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Recortes Archives - Gabriella Literaria. What's Your Favorite Writing Prompt or Exercise? While catching up on New Yorkers this weekend, I ran across a delightful piece by Rebecca Mead, “Earnest.”

What's Your Favorite Writing Prompt or Exercise?

(Read it online.) It’s about Jeff Nunokawa, who writes one Facebook note per day. Mead writes: Nunokawa typically takes a literary quotation—Edmund Spenser, James Merrill, Joni Mitchell—and elaborates upon it, sometimes for a line, sometimes for a paragraph or two. Nunokawa’s notes are meditations: half literary-critical, half confessional. Which got me to thinking … Do you have a favorite writing prompt or exercise that you rely on for inspiration or guidance? From now through Sunday (July 29), we’d like to hear about your favorite prompts/exercises in the comments.

Image: Balloon via Flickr and Haeckel Ascidiae via Wikimedia Commons. Free writing exercises 81 - 100. Exercise #81 Write about something embarrassing that once happened to you (or, if you're writing fiction, to your main character).

free writing exercises 81 - 100

Write it once as a cheerful letter or email to someone who you (or your character) doesn't want to know how painful it was: make this version humorous or light. Then write a journal or interior monologue version in which it is explored more fully and deeper. Exercise #82. Ocho ejercicios fundamentales para empezar a escribir historias – Las Historias. Este año trabajé en el último tramo de la novela La torre y el jardín, en un par más de libros propios que me tuvieron sumamente atareado, y en un proyecto aparte que me parece muy interesante: el escribir un cuaderno para el Programa Nacional de Salas de Lectura, que se propone difundir libros entre ciudadanos de a pie (no especialistas ni académicos); a su vez, éstos los mantienen en sus propios domicilios y los ofrecen a sus comunidades.

Ocho ejercicios fundamentales para empezar a escribir historias – Las Historias

La propuesta fue que escribiera un manual de escritura para principiantes: de hecho, para gente que tal vez no sólo se iniciaría en la escritura sino incluso en la lectura. El resultado fue un librito: Cómo empezar a escribir historias, que empezará a circular pronto entre los miembros del programa de Salas de Lectura. De ese libro dejo aquí un pequeño extracto: ocho ejercicios propuestos para personas que nunca han escrito nada y quieren comenzar a hacerlo. Los dejo para lo que pueda servir. 1. 10 Best Creative Writing Exercises. Here are ten of the best creative writing exercises for you to enjoy. 1. 7x7x7 Find the 7th book from your bookshelf.

10 Best Creative Writing Exercises

Open it up to page 7. Look at the 7th sentence on the page. Ejercicio de escritura: los siete pecados capitales. Aquí os traigo un nuevo ejercicio de escritura.

Ejercicio de escritura: los siete pecados capitales

En esta ocasión se trata de un disparador creativo usando como punto de partida los 7 pecados capitales. Como siempre, al final del artículo encontraréis la ficha descargable del ejercicio. Para realizarlo, tenéis que elegir entre uno de los 7 pecados (ira, gula, pereza, envidia, avaricia, lujuria o soberbia) y escribir una lista de palabras que os parezca que están relacionadas con el tema. De esa lista, tenéis que hacer una pequeña selección (unas 15 palabras como mucho) con las que más os gusten u os resulten más sugerentes. 10 Writing Exercises to Tighten Your Writing. By Brittiany Cahoon Writing projects can be like children.

10 Writing Exercises to Tighten Your Writing

You love them dearly, but sometimes they irritate you to the point that you just need a break. Working on something fresh and new can invigorate your mind and give you a new approach to your work. These exercises can work for any genre of writing, fiction and non-fiction alike. Road Trip (creative writing prompt) This prompt was originally posted in June, 2012.

Road Trip (creative writing prompt)

Today, I’m driving from Los Angeles up to San Francisco and thought it was appropriate. Enjoy the prompt! For this writing practice, use the following creative writing prompt: Write about a road trip. Write for fifteen minutes. And if you post, please read and comment on a few posts by other writers. Here’s my practice: We’re driving from California to Georgia this week, my dad and me. This time we’re driving to Georgia through New Orleans where we’ll sit in a smoky bar on Canal Street and listen to jazz.

In El Paso we ate the worst Texas barbecued brisket either of us have ever had. After El Paso we drove along Texas roads so long and flat you stop seeing road entirely and completely disappear into the black asphalt, the golden land, and the blue eternal sky that seems to dissolve the land itself. Joe Bunting. 5 Writing Exercises That Will Make You More Creative. An Example: ... will mean nothing to you here, because it would be a tangential spin-off of a supporting character from a project that you don't know even know that I'm working on.

5 Writing Exercises That Will Make You More Creative

That's like four different ways for you to not give a shit, so let's just fill this space with a man trying to kill the ground with an explosive sledgehammer. Do try to not look disappointed. Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Are you sick of dealing with your project? Writing. Information. Inspiration. Sarcasm guaranteed.