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What is Bounce Rate and How to Improve User Experience. View.

What is Bounce Rate and How to Improve User Experience

Web Design and Development Services – Choose iMediaDesigns. Top 7 latest Web Design Trend. Web design toronto. iMediaDesigns – Web Design and Development Company in Toronto. As a business owner or blogger, you have only a single aim is attract the visitors to your site, it is useless when the visitors shut the page and not navigating from one page to another.

iMediaDesigns – Web Design and Development Company in Toronto

So, it is necessary to keep the visitors as long as possible and read all the fabulous content available on the website. Do you know bounce rate in Google Analytics? Mobile Apps Development Services. What makes a retail app succeed? Online shoppers are leaning towards mobile apps and away from websites.

What makes a retail app succeed?

According to Poq, online shoppers were found spending 6% more money on retail apps and 5% less on the website per month. The amount of time that shoppers spend on retail app is also increasing. Moreover, the retail app has seen better customer retention rate–2.5 time higher than mobile web. All good news, isn’t. However, simply having an app doesn’t guarantee success. Iphone app development. Android, IOS Mobile App Development Services – iMediaDesigns. Stats for Developing Mobile App Development Plan. KEY THINGS TO HIRE – ANDROID APP DEVELOPER. View.


eCommerce Businesses Need a Content Marketing Strategy. Content marketing has been proven, time after time, to be a necessity for eCommerce merchants.

eCommerce Businesses Need a Content Marketing Strategy

In fact, the ones that use content marketing see the conversion rate 6 times higher than their competitors who don’t. Sounds exciting right? But this is not the only reason that you should incorporate content marketing into your eCommerce business. eCommerce Businesses Need a Content Marketing Strategy.

Google’s Mobile-First index – Basic Guide: nathanroy. Are you ready for Google’s mobile indexing?

Google’s Mobile-First index – Basic Guide: nathanroy

It is a method through which your website is ranked on google search engine results. So, in today’s generation, the website must be responsive and mobile-friendly if you want to grow your business online. Let’s read some brief about the mobile indexing. Mobile app. Steps Involves in Mobile App Development by Nthan Roy. Mobile app development is not just limited to coding and design.

Steps Involves in Mobile App Development by Nthan Roy

It is comprised of lots of steps including design, development, testing, maintenance and much more. There involves linear procedures with some special steps to develop the best apps for the business. Only an experienced company or developer knows the crucial process and understands the parts of the mobile app development. At imediaDesigns, our team of experts devise a plan that will fulfill the client’s goal and aspirations.

The most important thing is to develop the successful product within the budget. Magento Turned Its Store into a Thriving Marketplace. Mobile development services. Top Mobileapp Development Companies. Slide 1:

Top Mobileapp Development Companies

Most Important Mobile Apps for Your Business - imediadesigns. View 800% 400% 200% 150% 125% 100% 75% 50% Full Width Full Height Full Page Show Text Download as...

Most Important Mobile Apps for Your Business - imediadesigns

Include... Search Results No terms available. Mobile apps. Most Important Mobile Apps for Your Business - Mobile App Development - Quora. Running a tiny low business isn't a simple task.

Most Important Mobile Apps for Your Business - Mobile App Development - Quora

Regardless of the size of your business, a business holder should accomplish and balance the core acts of doing business. Sales, marketing, accounting and revenue generation to support the general well-being of his little business venture. It is important to make the balance to grow the business and done all the task in the initial phase of the company. With the rise of use of smartphones, the dependency on mobile app development in Toronto has been increased. So, people make profit and popular their brand by developing the mobile apps. Mobile app development services. Google App Maker — Custom Enterprise App – nathan roy – Medium. Today’s technology is dominated by a couple of technology empires that were engineered for numerous reasons. Some prefer to believe that these technical giants emerges out of the requirement of evolving from a technological perspective, providing humanity the simplest way to advance, one step at a time.

Google may be a technical entity that has engineered its name on facilitating the manner others move with technical, even from its time period once it had been nothing quite a search engine. Giving individuals a tool that powerful was solely the beginning, as a few years later, Google remains arising with new and innovative ways in which to facilitate our transition into consequent part, which this time around is represented by the rise of the mobile industry.

What is Google App maker? App maker is the latest edition to Google’s Good list. What are the best thing about App Maker? Eye catching layout, responsive mobile friendly Website – imediadesigns. Boost E-Commerce Sales – Using 10 Principles. Slide 1: Boost E-commerce Sales – Using 10 Principles Do you Know 99 people do not buy on their first visit. Most of the visitors compare prices services and moreover trust of the website and then decide to purchase. Here are the simple tricks to boost your sales online Usage of Color: Color plays an important role on conversion rates. Webdesigner must know what color to use in their product and services to communicate properly to the visitors such as you can use blue color to communicate trust and integrity. Place Price Comparison Price comparison creates the impression that you are getting bargain. Slide 2: Products placed in concerned Category: People will not get confused where the product is in the whole website. 05 Ways to Improve Your e commerce Website Performance and Traffic.

6 Important Factors Need to Consider Before Integrating Payment Gateway in a Mobile App by Nthan Roy. It's a reality now that mobile shopping is increasing month by month, as individuals have a tendency to digitalize all that they are doing. If we talk about the bill payments, room rentals and etc, all can be easily accessible through mobile. But if you are a developer, you will face the situation once in a while of integrating a payment gateway in a mobile app development process. All the developers knows that it is the important step as this represents the final step by which customer make the transaction from within an app.

There have been bunches of circumstances where customers changed their opinion when purchasing things when they experienced even a minor mistake in the last stage, so this is critical. Mobile App or Mobile Website – Which You Build? Image 1. Boost E-commerce Sales – Using 10 Principles - Website design services canada. Best Colors for Websites That Increase Engagement and Conversions. Web Design Services Toronto. Image 1. Image 1. Bold Graphics – Becoming the Trend in Web Design by Nthan Roy. From last few years we have seen a genuine move towards making sites more smooth and simple on the eye. People are more engaging on the big and bold images instead of giving more valuable information like content. Moreover, designers are focussing on making the website simple, easy and comfortable for the users. Here, we are sharing the tips to make professional website design 2016. So, Designers can read the blog to update themselves.

We have additionally observed a move in clients asking for more graphical sites. There are lots of websites having stock of images and designers can contact with them and make a profile and download images as much as they want. A large number of these graphical sites additionally make utilization of animation and video, which again are extremely astute methods to engage customers, and connecting with users. It's no big surprise that Web Site Design is moving towards the graphical direction. iMediaDesigns - Web Site Design and Development. Infographic 2.

7 Tips to make Professional Website Design 2016 – nathan roy – Medium. Simplicity attracts the people. In a survey, Google revealed that complex web design leads to fewer conversion or sale as compared to simple web designs. Complex layout increases the confusions for the people but the simpler the website, the more conversions that website earned. Customized Web Solution. iMediadesigns - Make your Business Online and Improve ROI.

Web Design - A True Business partner by Nthan Roy. If you want to start your business and you are attracted to the idea of creativity, then you must have to go for online activity and you need to design a website and promote online. It’s true, it is not an easy ride. Benefits of Hiring Toronto Web Design Companies – iMediaDesigns – Web Design and Development Company in Toronto. Important-Things-Every-Web-Designer-Should-Know-About-SEO. Website Design and Development: 6 Website Design Techniques that Harm Website and its Online Visibility. Designing a website is the process of art that represents online. It requires artistic quality and user experience by which create a unique website that attracts everyone.

The web designer’s skill is converting an amazing design into creativity. The poor thing is copying the competitor’s site and not using your own techniques. This does not fulfill the basic requirement of user experience and effects in ranking in search engine results and result in low traffic. Apartment Rental Tips: 5 Key Things You Need To Know Before Subletting. The terms of subletting or subleasing is undoubtedly the most confusing of all rental agreements. You may need to sublet your room, apartment or house for rent if you need to temporarily leave the city for some reason and cannot break your lease. Subletting is a great way to recoup some or all of your rental costs, but there are some considerable challenges that come with it. Untitled — Web Design Services Company hire the best web... House Home Rooms Apartments condos Loft for Rent.

For Better UX — Need Original content and Attractive Web Design – Medium.