167mmCup Capacity: 800ml (Extra Cups are also available) We ship by road express within 48 hours of purchase which can take 1 ~ 10 days to arrive to you, depending on your location. Returns under warranty are to be sent to National Kitchen Equipment 2/74 Township Drive Burleigh QLD 4220 at the senders cost unless otherwise stated. Refunds for change of mind or you made an incorrect purchase incurs a 20% restocking fee of the total purchase price of the item. All products come with a minimum of One Year Limited Warranty unless otherwise stated.

The fastest way to start a warranty claim is fill in the online form at. Three Key Benefits of Regular Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance. Online Combi Oven Price - National Kitchen Equipment. The Ultimate Guide to Buy Stainless Steel Freezer. When it comes time to buying a new reach-in refrigerator or stainless steel freezer for your business, you will notice there are more than a few options out there. It is not always easy to choose new restaurant equipment, but we will here help you with that. Here are some tips for picking out just the right freezer for your kitchen. Mastercool Stainless Steel Upright Freezer 700 Ltr. Italian Made 1-Choose Correct Brand Like most of the products that you buy, your commercial fridge freezer brand matters. 2-Check out Warranty The commercial refrigerators have the most extensive warranties available; some brands offer up to 3 years parts and labor coverage. 3-Choose a Size Freezers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and one of the most common ways to measure the size is the number of doors; reach-ins are available in 1, 2, and 3 door configurations.

Look at the interior dimensions also. Buy Commercial Convection Oven - National Kitchen Equipment. How To Choose Right Combi Oven For Your Kitchen. Benefits of Combi Oven for Commercial Kitchen. Glass display freezer online From National Kitchen Equipment. How Long Does A Commercial Dishwasher Take? Common Problems with Commercial Refrigeration Equipments. Your commercial refrigeration equipment does more than just provide adequate temperatures for refrigerated products.

It also impacts productivity levels, energy bills, and product safety. Because the equipment runs on a continuous basis, implementing an adequate preventive maintenance program is absolutely necessary to ensure that your refrigeration systems function properly and efficiently at all times. But even well maintained equipment can run into operational problems from time to time.

So, knowing the problems that may occur with commercial refrigeration system is critical in order to prevent them from escalating into serious issues. Here are some common problems business professionals should be aware of. 1-Ice Buildup Ice buildup inside commercial refrigerators occurs when warm air enters a refrigerator and condenses on interior surfaces. 2-Maintaining Temperature Levels Another common problem in compressors is ice accumulation on evaporator coils. Unfamiliar Noises. Buy electric combi oven. Importance of Commercial Dishwasher for your Restaurant – National Kitchen Equipment. A large number of hotels and restaurants make use of commercial dishwashers. A dishwasher speeds up your wash cycle, which makes it easier on the part of the restaurants to serve their customers more efficiently. Advantages of Refrigerated Cake Display. Cake fridges are an essential appliance for cafes, bakeries, or any other food outlet that wishes to display cakes for their customers.

The temperature range of the cake display refrigerators is very different from the regular fridges because cakes need to be kept at certain temperature in order to stay fresh and tasty. There are several advantages to buy cake display fridge. It can really play an important role in enhancing sales. To maintain the flavor and freshness of the cake it is essential to know whether the cake should be kept in a refrigerator or not. Not all of the cakes should be kept in the fridge. Commercial Dishwasher for Sale - National Kitchen Equipment. How to Use a Commercial Dishwasher: Read Here. Crucial Factors to Consider When Choosing a Restaurant commercial Equipment – National Kitchen Equipment. Outfitting a new restaurant with the right mix of equipment might at first seem like an intimidating task.