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Expert Comptable TPE : la comptabilité moins chère pour votre TPE. Uncategorized. The concept Rheotomic surface’s was developed by Daniel Piker and involves the mathematical generation of ‘walkable’ interconnected surfaces.


With ‘Rheo’ from the Greek for flow and ‘Tomos’ meaning cut or section these surfaces make an equivalence between the geometry of the helicoid surface ad the vortex in Laplace’s equation. Through plotting clockwise and counter-clockwise helical points in x and y on a mesh plane, a chain of real and imaginary components from complex numbers can be generated, in turn making it possible to then plot the vertical points of the helicoid. Finally to allow the surface to be connected a separate algorithm is necessary to remove the unnecessary surface excess. From these surfaces a variety of 2 dimensional flowlines can be produced to describe the surface geometry through sectioning. Plaster. Posts Tagged ‘Plaster’ P_Wall (2013) Date: 2013Size: 6.1m x 3.6 x 0.3mMaterials: Fiber-Reinforced Thin-Shell Precast Concrete Panels mounted on Steel FrameTools: Rhino, Grasshopper, KangarooLocation: FRAC Centre, Orleans, FranceFabrication: Concreteworks, Oakland, California Description: P_Wall (2013), part of on-going research by Matsys into the use of flexible formwork (see earlier projects in the series here, here, here, and here), celebrates the self-organization of material under force.


The form emerges through the interaction of the elastic fabric formwork and the liquid slurry of plaster. The designer has control over the locations of the constraints on the fabric which inform the overall form of each panel, but the specific curvature is determined solely by the system finding a state of equilibrium between mass and elasticity. This iteration of the wall focused on three areas of innovation in reference to past iterations. P_Wall Reinstalled @ SFMoMA P_Wall(2009) SFMoMA July Update. The Sagrada Família » Architecture » Geometry. Sacred Geometry. NUMEROLOGY OF METAPHYSICS: Archaic Mathematics of the Occult Science The understanding of cosmology depends predominantly on the language and practice of the four ancient intellectual disciplines (arithmetic, geometry, music, astronomy).

Sacred Geometry

Arithmetic evaluates number. Geometry (our cosmological mind map), “earth measure,” is the basic science of natural law, which evaluates number in space. Music evaluates number in time. Astronomy evaluates number in space-time. The practice of geometry functions only on a certain level of reality, the archetypal consciousness (the internal/spiritual realm). To Plato (427 BCE), reality consisted of essential archetypal ideas, and physical perceived phenomena are only mere reflections. Depiction of Taoist Sage (zhenren), or anthropocosm, juxtaposing the sun and the moon with the yin and yang of his energetic being. Ancient cultures may have symbolized eternal processes as gods, or lines of action through which the spirit condenses into energy and matter. ? These Cute Little Drones Could 3-D Print a House.

A swarm of super cute, 3-D printing robots called "Minibuilders" could replace construction workers in the near future.

These Cute Little Drones Could 3-D Print a House

Minibuilders Three robots working in conjunction can lay a foundation, build walls, roofs, and even act as a handyman fixing weak spots on demand. Minibuilders employs a specially formulated, thermosetting build material made from 60% marble powder and 40% Axson Easymax which is cured using a pair of heat guns attached to the robots. These little laborers are directed by a master unit that also dispenses the concrete mixture through long tubes. But each robot has some built-in smarts. Anybody can learn. Apprenez à coder. Apprendre à coder.

TouchDevelop. Windows App Studio : un outil gratuit pour créer des applications dans le Windows Store. Computer Science Education Week. L'École numérique » Créer des jeux vidéo en classe : des outils simples d’accès   La création simple de jeux vidéo On associe généralement la création de jeux vidéo à des équipes constituées de centaines de professionnels dotés de solides compétences en programmation informatique et en création d’images de synthèse. Travaillant de 12 à 18 mois d’affilée sur un seul titre, ils réalisent des jeux vidéo à la pointe de la technologie qui seront ensuite commercialisés auprès du grand public.

Si cette description correspond bien à la « création de jeux vidéo », il ne s’agit cependant que de la vision industrielle de cette activité. Dans l’ombre de ces professionnels surmédiatisés, de nombreux amateurs créent également des jeux vidéo, seuls ou en petit groupe. Diffusant gratuitement leurs réalisations sur Internet, il leur arrive parfois de créer des jeux vidéo en seulement quelques heures.Certes, ces amateurs ne gagnent pas leur vie en créant ces jeux, et n’ont pas suivi la formation technique des professionnels. Créer des jeux vidéo en contexte pédagogique ? Made with Code_Google. Le langage Ruby.

Un logiciel pour apprendre à programmer. Microsoft YouthSpark Hub. VERS UNE ARCHITECTURE PARAMÉTRIQUE //// supports de présentation définitifs. portail de l'économie en Poitou-Charentes.