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Do Adults Make Good Orthodontic Candidates? - Are you thinking about getting braces as an adult?

Do Adults Make Good Orthodontic Candidates? -

What a lot of people tend to think, is that orthodontic treatment is just for kids. But that’s simply not the case anymore! At Purity Dental Mulgrave, we offer age-appropriate orthodontic therapy for every stage of life. Whether you have a teen who needs to fix a few crooked teeth, or you’re an adult with a malocclusion (misaligned bite) that’s starting to cause cosmetic or jaw problems. The Truth About Adults in Braces Adults make great orthodontic patients, because they’re committed to the process being a successful one. Why Invest in Braces So Late? How the CDBS Helps Your Family - The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) is a health scheme that makes it possible for qualifying families to access the dental care their child needs.

How the CDBS Helps Your Family -

As long as your family qualifies for Medicaid, you likely fall into most of the criteria for meeting the guidelines on applying for CDBS. The actual CDBS plan covers children between the ages of 2-18 and can be renewed every two years. What’s Covered? CDBS includes up to $1,000 in dental treatments per child. Again, this number can re-set every two years as long as your family still qualifies. For eligible patients, these can be claimed for processing at our practice. Keeping Your Child’s Teeth Health Most dental problems are preventable. Your child’s teeth play a huge role in the health of their future adult smile. Learn More. Teeth Straightening Benefits for Adults - Thinking that you’re “too old” for teeth straightening?

Teeth Straightening Benefits for Adults -

Our dentist at Purity Dental Mulgrave might surprise you. At Purity Dental, we have many adult orthodontic patients! Being Confident About How Your Teeth Look Having a straight smile changes what you see when they look in the mirror or how you speak or smile for photos. When you feel confident about the appearance of your teeth, you’re most likely going to feel more confident about yourself. If crooked teeth is what’s interfering with your confidence, then teeth straightening could help you! Lower Chance of Gum Disease and Cavities Crooked teeth are usually far more likely to develop tooth decay or active periodontitis/gum disease.

Fewer Cases of Headaches or TMJ Disorder When your teeth occlude (bite) together properly, the pressure is evenly distributed across your entire mouth. Common Reasons for Getting a Root Canal - Endodontic therapy — more commonly called root canal treatment — is a special type of restorative treatment made to preserve teeth that are at risk of an extraction.

Common Reasons for Getting a Root Canal -

By getting a root canal, our dentists at Purity Dental Mulgrave can help you preserve your tooth for several more years. Otherwise, infections can worsen and lead to the tooth becoming non-restorable or be detrimental to your overall health When would we recommend getting a root canal at Purity Dental? Here are just a few examples: An Abscessed Tooth Tooth abscesses may be asymptomatic or severely painful. Deep Dental Decay Severe cavities that reach into the nerve canal allow bacteria to invade the entire tooth. Cracked Tooth A crack can easily run through a tooth, down into the root. Hypersensitivity and Pain Is your tooth sensitive to hot foots or beverages? Past Trauma to the Tooth Did you know that if a tooth is hit during an athletic injury or car accident, it might not start to die until years down the road? Do I Have an Abscessed Tooth? - Dental abscesses happen when the nerve inside of your tooth is infected and becomes inflamed – leading to drainage or pus out the tip of the tooth root.

Do I Have an Abscessed Tooth? -

If we suspect an abscess, our dentists at Purity Dental Mulgrave will order a periapical X-ray that shows the entire root structure. From there, we’ll look to see if there’s a dark radiolucency around the root tip, which is indicative of a dental abscess. Sometimes, that cyst becomes so large that it needs to drain. As such, it creates a small opening through the gums, where the pus drains out of the tooth through the gums and into the mouth. You might notice a salty bitter taste that comes and goes, as the infection drains. Just How Safe are Dental X-rays? - If you’re good about keeping up with your dental checkups, you’ve probably noticed that our Purity Dental Mulgrave dentists order X-rays from time to time during your exam.

Just How Safe are Dental X-rays? -

But are digital X-rays safe enough to get taken every year? Absolutely! 7 Green Plumbing Solutions for Every Household - Given the crisis we’re facing, eco-friendly strategies and campaigns are slowly taking over the world, forcing change upon industries and individual lifestyles.

7 Green Plumbing Solutions for Every Household -

Have you switched to metal straws to save the turtles? Do you plant trees, grow your own vegetables in your backyard and reject single-use plastics? That’s great! But there’s far more you could be doing around the house to up your sustainability game. For example, understanding how good plumbing works might really help you when it comes to a few avenues- you could cut down on wastage, boost your home’s efficiency and slash those hefty utility bills in the process too! Maintaining your existing equipment Starting off with the very basics, the first step (and incidentally the one that will ensure you put the smallest dent in your wallet), is regular maintenance. Replacing and repairing your equipment Handling leaks and drips.