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2011 Wedding Dresses from Ellis Bridals London Collection. Beautiful wedding dresses from Ellis Bridals 2011 London bridal collection.

2011 Wedding Dresses from Ellis Bridals London Collection

Above, stunning ball gown featuring illusion boned corset wrapped in pleated tulle with a voluminous draped skirt and crystal embellishment; below, sweetheart neckline fishtail gown with lace embellished tulle, crystal details and duchess satin lace-up back. Pleated and draped chiffon gown with crystal embellished straps. Makeup Mon...errr Tuesday: Green Eyes. First, I know it's Tuesday and I'm predictably late with Makeup Monday.

Makeup Mon...errr Tuesday: Green Eyes

I hope the lack of alliteration doesn't detract from the post; I promise that I have lots of great excuses for not putting this up yesterday. Or, I fell asleep. One of my first forays into the wonderful world of bright eyeshadow was with a beautiful shade of green from Milani (whose older shadows were amazing), and I was forever hooked. Green has since become the most popular color in my rather large makeup collection, though I can't remember the last time I gave them a proper spotlight. Paley's Watch (or the Human Eye) I Don't Remember... by Ash L Bennett - Hello Poetry. I don't remember, any more, The exact shape of your handsAs I held them in mine, Caressed them, Memorized the length of your fingers, The depth of your calluses.

I Don't Remember... by Ash L Bennett - Hello Poetry

I don't remember, any more,Exactly your height, how muchTaller than meYou were, whereMy head rested on your chestWhen you held me tightly close. I don't remember, any more, Your scent, when we lay togetherCreating our ownMagic rhythm, Matching our heartbeats as weTouched the sky, together. I don't remember, any more, The sound of your voice, calling My name as thoughIt were a song Within itself, a precious treasure You valued with all your being.

101 Conversation Starters People Love. Below are 101 types of conversation starters to use on your first date, at a party, in business, with guys or girls, or on family and friends.

101 Conversation Starters People Love

The 101 great conversation openers are simple and effective. Do not be fooled. How to: pore strips. You know those Biore pore strips you buy at the drugstore for about $12 a pop?

how to: pore strips

Yeah, those. Today I’m going to teach you how to make your own homemade pore strips. Why? Because: I’m obsessed with beauty productsI’m obsessed with cheapHomemade {mostly} = cheap. The Venetian Collection of designer engagement rings and diamond wedding rings by Verragio. The new Venetian Collection is the first in engagement ring designs to allow you to choose a particular look for the bottom portion of the ring.When ordering a Venetian style, you will have the option to customize your ring by choosing between five different options in shank designs.

The Venetian Collection of designer engagement rings and diamond wedding rings by Verragio.

Whether you prefer a classic look or a bit more intricacy in design, the Venetian Collection allows you to express your individual style. *Starting prices in 14K Gold. The Double Life of Women. Step into any bar or party and it won't take you long to spot her.

The Double Life of Women

She's the woman with the ringing laugh, the daring clothes, the magnetic appeal that has drawn a circle of admirers around her. If the room were a solar system, she would be the sun—and at the outer reaches, you notice, are several other women seated quietly in her shadow. Why does this woman command all the attention? Psychologists, image experts, and dating advisers propose a host of explanations: It's her extraverted personality, her come-hither look, her approachable persona. But an evolutionary biologist observing the scene would offer a more surprising interpretation, one that may help explain barroom dynamics and much more: It's her "real" time of the month. PrestonBailey.com. Crippled cruise ship expected in San Diego Thursday. Passengers: Cruise ship isn't 'splendid' Five tugs will assist crippled ship to dockPassenger reports unhappy vacationers and long food lines for SpamThe Carnival Splendor is expected to arrive in San Diego on ThursdayThe cruise ship gets supplies from a U.S.

Crippled cruise ship expected in San Diego Thursday

Navy aircraft carrier (CNN) -- Thousands of passengers on a towed cruise ship will disembark in San Diego, California, Thursday with their own tales from a three-day ordeal that left them without air conditioning and hot showers. Their diet became Spam and Pop Tarts rather than steak and chocolate mousse. And while Carnival Cruise Lines said Wednesday that most passengers knew that the Carnival Splendor's crew was doing the best it could, there were reports of passengers pledging not to take up the company's offer of a free replacement trip. Drug Smugglers Use Catapult to Launch Marijuana Across Arizona-Mexico Border. <br/><a href=" US News</a> | <a href=" Business News</a> Copy Grainy surveillance video shows drug smugglers putting a new twist on their crime by using a catapult to launch small bales of marijuana across the Arizona-Mexico border.

Drug Smugglers Use Catapult to Launch Marijuana Across Arizona-Mexico Border

The video was taken the night of Jan. 21 by National Guard troops monitoring a series of surveillance cameras near Naco, Ariz., officials from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection said. Pilot explains why he posted airport security flaws video.