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Gurus. Data Sources for Visualization. Galleries. Books for DataVis. Data Visualization. Diagrams/Visualization. Mind Maps/Thinking Maps/Graphic Organizers. Online Charts. Informational landscapes. DataAppeal software provides an alternative to complex mapping tools through an easy to use, web-based GIS application that renders typical data files into beautifully designed multi-dimensional maps and datascapes instantly. For architects, landscape architects, urban planners and designers of the built form, the application is a great tool to utilize evidence-based information to expose new site patterns, to provide alternative 3D modes of mapping for communication purposes, and to aid in the initiation of master plan designs.

It’s also a refreshing way to visually engage professional and students with their site-based data... Via Lauren Moss, luiy, Paolo Ciuccarelli. Health. The Anatomy of a perfect Website [Infographic]