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Projets utilisants le GPU de la carte graphique.

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World Community Grid - Accueil
DistrRTgen DistrRTgen GPU work now flowing First, my apologies for the overly optimistic time frame. We had to push out some client changes and handle a server side change prior to work distribution for the next 4 tables. Also, if it was not noted before, we have CPU work flowing again as this didn't involve any client or server changes. The GPU work units are on a faster algorithm than the mysqlsha1 and the per workunit uploads will be roughly double in size, but are likely to run for a similar length of time as the last 4 tables.
Transitioner problem solved It turned out the problem was actually caused by a corrupted index in one of the primary database tables used by BOINC Server. Recreated the table/index and things are looking much better so I've restarted the system. However, transitioner is now going through all the 600k workunits in the DB and only once that is done, the system will start creating new workunits. Until then we are out of work to send. Sorry! I'll keep an eye out to make sure we recover fully. 22 May 2013, 17:05:39 UTC · Comment Moo! Wrapper Moo! Wrapper
PrimeGrid PrimeGrid Fix for screen lag when running GPU I'm putting this in the news/announcements because this may help people in many projects, not just PrimeGrid. The downside to having an efficient GPU app is it's likely to produce a lot of screen lag. In some circumstances there's an easy fix that won't impact crunching speed. If the lag is *only* happening in web browser windows, but not elsewhere, the problem is that the web browser is trying to use the GPU to speed up its screen rendering. That gets clobbered by the crunching happening on the GPU.
The Collatz server is currently down due to a hard drive controller failure. New hardware should arrive in the next day or two. A complete rebuild of the operating system, BOINC, and the Collatz software and project setup will then need to be done prior to the project coming back online. As this will be a complete rebuild, there is no sense hanging on to any completed workunits at this time. Collatz Conjecture Collatz Conjecture
Merry Christmas! We wish you all a merry Christmas and peaceful holidays. Thanks for contributing to this project, with computing power as well as participation in the message boards. Frohe Weihnachten! Wir wünschen euch allen frohe Weihnachten und besinnliche Feiertage. POEM@HOME POEM@HOME


Einstein@Home Volunteers Discover Four "Young" Gamma-Ray Pulsars Congratulations to our volunteers: Thomas M. Jackson, Kentucky, USA Mak-ino, Japan Doug Lean, Australia Hans-Peter Tobler, Germany NEMO computing cluster, UW-Milwaukee, USA Chen, USA David Z, Canada Test, France whose computers have found 4 new gamma-ray pulsars in data from the Large Area Telescope on board NASA's Fermi Satellite. Einstein@Home
SETI@home/AstroPulse Beta News Wisdom.sah now persistent. I'm modified the result template to (I hope) make the FFTW wisdom file a persistent file. This may cause unexpected problems with uploads, downloads or app starts. Let me know if does. 3 Dec 2013, 2:22:19 UTC · Comment SETI@home/AstroPulse Beta


MilkyWay@Home Happy New Year to All!!! Friends, As we usher in the New Year, please be safe. Please do not drive and drink. On behalf of the Milkyway Staff...
Albert@Home Albert@Home Project time-out Albert@Home has been "stopped" (scheduler, daemons etc.) for infrastructure work and will probably remain so over the weekend. BM 24 Jan 2014 | 14:41:59 UTC · Comment Einstein@home downtime Einstein@Home will be shutdown several hours today to fix a filesystem problem. 18 Jul 2013 | 19:41:08 UTC · Comment Announcing the beta test of our reengineered and redesigned website!