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Canada's Startup Consultants. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about incubators.

Canada's Startup Consultants

Creating one, mentoring at others, visiting lots and being skeptical of several (I’m not saying which). You can decide for yourself if you think there is an incubator bandwagon being jumped on, but one incubator that marches to its own distinct drumbeat is The Founder Institute. Here are two examples: 1) they don’t give you money and charge a nominal tuition fee, and 2) all founders who go through The Founder Institute get a share in a common equity pool. That’s pretty innovative. Entrepreneurs already know Adeo Ressi, who is the founder of The Founder Insitute, as the man behind

I spoke to Adeo recently about what makes The Founder Institute so different, why it works, and why Canada needs the Founder Institute. Here’s the interview: You’ve built 8 startups, 4 of which were acquired. Your last two startups, and Founder Institute, are about helping entrepreneurs. You’re on the Board of the X Prize. Startup Canada. Web Developer Michael is the co-founder of Ottawa-based website development company Simplificare.

Startup Canada

Built out of a desire to assist small businesses develop online presence Simplificare has tripled its client base since being founded in 2009. Designer and Multi-Media Expert I'm a semi-recent graduate from the Interactive Multimedia and Design program at Carleton University and Algonquin College in Ottawa.

I have more of a balanced approach to multimedia, in that I am really "multi" and do not fit into the typical classifications of "graphic designer", "web developer", "programmer" etc. I have had many different types of jobs, and I always enjoy my work experience, always keeping a positive outlook no matter what I am doing. Videographer & Editor Javaid A. Hidden Creative. Where technology and entrepreneurship meet.


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A Startup Blog for Founders Up North. It’s better to have focus, and be wrong, than to be wrong without focus.

A Startup Blog for Founders Up North

At least then you’ll know what’s not working.~ Bill Gross (Founder & CEO of Idealab) Source: BILL GROSS: Here Are The 12 Lessons I’ve Learned In My 30 Years Of Being An Entrepreneur If you’re creating something interesting then you should expect other teams to be working on similar ideas. It’s just the way it is. Any new idea is had by 3 other people at the exact same time as you had it. Read More… Having met with hundreds of entrepreneurs and invested in 15+ others as an angel investor, I’ve started to see patterns as to what great startups and founders have in common.

High-level They would put their head through a wall, for their idea, if that meant success.They don’t shy away from things that others would be scared to tackle.They are, and continue to be, their biggest user Read More… Have questions you wish you could ask the pro’s? Have a focused and specific questionKeep your calls under 10 minutes Read More… 10 YouTube Videos Every Entrepreneur Should Watch.

A TOTAL DISRUPTION. How-To Startup Guides. TNW Academy - Online classes with well known professionals.


Tech Cocktail - Tech Startup Events, News and Resources. Eventbrite. Eventbrite is a self-service online ticketing platform that people all over the world use to create events, sell tickets and manage registrations for events of all types and sizes.


Eventbrite has processed 140M tickets for organizers, totaling more than $2 billion in gross ticket sales in 179 countries. Nearly 60,000 organizers around the world use Eventbrite each month to manage, promote and sell tickets and registrations to all types of events — from small classes, book signings and networking gatherings, to concerts, festivals and conventions for tens of thousands of attendees. The events platform also makes it easy for anyone to discover events via their website or mobile app, and easily share events with friends.

In this way, Eventbrite brings communities together by encouraging people to connect through live experiences. Eventbrite's investors include DAG Ventures, Sequoia Capital, T. See Less Eventbrite's investors include DAG Ventures, Sequoia Capital, T. KillerStartups - Where Internet Entrepreneurs Are The Stars. Entrepreneur & Startup Expert Q&A, Resources and News.