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National American university

National American University welcomes students of diverse interests, cultures and abilities and prepares them for careers in technical and professional fields by providing quality higher education in a caring and supportive environment. National American University is a multistate institution of higher learning offering associate, bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree programs in online, and hybrid formats.

Bachelor & Doctorate of Science in Strategic Security & Protection Management – NationalAmericanUniversity. Doctorate in Strategic Security The Doctorate in Strategic Security is a global security program for governmental, law enforcement, military and corporate leaders, and Chief Security Officers (CSOs) who are responsible for personnel, resources, and operations in the inter-disciplinary strategic security profession.

Bachelor & Doctorate of Science in Strategic Security & Protection Management – NationalAmericanUniversity

Graduates will be able to organize effectively a wide range of strategic security resources and personnel, across multiple agencies and industries, to produce timely, objective, and accurate intelligence and other security-related products. Emphasis is placed throughout the program on the ability to effectively communicate and influence top-level decision makers from an interdisciplinary perspective. Graduates with a Doctorate in Strategic Security will develop the competencies to become adept at managing assets and adjusting strategies in dynamic security environments gained through advanced coursework in this global security program.

Like this: Like Loading... Online Degree Programs. Online Degrees for Graduate Students. Take your career to the next level, your way.

Online Degrees for Graduate Students

With National American University’s online graduate degree programs, you can take your career to the next level—without taking time away from your current professional responsibilities or your family. Offered through the Harold D. Take your career to the next level, your way – Online Graduate Degree Programs. MBA online degree. Online Business Administration MBA Degree. The business administration MBA online master’s degree enables students to advance their knowledge and skills in the field of business.

Online Business Administration MBA Degree

Specialty electives include accounting, e-marketing, healthcare administration, human resource management, information technology management, international business management, operations and configuration management, and project and process management. The MBA degree may be earned under a nonthesis or a thesis plan (general only). Nonthesis Option Student must satisfy the preparatory requirements and complete 31 hours of master’s-level core courses and 13.5 hours of electives.

MBA Thesis Option Students must complete 31 hours of master’s-level core courses, 4.5 hours of electives, and nine hours of thesis. The thesis is an essential component of master’s-level coursework and an opportunity for students to examine a management topic, become subject matter experts, and contribute to that body of knowledge. Graduates of the program will:

Business Administration MBA Online Master’s Degree. Nau's Response to Covid 19 - Online Degree Program. Nau's Response to Covid-19. The safety of our NAU family is our highest priority.

Nau's Response to Covid-19

We understand how concerning the coronavirus outbreak is, but we want to assure you that as a 100% online university with over 20 years of online experience, NAU is well-positioned to provide uninterrupted education for our students. Nau's Response to Covid-19. Online Doctorate Degree. Online Doctorate Degree. Educational Leadership Degree. E Marketing Online Graduate Certificate Program.

Master’s Degree in Intelligence Management Program – NationalAmericanUniversity. As an undergraduate student in intelligence management, you’ll learn about standard practices in the intelligence community, counterterrorism and informational analysis.

Master’s Degree in Intelligence Management Program – NationalAmericanUniversity

Students looking for a master’s in security studies can follow a track that will gain them expertise in the field while perfecting their research and analytical methodology skills. Upon graduating, this degree can help graduates excel in intelligence analysis, operations, military-political studies, law enforcement, corporate security, or cyber intelligence security. E-Marketing Online Graduate Certificate Program. Master’s Degree in Intelligence Management Program. Master’s Degree in Intelligence Management Program. Master of Science in Intelligence Management - Henley-Putnam.

Accounting Online Graduate Certificate Program. Accounting Online Graduate Certificate Program. National American University. Healthcare Management Degree Online at National American University. Earn your healthcare management degree online at National American University and reshape your future.

Healthcare Management Degree Online at National American University

You need to accomplish something beyond further your profession—you need to improve medicinal services for all. We’ve made a BS in Healthcare Management Program to assist you with doing both. Make the following stride in your expert excursion while understanding your energy for helping other people. As interest for Healthcare Management develops, the business behind it turns out to be progressively perplexing. Plan to address the difficulty by creating sought after aptitudes to help steer present day rehearses or deal with your own business. Graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management will secure that the position standpoint for social insurance the board vocations is solid, and that medicinal services organizations huge and little are anxious to work with instructed and dedicated managers who are committed to providing top-notch care for patients in need. Like this: Business Administration Online Associate Degree.

Business Administration Online Associate Degree. Business Administration Online Associate Degree. National American University by nationaledu. Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Enterprise Security. Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Enterprise Security/Studies. Healthcare Management Degree. Online Healthcare Management Degree. Computer Support Specialist Online Certificate Program. Computer Support Specialist Online Certificate Program. Foreign Languages Program at National American University – NationalAmericanUniversity. The Foreign Languages Program at National American University is committed to preparing students to meet the demands of the global marketplace, while also offering opportunities for personal enrichment.

Foreign Languages Program at National American University – NationalAmericanUniversity

The Program offers instruction in: SpanishArabicMandarinRussianDariFarsiHindiFrenchPortugueseUrdu Courses are fully transferable and meet eligibility requirements to transfer to four-year colleges and universities. Graduates can obtain General degrees with a Foreign Language Area of Concentration, and can satisfy most Bachelor degree requirements by completing two years of coursework in a Foreign Language. The Foreign Language Department’s goal is to help our clients communicate effectively and with confidence in any language Over the years we have developed a direct communication-based approach to teaching languages that ensures quick and effective language learning by stimulating the mind to start thinking in the target language right from the beginning..

Like this: Like Loading... Foreign Language Program - Henley-Putnam. Knowing a foreign language can get you a job.

Foreign Language Program - Henley-Putnam

Do a quick search on and you will immediately see how many positions, especially in the intelligence field, are language designated. Mastering a language at Henley-Putnam dramatically opens the job field and lets you apply to positions for which you might not otherwise be qualified. Knowing a foreign language allows you to shape your career. Don’t want to be assigned to a certain part of the world in your job? Master a language in the part of the world where you *do* want to serve. Knowing a foreign language expands your horizons. Language learning improves memory, listening, and critical thinking skills. We connect you NOW to the U.S. Cyber security and Forensics Emphasis It Online Bachelor’s Degree. Healthcare Management Degrees Online. Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation Management – NationalAmericanUniversity. A Bachelor’s degree in Aviation involves a multidisciplinary and complex field of study that leads to multiple career opportunities.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation Management – NationalAmericanUniversity

We offered by some schools throughout the country, educate students on air traffic control, aeronautic engineering, aviation management, airport management, professional pilot studies, aeronautics, and technology systems. Aviation majors can also join the military as operators of unmanned aircraft or drone systems. These carefully selected undergraduate programs cover the foundational concepts in airport operations, such as aviation safety and security, the laws covering aviation, air traffic control and systems, and aircraft design. Also, we feature the quality of training and education that these online schools offer.

We help you make an informed decision by acquainting yourself with the online academic institutions on our list that offers a Bachelor’s in Aviation degree. Like this: Like Loading... Master of Science in Strategic Security & Protection Management. Get the upbeat skills you need to today’s world – National American University. Construction Management Programs Training. National American University. Master of Business Administration Program. National American University. Master of Management Program. Healthcare & Nursing Program. Business, Accounting and Technology. That’s why we offer flexible degree options with strong foundations in business, accounting, and technology to help prepare you for your future career.

Business, Accounting and Technology

With over 70 years of experience in business education, NAU’s College of Business, Accounting and Technology offers versatile degree programs that provide you with the knowledge and career skills you need to meet the challenges of today’s leading organizations. Embrace your opportunity with relevant degree options in business administration, accounting, management, and information technology. The College of Business, Accounting, and Technology and the Harold D. Buckingham Graduate School at National American University have received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) located at 11374 Strang Line Road in Lenexa, Kansas, USA.

Click here for a list of accredited programs. Business & Accounting Program. American University. NAU Online Degree Program by nationaledu. Online Education. Legal Studies Degree Program. Criminal Justice School - Degree Training Programs. Health and Sciences.