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Diversité du vivant

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Classification. Monde végétal. Monde animal. La mare. Biofotoquiz. Practise on the web – recognize out in the field Biofotoquiz offers the opportunity to train your skill to identify plant and animal species in a playful way.


It includes: a learning mode with three levelsfour quiz modes with ranking listsseries of images and lists of species for printinga login-area to create individual series At the moment there are modules of plants, grasshoppers, amphibians & reptiles and birds with 21884 images of 2137 species in 278 series available. UPM - Forest Life. Plateforme Museum National Histoire Naturelle de Paris. MNHN - Galerie des enfants. Inventaire National du Patrimoine Naturel. BBC Earth. Wild Wonders of Europe. [Search here for photographer's name, species, country, reserve, etc ...] Fresh from the Field Welcome to the Wild Blog!