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Wearable Technology

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Nike and Apple working on ‘stylish’ new wearable technology. Apple and Nike are working on new item of wearable technology that will have greater integration into existing gadgets, and is less obvious and more “stealth”, according to the Nike chief executive, Mark Parker.

Nike and Apple working on ‘stylish’ new wearable technology

Nike has long been making wearable technology, originally partnering with Apple for its Nike+ running sensor range in 2006, which connected wirelessly to the iPod. Nike discontinued its FuelBand fitness-tracking bracelet in April, shutting down the team that made it, which saw two of its key engineers move to Apple to work on the Apple Watch. But Parker is still bullish on wearable technology as a key part of Nike’s future. “I think it’s going to be a big part of the future, absolutely,” said Parker in an interview with Bloomberg TV. “I think the form it takes is critical. “Technologically we can do things together that we couldn’t do independently,” Parker said. Wearable Technology, Soon In a Cabin Near You. Wearable electronic devices are beginning to resemble a technology steamroller in the consumer market, and business aviation is already climbing aboard in an attempt to keep up.

Wearable Technology, Soon In a Cabin Near You

Honeywell Aerospace (Booth 2000) is developing its own variant of Google Glass with a hands-free device to make the job of the flight attendant more efficient by leveraging Honeywell’s existing Ovation Select cabin management technology. The device is now in prototype form and allows the flight attendant to manage virtually the entire cabin with just a few words here and there. In a video demonstration, Honeywell head of cabin services Nan Kramer is seen walking through the cabin and making adjustments by first activating the voice recognition system with “Okay glass,” followed by the command, “open window shades,” then “set monitors,” and “show flight times.”

(To see the video demonstration, go to YouTube and insert “Honeywell wearable technology” in the search block. Ed.) Wearable Technology That Feels Like Skin. Photo When it comes to the future of computing, there is one major known and a principal unknown.

Wearable Technology That Feels Like Skin

The known, with almost guaranteed certainty, is that the next era of computing will be wearables. The unknown, with commensurate guaranteed uncertainty, is what these wearables will be and where on your body they will live. Apple and Samsung, for example, are betting on the wrist; Google, the face. A slew of tech companies believe clothing will simply become electronic. Their enthusiasm is on an emerging class of wearable computers that adhere to the skin like temporary tattoos, or attach to the body like an old-fashioned Band-Aid.

Many of these technologies don’t look anything like today’s gadgets. While these wearables raise novel privacy concerns, their advocates say there are numerous benefits. “Our devices are not like wearables that are used today, where people wear them for a little bit and then throw them into a drawer,” said Scott Pomerantz, the chief executive of MC10. ENTER THE LINK doc.research-and-analytics.csfb. Wearable-Technology-sep-2013.pdf. Smart Clothes and Wearable Technology. Smart clothes and wearable technology is a relatively novel and emerging area of interdisciplinary research within the fashion, textile, electronics and related industries.

Smart Clothes and Wearable Technology

This book provides a comprehensive review of the end-user’s requirements and the technologies and materials available for the design and production of smart clothing. Part one looks at the design of smart clothing and wearable technology including the emergence of wearable computing, end-user requirements, and the design process from fibre selection to product launch.

Part two examines the general requirements for merging of a range of textile structures with technology and communications for wearable technologies. Part three reviews the types of production technologies available for the development of smart clothing, including garment construction and fabric joining, and the final part discusses the application of these new technologies in smart clothing products and their presentation to consumers. Tech9.jpg (JPEG Image, 1200 × 4488 pixels) - Scaled (22%) Nicole Scherzinger in World First Twitter Dress (1) Future of Glasses, Wearable Technology 2015 - (Future Are Here) Wearable Tech at CES 2014! Top 5 Wearable Tech! (Early 2014)