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Stylin Nail Colours - Natascha Cox. Get Seasonal With Your Nails Ever changing fashion and seasons is a blessing in disguise!

Stylin Nail Colours - Natascha Cox

The constant turnstile of new brands and partnerships means we get to try out amazing new products and accessories as frequently as we desire, and what better way to accessorise than with you nails!?! Here are some of my top high street picks for A/W nails. Dark colours and metallics are key this season and although there are some fantastic new ranges about,t i’v also included a couple of oldie but goodies! Go for plum colours and a bit of sparkle to match your christmas outfits…. ​ This first one is a really nice off brown colour. Love this gold colour! The brush on this Revlon nail polish is brilliant! I promise that I am not exaggerating when I say that this has to be the best glitter type nail varnish that I have ever used! Again the brush on Essie nail polish is quite wide so it makes application really easy and leaves a smooth appearance! November Beauty Buys  - Natascha Cox. Perfect Mothers Day Gift Ideas - Natascha Cox. Yet again, it’s time to go shopping for gifts…..I can tell you now, that I am totally unprepared and Mother’s day is just next week!

Perfect Mothers Day Gift Ideas - Natascha Cox

Restaurants are completely fully booked by now and you’ll be very lucky if you manage to find one at the last minute! Best to get your mum a super Mother’s day gift then! The Best Of My Christmas Gifts - Natascha Cox. This Christmas has been one of the best for me for a long time.

The Best Of My Christmas Gifts - Natascha Cox

I only had to cook once instead of 2 or 3 times and wasn’t in charge of Christmas lunch this year so it was a complete chill fest! I got to spend so much time with both sides of my family and the visiting is still well in swing. Although there was absolutely no chance of snow this year the presies I received more than made up for that. Makeup Tutorials & Tips by Natascha Cox. I have now learnt how to pack light after my 8 day break in Saint Lucia with only hand luggage last week!

Makeup Tutorials & Tips by Natascha Cox

Trust me it wasn’t easy, but it’s definitely do-able! The only reason I did it is because I had to be at an event only one and a half hours after landing home and just didn’t have enough time to wait for the plane to unload. London Calling - Natascha Cox. I had such a busy but amazingly fun day yesterday on my travels around London’s west end on a major PR mission!

London Calling - Natascha Cox

I was lucky enough to be invited to two press events on the same day and also met with some great new contacts. Lots of exciting things to come for me in 2016 and I am loving life and my job right now! I had a great cup of green tea on at a cute organic, raw foods cafe called Mojo. Located on D’Arbly street. My first press event was for La Redoute. Next up was the M&S press event, I’ve never seen so much chocolate in my life! This backdrop was made up completely of roses! What do you love about London? How To Travel The World Without It Costing The Earth - Natascha Cox. I’ve been all over the world and yet my curiosity and desire to travel even further in to all the nooks and crannies of this planet has not yet subsided.

How To Travel The World Without It Costing The Earth - Natascha Cox

I’ve been infected with the travel bug for as long as I can remember. It’s in my blood and reaches further than is humanly possible. So much so that I often wish I was born a hundred years later so that I could travel through space when that becomes a reality. I must remember to stop telling everyone that I’m going to cryogenically freeze my body and be brought back to life once we’ve discovered alien life though….it really doesn’t go down too well! New Trends and Style Advice With Emma Russell - Natascha Cox. Fashion is my business and personal style is super important for me.

New Trends and Style Advice With Emma Russell - Natascha Cox

I do obviously follow fashion but more in the sense that I keep my eye on what’s new and incorporate pieces I like in to my own outfits. It’s great to see new collections as they come out. Nothing better than flicking through a magazine to see how others are wearing them. I would also say that I don’t have one particular style. It’s a great idea to mix it up and maybe be really ‘street’ or casual one day and elegant the next. This weekend I was invited along to MK1 Shopping Park in Milton Keynes.

I had a great time just strolling around the retail park and taking a look at what available right now. Shopping online pretty much eliminates any by chance fashion finds. After having a great little chat with Emma who has been styling for years, I got to check out some of the latest collections. Natascha Cox in Buckinghamshire - YelloYello. Natascha Cox. One Stop Directory. Natascha-cox-57d8e329ae50b. Sitemap - Natascha Cox. Paris Fashion Week - Chalayan SS16 - Natascha Cox. Backpack Revolution - Natascha Cox. Paris Fashion Week 2015 - Chloe SS16 - Natascha Cox. Julian MacDonald AW16 London Fashion Week - Natascha Cox.

So AW16 London Fashion Week is well in swing and I am so pleased and excited to have been invited to so many shows.

Julian MacDonald AW16 London Fashion Week - Natascha Cox

The biggest and from what I hear most elaborate show so far has to have been the Julien MacDonald show! This event was glamorous from the get go! I spotted so many celebs and got to meet one of my favs Victoria from In The F Row! Love her! The Vamps, Rochelle Humes, Ella Eyre, Millie Mackintosh, Alan Carr, Kelly Hoppen and a few Made in Chelsea girls were also in attendance. The main theme of this collection was really gold and silver sequins and beading, metallics and black. Overall London Fashion Week has been such a blast for me so far and I’m so excited for the spring/summer collections already lol! What has been your best show this year?

Sitemap - Natascha Cox. Paris Fashion Week 2015 - Balmain SS16 - Natascha Cox. The Last Of The Summer Weddings; Autumn Occasionwear - Natascha Cox. The rain is here and gloomy clouds are lingering for longer and longer the further we get in to September, so much for an Indian summer!

The Last Of The Summer Weddings; Autumn Occasionwear - Natascha Cox

At least it’s still quite warm out, that’s about the only good thing I can say about the weather at the moment. It’s a weird time of year as I never know what to wear. Yesterday I went out in a knitted jumper and ended up sweating for England. Dressing for weddings and special occasions can be really difficult too during this in between time. I’m not quite ready to banish the bright colours until next year though so I’ve come up with a few outfits I think are still great for autumn as well as a couple that will work well in to the winter wedding season. Wearing hair up styles like this really shows off the style and tailoring of this type of dress. One of my favourite winter colours is navy. I’ve matched with a stunning pair of white wedged heels and a sliver handbag with a black chain detail.

Saint Lucia, Need I Say More! - Natascha Cox. I’m guessing you already know that I have just got back from the trip of a lifetime to Saint Lucia in the Caribbean.

Saint Lucia, Need I Say More! - Natascha Cox

If not, then just check out my Instagram for the most amount of annoying holiday posts ever! I have actually been to Saint Lucia before but I was only 15 at the time and did a bit of diving and spent time with my family mostly so I jumped at the chance to head over on an adults only trip to discover the island with the Saint Lucia Tourist Board. During May, Saint Lucia host a huge event called the Jazz and Arts Festival and we were lucky enough to be invited to attend. Besides the amazing food and all the rum you can get your hands on. I really had a great time listening to all the music acts. Photo by Cordell Johnson I met some really cool people on this trip and got to spend a lot of time with them. The flight over was around 8 hours but went by pretty quickly as I was completely entertained by the in flight movies. 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable. British Fashion Awards  - Natascha Cox. All I Want For My Birthday Wishlist - Natascha Cox.

Yep, it’s that time of year again….my birthday! I won’t tell you all how ancient I am now, but I will tell you that this year I was completely spoilt, I am indeed a very lucky girl. Along with all the gifts my family showered me with I also received a whole bunch of amazing pressies from some of the brands I work with. Rather than being completely dull and sharing every little detail with you, I thought I would just pick out some of my favourite birthday presents this year. First up, the beauty gifts. One can never have too many fashion or beauty presents. Paris Fashion Week 2015 - Vivienne Westwood SS16 - Natascha Cox. Sitemap - Natascha Cox. Shopping NYC Style! - Natascha Cox. ​Travelling to New York for christmas shopping started at the airport for me.

I used this opportunity to grab some of my make up must havs at greatly discounted prices. I picked up a Benefit They’re Real mascara for just £16.95 and a new Brow Beater from Urban Decay for just £12.50. With a saving of just over £6. I also noticed that there where some amazing prices on the Clarins skincare range and gift sets so don’t pass by without looking next time you’re in the airport. It’s definitely worth taking advantage of Duty Free, especially if you are stocking up on more expensive items. I had such a great time in NYC over the weekend and an even better time shopping there!

Firstly there’s the obvious fact that they have shops that we don’t have over in the UK. Ann Taylor was a great store that I hadn’t heard of before. A Rose Gold Obsession With Monica Vinader - Natascha Cox. Rose gold is still huge at the moment and is not even remotely showing any signs of fading away in to last seasons jewellery box just yet. From jewellery to home accessories I have to say that rose gold is by far my favourite right now and has been for a least a couple of years. My main peeve about jewellery though, is that when you want to spend a bit of money for a nice piece, the designs are just not as fashionable as you might think.

It’s actually one of the reasons that I buy a lot of costume jewellery because it’s much easier to find in designs that fit with your outfit i.e. in the right colour or style. Monica Vinader is a really on trend jewellery designer that I have fallen in love with recently. ASOS Beauty & SS16 Occasionwear - Natascha Cox.

A few weeks ago I was invited down to Fitzroy Square to attend the showing of the new beauty and spring/summer occasion wear range for ASOS. It was such a lovely event and I finally got to meet some of the faces behind the brand. I was treated to hair, nails and makeup by the very talented stylist, make up artist and nail tech. All whilst enjoying my very first margarita and wine filled water coolers! Battling Hair Problems; Best Hair Products - Natascha Cox. I have struggled for years with my hair and had a few accidents along the way.

Up until two years ago my hair was nearly down to my waist and then I made a crazy decision to bleach the ends and that ended in complete disaster! It all broke of and I ended up having to cut my hair to above shoulder length! Throughout the years I have also chemically straightened my hair to control the frizz. My hair is now starting to grow back and is nearly to my shoulder blades when straight. Don’t think it has been an easy journey! Giorgio Armani Beauty Maestro Collection - Natascha Cox. I have had a lovely week trying out some great new make up launches from various brands. The lux brand Giorgio Armani were lovely enough to send me over some of their favourites from their new Maestro collection and I have had a little play so that I can let you guys know what I think in my make up review! Obviously Giorgio Armani are a ‘Lux’ brand so a certain level of quality is always expected.

They have not failed to deliver on that front! The package designs are on point and made of glass so a lot of effort has gone in to this collection. How To Rock A Statement Bag! - Natascha Cox. Outfit Of The Day! - Natascha Cox. Pretty In Pastel Pink - Natascha Cox. Summer feels like it’s very very slowly creeping upon us and I definitely can’t wait for the rainy spring season to be over! Make Up & Makeover With Urban Decay! - Natascha Cox. Matthew Calvin, Understated Jewellery Must Havs - Natascha Cox. Finally we are experiencing some great weather and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will last…no more rain please! What's Your Face Mask Type? Unmissable Beauty Tips - Natascha Cox. A little known fact is that not every face mask is for everyone! Bet you didn’t know that did you? This piece of valuable info could be just what you need to get the clear complexion you’ve always craved. We all know that there is a huge mass of choice when it comes to beauty brands and that makes it so difficult when looking for a specific type of product.

How To Protect Your Skin On Holiday - Natascha Cox. It's All About Pastels; How To Rock Pastel Nails - Natascha Cox. One of this summers and actually this years, hottest fashion trends is pastel colours. I really love that pastels have lasted so long as they look so elegant and are the perfect spring summer colours for outfits, make up and nails especially. My nails are really in need of a good manicure at the moment as i’ve been neglecting my weekly manicures for some time now. Empowering Women Through Beauty - Natascha Cox. With a busy schedule and barely enough time to sleep, eat or even breathe sometimes, finding a moment to head off to a salon (other than for work) is nearly impossible! Summer Holiday Beauty Finds - Natascha Cox. Summer is officially here, no doubts or objections!

I might be a little late in pointing out the obvious but I have just hopped off a plane from Majorca and i’m so relieved that I wasn’t greeted by rain when we landed. Going away gave me a genuine excuse to go all out crazy and shop my socks of in the beauty department :-). It’s not just your wardrobe that needs a shake up around summertime you know. The Basics Lets stat with the basics. If you can’t be bothered to do the full, extensive and highly exhausting skincare regime that you’re supposed to, then please, please, please do the bare minimum! Why You Should Always Find Time To Relax - Natascha Cox. All I Want For My Birthday Wishlist - Natascha Cox. Advent Calendar Picks - Natascha Cox. Empowering Women Through Beauty - Natascha Cox. Sangria & Majorca. What’s Your Face Mask Type? Unmissable Beauty Tips. How To Protect Your Skin On Holiday Makeup Tutorials & Tips.

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Holiday Prep & Beauty Routine - Natascha Cox. It's All About Pastels; How To Rock Pastel Nails - Natascha Cox. Fun & Frolics in Malta - Natascha Cox. Paris Fashion Week - Acne Studios SS16 - Natascha Cox. Fashion & Breakfast With Farfetch - Natascha Cox. A Guide To Laid Back Summer Style - Natascha Cox. Empowering Women Through Beauty - Natascha Cox. Keeping It Festival Chic This Summer - Natascha Cox. Knits & Minis - Natascha Cox.

Paris In A Day - Natascha Cox. Advent Calendar Picks - Natascha Cox. Sangria & Majorca - Natascha Cox. Summer Holiday Beauty Finds - Natascha Cox.