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We, Nath Trading Co., are a foremost manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler, and trader of high-quality Window Blinds, Awning Hardware and Awnings also we are a trader of high-quality Flooring. We have established this company during the year 1992 and headquartered in New Delhi. We have a wide range of product that includes original designs of Window Blinds, Awnings, Outdoor, and Printed Flooring. Our products and designs are much-admired for quality and durability. Visit us:

Awning Design I How to Choose the Best Awnings I Nath Trading (NT) Posted at 17:09h in blog by admin Awnings and Shades are an ideal way to provide aesthetic appeal to your home’s exterior and enjoy the shade from the scorching heat of summer or in the rainy season.

Awning Design I How to Choose the Best Awnings I Nath Trading (NT)

Latest awning designs will extend over areas such as windows, patio, and doors to provide comfort and protect you from inclement weather. As the summer heats up, Window awnings prevent the sun’s rays from entering your premises through the glass, which can cool your home by up to 20%. In addition, window awnings help to protect interior fittings & flooring from sun damage and meaningfully reduce interior glare. Expensive furniture or paints are prone to deterioration once they are exposed to heat and moisture, but with window awnings you don’t have to stress about any damage.

At the same time, Retractable awnings add comfort and stylishness by extending your outdoor space (garden or terrace) to enjoy with family & friends. Hospital Vinyl Flooring I Wholesale Price I Nath Trading. While our hospital vinyl flooring product range includes basic features in its anti bacterial & anti fungal composition, it is also known to set new benchmarks in toughness and slip-resistance meeting.

Hospital Vinyl Flooring I Wholesale Price I Nath Trading

The products not only exceed R10 standards, perfect for high traffic areas, but also offer special features such as fire resistant, food grade, hard-wearing, etc. as per usage requirements. We offer two product brands Medisafe and Sigma, which perfectly match the needs of hospitals and other units in healthcare sector. They are made up of several layers including reinforced PVC for strength, scratch resistance layer and anti-bacterial layer.

A high PVC content makes the flooring fully flexible and durable over the longer horizon. Features: Application area: hospital (Pre & post care), blood banks, pathology lab, clean rooms, pharmaceuticals (sterile and production area), food industry etc. Tensile Car Parking. Tensile Structure Manufacturer. Carpet Tiles Supplier. We think of designing the home of our dreams as one of the things which we forward to the most.

Carpet Tiles Supplier

You may have seen many houses and may have been living in a home now that is practically designed to meet all your needs. However building a dream home is something that should have everything you have always wanted. In order for your dream home to have all that you desire, you ought to make sure you choose the right people to help you with the process. There are so many things that are required to build a home like flooring, décor, furnishings, window treatments and what not.

An inexperienced vendor might not ask the right questions to ensure your house is a reflection of your dreams. Awnings in Gurgaon. NT manufactures a complete range of high-quality Awnings and offers Factory Price As the summer or monsoon arrives, everyone wants to enjoy in garden or terrace and Shops/Hotels/cafes want to provide better experience to customers.

Awnings in Gurgaon

But sun’s heat and rain make it extremely difficult, which can also damage your home or business facility. Our Awnings solve these problems, while providing you comfort. We have team of expert designers and manufacturers in central location of Delhi. By understanding your desires, we can manufacture robust, modern and beautiful awnings customized to your needs. Awnings Dealers in Delhi. Anti Static Flooring in Delhi. NT (Nath Trading co) PVC Anti-Static Flooring range offers a wide variety of special features such as anti-bacterial, Fire Resistant, anti-fungal, and wear & tear resistance.

Anti Static Flooring in Delhi

Our products are made of 3 layers that include base PVC layer, carbon layer and wear layer on top. Application: Window Awnings in Delhi. We, humans, love to acquire new things and decorate our homes.

Window Awnings in Delhi

Our home is our domain. Our home is an extension of ourselves, a place where we can be ourselves and express ourselves. Window treatments are like the ambassador of home decoration. They let one get a fleeting glimpse of the personality the home has. Awning Fabric. Awning Dealers in Delhi. Awnings are a type of supplemental roof cover or sun, rain, wind sheds which are very attractive to look at with options of awesome designs and customizations.

Awning Dealers in Delhi

Awnings can be seen in homes or restaurants often in Europe and America when one travels abroad. They look beautiful with their bright colors and beautiful designs, which make you, yearn to set up one at your homes or businesses too. Now that is possible because of the best awning dealers in Delhi like that of Nath Trading, who provides beautiful and customized awnings for your home and business that would certainly help you to protect against sun, rain or wind as well as beautify them.

Some of the various types of awnings provided by awning dealers in Delhilike that of Nath Trading are: Customer made awningsDutch canopiesNebula awningsFossil basket awningVertical awningLunar retractable arm awnings. Awning Manufacturers in Delhi. Tensile Structure Manufacturer in Delhi. Wholesale Carpet Suppliers. Authorised distributor of India’s leading carpet brands and Have trained team for installation in homes or offices NT (Nath Trading Co.) specialises in high-quality Non-woven carpets, Carpet tiles and wall-to-wall carpets.

Wholesale Carpet Suppliers

We have an ultra-modern infrastructure with all modern facilities and techniques where we manufacture the carpets. NT acrylic carpets are like wool and very comfortable, while they firmly resist dust, insect damage, or fading. On the other hand, Non-woven carpets are manufactured with high durable polyesters and are mainly used for large events, exhibitions, fairs and many more. With several years of experience in the field we offer varying types of carpets that ideally suits the exact requirements of each of the users. Tensile Structure Manufacturer in Delhi. Awnings add character to your home.

Tensile Structure Manufacturer in Delhi

Without it, it can look a bit bare. Adding awning exterior cover to your house offers a number of benefits that range from the aesthetic to the practical. Nath Trading brings to you the very best in the business as far as awnings and other home accessories are concerned. · Great attention is paid to the construction and tensile work via the latest technology and modern machinery tools. · The finished products can withstand any weather adversities and they adhere to the international quality standards.

Awning Fabric. Awning Manufacturers in Delhi. Retractable Awning is great for changing the look of your outdoors, providing shade, creating a patio or entertainment and dining place for your home.

Awning Manufacturers in Delhi

Whether you are hosting an outdoor party or want to enjoy a quiet dinner in the garden. Awning makes it usable regardless of the weather. Many businesses also install Retractable Awnings for their outdoor cafes or restaurants. The Awnings add a lovely look to your outdoor café or house. So how you can choose the right Retractable Awning for your home or business depends on several factors. Finding the right material: The materials need to be correct, the outdoor fabric comes in a wide variety, the aluminum blinds requires more attention, choose the blinds which are sturdy. Awnings in Gurgaon. Awning Manufacturers in Delhi. Carpet Wholesalers. Wholesale Carpet Suppliers. When purchasing a carpet, it is essential to select the right color to suit the décor of your house and the right type of material so you can offer efficient carpet care and maintenance.

The below-mentioned tips will assist you to choose the right new carpet for your home. · Carpet padding is essential for offering support and additional cushioning for the carpet and selecting inadequate padding or no padding at all will result in abrasion. Quality carpet padding material is made from foam or rubber and assists stop the deterioration of the carpet backing and fibers. It can also assist insulate your house and soak up sound. Ensure to select carpet padding that matches the carpet you plan to purchase as per the recommendations of the carpet manufacturer and set up the firm, dense padding in places with higher foot traffic. · There are numerous carpet styles present such as textured, plush, Saxony, frieze, and Berber that each has its distinctive look and feel.

Car Parking Tensile Structure.

Awnings in Delhi | Nath Trading

Awning Parts. Wonder Floor Vinyl Flooring. Vinyl Plank Flooring. Tensile Structure in Delhi. NT (Nath Trading Co) has years of knowledge and experience in manufacturing Tensile Structures A tensile structure is a construction that carries only tension in fabric and no bending or compression. The tensile membrane structures are most frequently used as a roof with support & anchorage, as they can delightfully and inexpensively span large areas.

These types of structures are commonly found in exhibition venues, sports facilities and storage buildings, and warehousing. As a customer-focused organization, NT provides a wide array of the tensile structure at very competitive prices. Established in 1995, NT (Nath Trading Co.) is a well-known firm for tensile structures. Type of fabric and construction of the structure make up the core of product. The tensile fabric structure used by us are generally high-quality imported ones, made from polymers or polymer coated fibers. Applications Auditorium, swimming pool, and Landscape Tensile structureWalkway Tensile Structure. Window Blinds Manufacturer. When you decorate your home or office, you pay attention to every minute detail. After all, your house is your pride and joy.

There are so many color options, themes, and designs to choose from. While every nook and cranny of your house matters, a valuable accessory you ought to pay special attention to is your window treatment. Gone are the days when draperies were the only choice for window treatment. Anti Static Flooring in Delhi. Awnings Dealers in Delhi. Awning Manufacturers in Delhi. Enjoy the New Age Flooring. As we all know that Necessity is the mother of all inventions so is anti-static flooring in the modern-day world. Anti-static flooring inhibits the flow of static electricity that happens when a charged substance comes in contact with another substance or person. They are PVC flooring and are highly beneficial in preventing malfunctioning of electrical or electronic devices like loss of the memory of computers apart from being · Maintenance-free.

Car Parking Tensile Structure. Retractable Awning Manufacturers. Retractable awnings are specially designed to provide optimum shade and style to your outdoor living space. They are manufactured in such a way that the lateral arm movement allows you to fold them in and extend outwards without any noise. This feature of rolling up into the cassette protects the awning from the weather when not in use, making it last very long. Fabrics:

Providing World-Class Flooring Solutions. In interior design, flooring forms the base. With a plethora of choices available, it is easy to get carried away and forget about the practical aspects. Best Flooring Service for You. An attractive place is one in which the interior is done correctly and in an organized manner. In order to make a place look more attractive and comfortable a person needs to make sure the walls, furniture, floors, etc. are well suited to the surrounding environment. Retractable Awnings in Gurgaon. Vinyl Plank Flooring. Vinyl Plank Flooring. Companies such as Nath Trading Company mainly known to provide authentic products like awnings, floorings, blinds, etc keeps the stock of Wonderfloor and LG vinyl flooring. We believe in customer satisfaction and hence, provide premium quality products to meet the needs of our clients.

We not only ensure timely delivery but also keep a stock of trendy and attractive designs. We stand among the leading manufacturers that do not compromise with products’ quality standard. Carpet Tiles Supplier. NT (Nath Trading Co) is a leading supplier of carpet tiles Carpet tiles, also known as modular carpets, are used as a modern and stylish alternative to regular carpets. 5 Things You Must Consider While Shopping for Awning Fabric – Nath Trading. Awning Fabric. Tensile Structure Manufacturer in Delhi. Vinyl Plank Flooring.

Interiors of a house define the beauty and grace of the house. The interior includes many types of details from ceiling to flooring. Flooring is one key aspect as it sets the vibe and creates the first impression of the house. Vinyl Plank Flooring. Wholesale Carpet Suppliers. Awnings Dealers In Delhi. Window Blinds Manufacturer. Blinds are important for every home or a commercial place as they can control lighting from outside. Blinds have become important not just because of their functionality but also for their unique designs and patterns. They give a style statement to homes, offices and other types of buildings. Established in the year 1995, Nath Trading Co. is considered a notable manufacturer, wholesale trader and service provider of blinds. Our Blinds are loved for their renowned features, for example, aesthetic design, sturdy construction, wear & tear resistance, accurate dimension, toughness, longer functional life and less maintenance.

In addition, these are available in the customized specifications as well. Under the proficient guidance of Mr Akshit Mehta, we have established successfully a strong grip in the market. Experience the Quality Tensile Structuring with Nath Trading Company, The Best in Town! Car Parking Tensile Structure. Nath Trading: One Stop Shop for All Your Awning Needs. Nath Trading: One Stop Shop for All Your Awning Needs. Tensile Structure Manufacturer in Delhi. Carpet Tiles Supplier. Roller Blinds in Delhi. Acrylic Carpets and Translucent Blinds to Take your Home Interiors to the Next New Level. Home is where the soul dwells and rests, it is important to keep the home interiors blissful to rejoice the body and the mind.

Many people take interior decoration to the next new level with the help of custom-defined curtains, carpets, decorative plants, blinds, etc. More than serving as a piece of decorative equipment, some of them are utter necessities for comfortable day to day living. Acrylic carpets for the walls: Modern-day carpets have been used to line not just the floor but also the walls with the unique carpet tiles and wall to wall carpets. The Nath Trading carpet wholesalers have come up with the unique idea of acrylic carpets that feel similar to wool and are pretty comfortable is rendering resistance against dust, insects and also fading. Quality blinds for the windows and outer space: Wonder Floor Vinyl Flooring. Companies such as Nath Trading Company mainly known to provide authentic products like awnings, floorings, blinds, etc keeps the stock of Wonderfloor and LG vinyl flooring.

We believe in customer satisfaction and hence, provide premium quality products to meet the needs of our clients. Roller Blinds Dealers in Delhi. Blinds are a stylish and practical option for any home and with so many different styles available, there is certainly no shortage of choice. Most blinds will give you the ability to control the amount of natural light you allow into your home while affording you better privacy and generally improving the overall aesthetics of your room. Tensile Structure in Delhi. Anti Static Flooring in Delhi. Carpet Wholesalers. Nath Trading: Your One-Stop Destination for World Class Carpeting Solutions. Nath Trading: Your One-Stop Destination for World Class Carpeting Solutions. Awning Fabric. Nath Trading One Stop Shop for All Your Awning Needs - Download - 4shared - nath trading.

Awning Manufacturers in Delhi. Nath Trading: One Stop Shop for All Your Awning Needs. Retractable Awning Manufacturers. Durable Car Parking Tensile Structure to Ensure Shelter for Your Car. Awnings Dealers in Delhi. Anti Static Flooring. Tensile Structure Manufacturer. The Most Favored Destination for Tensile Solutions: Nath Trading.

Change the Space’s Outlook with Great Floorings and Awnings. Window Blinds Delhi. Commercial Vinyl Flooring. The Most Favored Destination for Tensile Solutions: Nath Trading – Nath Trading. The Most Favored Destination for Tensile Solutions: Nath Trading. Retractable Awning. PVC Floor Carpet. Nath Trading. Nath Trading. Awning Manufacturers.

Carpet Tiles. Nath Trading. Nath Trading. Tensile Fabric Structure. Tensile Structure Manufacturer. Retractable Awning. Enjoy the Summer with Awning in Shade and Rain; Save Energy Cost! Window Blinds Delhi. Car Parking Tensile Structure. Retractable Awning. Awning Windows. Vinyl Plank Flooring. Roller Blinds. Retractable Awning. Enjoy the Summer with Awning in Shade and Rain; Save Energy Cost! Awning Hardware. Get High-Grade Non-Woven Carpet with Nath Trading.