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Nathan Clary

My name is Nathan Clary. I am 25 years old. I love reading National Geographic Kids Magazines. I also love adventure and spy novels. I have started to write my own book which I hope to publish next year.

Luxury Condos in Yorkville and around – Hazelton Real Estate. Looking for a lavish private space to call your own?

Luxury Condos in Yorkville and around – Hazelton Real Estate

Toronto is well known across the globe for its cosmopolitan nature and gorgeous condos. We specialize in helping you find an exceptional home to call your own, right in the centre of action. Why you should invest in Canada right now – Hazelton Real Estate. Many foreign investors are showing an increasing attraction toward Canadian Real Estate, especially in Toronto where many luxury areas exhibit amazing investing opportunities.

Why you should invest in Canada right now – Hazelton Real Estate

A good example of this are the amazing condos for sale in Yorkville and surrounding luxury neighborhoods. There are many reasons for it. After a very brief slowdown, Canada is experiencing a considerable cultural and economic awakening that is expected to show a steady rise in the next few years, making it the perfect country to invest in. What Luxury Condo Residents do in Yorkville – Hazelton Real Estate. There are several neighborhoods in Toronto with a reputation for 5-Star living, and Yorkville is undoubtedly the first on the list.

What Luxury Condo Residents do in Yorkville – Hazelton Real Estate

It’s also experiencing a serious real-estate boom, with new luxury Yorkville condos being completed all across the neighborhood. Residents of Yorkville are also enjoying an accompanying boom of development, with parks, pubs, restaurants and galleries sprouting there like flowers after a good rain. With the luxury Four Seasons hotel and 5 Star condominiums nearby, the area was always a pearl of Downtown Toronto, surrounded as it already was by the best shopping and dining in the city, but now it is has grown into so much more. Yorkville has grown into one of Toronto’s most dynamic, vibrant and interesting neighborhoods to live in or visit. Mid August Stats – Hazelton Real Estate. Greater Toronto Area REALTORS® reported 4,237 home sales through TREB’s MLS® System during the first 14 days of August 2016.

Mid August Stats – Hazelton Real Estate

This result represented a 14.8 per cent increase compared to the same time period in 2015. Double-digit year-over-year sales growth was reported for most home types. While the number of home sales was up substantially compared to the same period last year, the number of new listings decreased slightly. Yorkville Real Estate Specialists - Pears On Avenue - Hazelton Real Estate. Hazelton Real Estate Inc. presents PEARS ON THE AVENUE, by Menkes Developments.

Yorkville Real Estate Specialists - Pears On Avenue - Hazelton Real Estate

Twenty one storeys of contemporary light and pure design aesthetic, Pears on the Avenue is a boutique community offering a variety of sizes of condominiums and townhomes. A dramatic three storey limestone lobby gives way to fabulous amenities including an indoor pool, fully equipped gym, yoga room, media room, entertaining space and huge landscaped terrace. Floor to ceiling glass offering glamorous views, outdoor spaces, patios and/or balconies, underground parking and an incredible location all add to the desirability of this project. A quick stroll to Yorkville, cross the road to Ramsden Park, walk to Yonge St (Rosedale Subway) or Bloor St; where Yorkville meets the Annex. Discover Yorkville – A Shoppers’ Delight. There are places in Toronto where history connects with style in an unforgettably amazing way.

Discover Yorkville – A Shoppers’ Delight

We have a few of those, and Yorkville is definitely at the top of that list. In the hip old 60’s, Yorkville was a place where singers, hipsters and craftsmen would go and ply their trade. Living with Pets in Yorkville. Living with pets in Toronto used to be a struggle.

Living with Pets in Yorkville

Where do you get pet food? Toys? Medical care? How to Groom Condo Landscapes with Less Maintenance. Keeping your condo’s appearance groomed and blooming is all the more important when it’s surrounded by Toronto’s unseemly concrete jungle.

How to Groom Condo Landscapes with Less Maintenance

At the same time, landscaping tends to be expensive both in terms of design and ongoing maintenance. So how do you achieve and maintain a beautiful condo landscape with minimal effort? Luxury Condos for Sale in Toronto. Things to Do With Your Condo Balcony. Some Torontonians approach setting up their living arrangements as a form of art, while others consider it more of a science.

Things to Do With Your Condo Balcony

Toronto Condo Maintenance – The Balcony Today we’ll be talking about an important, yet often overlooked part of your condo apartment – The Balcony. An amazing and most necessary addition to any apartment in any city, the balcony is often under utilized and overlooked in decorating. While it does indeed have that function, it is also important to realize the balcony can be much more than that. Given proper attention and time, the balcony can become that little dream vacation spot in your very apartment.