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Donate@Home. World Community Grid - Accueil. DistrRTgen. ATI OpenCL issues It appears similar to the disaster of ntlm, that the md5 OpenCL may have the same issues. I *thought* we had run this algorithm before so it may not be the algorithm but issues with the hybrid2 code. In any case I have halted the production of new work for the GPU side, though there is still work already in the buffer.

I think in the immediate case we have the following to do ASAP: 1) find a way to continue Nvidia CUDA even if we have to disable OpenCL AMD/ATI (or vice/versa) so it isn't a 100% GPU shutdown 2) fix the OpenCL code I am about to go pick up a new GPU that will let me directly attach vms in my server to the card, such as windows x64.

On the GPU side PowerBlade has had the burden of all things windows related, and it is past time that I have a dev environment for both sides. In any case further updates will be made in as timely a manner as possible. Next batch of work flowing for GPUs First, GPU work is now flowing for NV CUDA and ATI/AMD OpenCL alike. Moo! Wrapper. PrimeGrid. Collatz Conjecture. Phasing out Multi-Size Due to a variety of server scheduling problems that have not been able to be resolved, Collatz will be phasing out the multi-size workunits over the next week or two and going back to using multiple applications. You will once again control your own destiny and be able to choose the size WUs by the application chosen (micro, mini, standard, and large).

The big addition (pun intended) that will be the first to be deployed is the large_collatz application which will be 32 times the size of the largest multi-size workunit. It is aimed at the fastest GPUs to reduce the upload/download and workunit startup overhead of running smaller workunits. That should result in a higher RAC as well as a reduced load on the Collatz server. 23 Apr 2014, 23:25:14 UTC · Comment Tip #42: User of the Day How can you become the user of the day at your favorite BOINC project?

"There are 9 remaining candidates for User of the Day. " If it does run, let me know as well. ... more. POEM@HOME. GPUGRID. Einstein@Home. SETI@home/AstroPulse Beta. News SETI@home 7.28 for ARM-Android released... There are two versions. A version that supports NEON, and a "safe" version the just uses VFP instructions. Devices that support NEON could get either, although there should be a 3:1 preference for the neon version.

Please run whichever version you get, as cancelling results will skew the completion statistics. 23 Mar 2014, 21:16:34 UTC · Comment SETI@home 7.25 for ARM Android released This will likely run slower that earlier versions due to addition debugging code (that would be removed in an eventual release). Wisdom.sah now persistent. SETI@home v7.01 released for x86-android I don't know if a BOINC version capable of running it exists yet. It's identical to the v7.01 i686-linux version. 19 Nov 2013, 23:14:32 UTC · Comment SETI@home v7 7.23 released for ARM Android Two versions have been released thus far. armv6-vfp and armv7-vfpv4 ... more.

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