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Hi, I am Sasha Smith. I am Therapist. From last 5 years I am working with Therapy 2000. THERAPY 2000 is the premier provider of pediatric home health therapy in Texas. We deliver speech, occupational, and physical therapy to children (birth-21), serving patients across Dallas/Ft. Worth, East Texas, San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Amarillo, Lubbock, and more.

Home. Pediatric SLP Jobs. When a Nurse Practitioner is in the "caregiver" phase of their career, they should consider starting a Pediatric SLP job.

Pediatric SLP Jobs

In fact, this type of position can be a great steppingstone for anyone who wants to pursue this type of work or is seeking to move into an executive role. When a person is looking for a career with the potential to grow, advancement in this field is something that one cannot take lightly, and one should do it on a professional basis. If you want to advance as a nursing professional and reach a higher level in your career, then it's vital that you look into these kinds of positions. While there is more demand for nurses, there are also more nurses who have the necessary skills to start their own business, so for them, these jobs are very valuable.

The Pediatric SLP jobs allow for a Nurse Practitioner to gain skills and knowledge in a variety of different areas. For example, there are many procedures that involve the analysis of various parts of the body. More Child Speech Therapy Jobs and Careers Available. Pediatric speech therapy jobs can be fun.

More Child Speech Therapy Jobs and Careers Available

Kids love to talk and people love to hear them speak. What better place to start a career than in the field of speech therapy? Each child's speech therapist is unique, however most will have the same goal in mind - to help children with speech problems. The process of bringing up a child with speech problems can be very challenging. The length of time that a child must learn to speak, how long it takes for the child to be able to speak and where to focus their treatment can all be very stressful. The amount of money that parents pay for child care can also be a major factor. Professionals can also charge on a per-hour basis or just a percentage of the amount of time that the child is in professional sessions. Home. Many times, a parent will send their child to the pediatrician for physical exams and routine check-ups.


As such, one should be able to conduct simple and basic procedures. The pediatrician should be able to provide many different health checks on patients who come into his office. Another task that a pediatrician might perform in a given year include conducting physical exams on children who are at risk for developing life threatening conditions such as Autism or diabetes. It is also very common for a pediatric doctor to help prepare young patients for their shots and immunizations. By making sure that patients have a list of medications they need to take regularly, it can significantly decrease the time spent administering health care. Also, it is necessary for a pediatrician to thoroughly answer all of the parents' questions regarding their physical exams and check-ups. Many jobs within the health care industry require an education in the subjects of pediatrics. Pediatricoccupationaltherapyjobs.wordpress. Occupationaltherapy.

Children’s Occupational Therapy Jobs For Therapists This article will give you information on some Occupational Therapy careers for adults.


Occupational Therapy jobs offer employment opportunities for the retired, the employed, and the self-employed. There are many states with programs that cover rehabilitation services, and all around health care needs for those in need. People interested in these jobs can find education and training at local schools, community colleges, vocational schools, and universities. If you have a childrens's occupational therapy jobs, or are in training to do so, your first step is to seek out an Occupational Therapist Certification from the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA). Adults interested in working with people with disabilities often must work in hospitals, nursing homes, or assisted living facilities. Also who are interested in getting back into the workforce or working for someone else can find many career opportunities. Speech Language Therapy — Some of the Common Concerns Associated With... Pediatric speech therapy jobs in Dallas - THERAPY 2000, Inc. Children's Pediatric Occupational Speech Therapist & Therapy Jobs TX.

At Therapy 2000, we value families.

Children's Pediatric Occupational Speech Therapist & Therapy Jobs TX

We value the families that come to us for their children’s special therapy needs, and we value the families of the people who work on our team. For 17 years we have delivered the highest quality home care services to the children of Texas who have developmental delays, autistic spectrum disorders, disabilities and other special needs. We see potential in our patients and seek to unleash that potential and enhance their lives and those of their caregivers. We believe in delivering excellent care with integrity, and always want to improve our performance and our knowledge. We believe in what we are doing and are passionate about helping and advocating for Texas families. We believe that our employees are our most valuable and valued assets. At Therapy 2000 we are not just a job, but an opportunity. Best Top 10 Pediatric Speech Language pathologist (SLP) Jobs.

Pediatric speech language therapy (Pediatric Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) or SLP) facilitates a child’s ability to communicate with others both verbally and non-verbally.

Best Top 10 Pediatric Speech Language pathologist (SLP) Jobs

Speech and language are two different, yet linked, skills that humans use to communicate. Language is the ability to understand spoken and written words (receptive language) and to express meaning through words (expressive language). Speech is producing sounds that makeup words. Pediatric Physical Therapy (PT) Jobs in Texas. Pediatric Occupational Therapy (OT) jobs in Texas. Pediatric occupational therapy helps children with special needs achieve independence and enhance their quality of life.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy (OT) jobs in Texas

The focus of treatment is to facilitate and empower the child and family to achieve the highest level of functional independence possible. According to the American Occupational Therapy Association, occupational therapy is “the therapeutic use of self-care, work, and play activities to increase independent function, enhance development, and prevent disability. It may include an adaptation of task or environment to achieve maximum independence and to enhance the quality of life.” Occupational therapists can help children with birth injuries, developmental delays, neurological disorders, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, diseases, trauma and many other conditions.