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Ge-Mo 3D printed vase serie | MOCO LOCO Submissions. Origami Science: origami-like techniques used in advanced tecnologies. You will be surprised to know that paper folding ideas are used in technically advanced science projects. Some projects use bona fide origami folding techniques in the their work. However, in some cases, the term "origami" is used even when their is minimal folding involved. Origami-Inspired Deployable Solar Array As we approach 2014, we revisit the 50-year-old space problem of transporting large-objects in narrow-rockets. Researchers at Brigham Young University, National Science Foundation, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and origami expert Robert Lang designed a space array which can be folded compactly and then deployed while in outer space.

Not so fast. This solar array is similar to the origami Flasher by Jeremy Shafer but it's not the first time that origami has been used in space technology. Foldable Paper Lithium-Ion Battery Researchers from Arizona State University constructed a paper-based lithium-ion battery which can be folded Miuri-Ori style (the famous Mori-ori map fold). Twisted Shell | Kris Henning. X=2*cos(u)*sin(v*2)*2 Y=2*sin(v*2)*sin(u)*2 Z=(cos(v*2.5)+cos(v)*3)+u U=2.5 V=-pi,+pi’ One method to deal with intersecting mesh. Removing faces to create a finger lock; Thickness and then Subdivision.

Like this: Like Loading... Related Shell:Ribbon x=*cos(u)*sin(v) y=2*sin(u)*sin(v) z=(cos(v)+cos(v)*2)+(u/2)+v*5 u=-pi/+pi*2 v=-0/+pi In "3D Lab" Sphere with Helper Functions I managed to work out how to create a sphere. Torus X=cos(u)*(2+sin(v)*cos(u)-sin(2*v)*sin(u)/2) Y=sin(u)*sin(v)+cos(u)*sin(2*v)/2 Z=sin(u)*(2+sin(v)*cos(u)-sin(2*v)*sin(u)/2) In "Math Functions | XYZ" NEW MEDIA ART INFOS. DevArt. Art made with code. Fdecomite. Guilloch� HowToMakeAlmostAnything2010-Hiro Tanaka.

2-1: my former (past) works While my final project is for making "Natural" Plants move and walk, I am also interested in "Artificial" Plants-like Object. (I don't know why but in general Architects are interested in plants. In my opinion, there are some commonalities between architecture(buildings) and plants...) LAST YEAR, I made "L-system-based Fractral Tree" in FabLabJapan(Beta). This project was exhibited at SFC ORF 2009 and ICC (NTT Intercommunication Center) in 2010. 2-2: Design Code, Design Tools For this project, my students and I implemented two design softwares- The one is called "Modular Designer" and the other is "(L-system) Assembly Simulator" "Modular Designer" (by using Processing) Java Applet called "modudesign" - sliders, creating PDF file "(L-system) Assembly Simulator" (by using Grasshopper) Grasshopper XML ORSF_grasshopper (this script was folked from Milana Dabic's "3D-Lsystems" ( 2-3: Construction Kit Part I.

Top 10 3D Model Databases: Best Places to Download 3D Models | 3D Printing Blog | i.materialise. If you intend to 3D print a model, that doesn’t mean you always have to start designing from scratch. There are tons of website out there that offer (both free and premium) 3D models to download. We took a look at 10 of the best and most popular 3D model databases and compared them for price, quality, selection, and printability. 1. Cults 3D Cults offers its users the perfect range of 3D models – from maker-inspired 3D files all the way to professional high quality designs. Cults is a great place to find & download 3D models for 3D printing. Cults facts:Focus on 3D printing: Yes Price: Free and Payable Target: Hobbyists & Designers Size: 5,000 Models 2. Pinshape offers its visitors the opportunity to browse through a great selection of more than 1,000 (free and payable) STL files.

Pinshape is a popular database for 3D printables files. Pinshape facts: Focus on 3D printing: Yes Price: Free and Payable Target: Hobbyists & Designers Size: 1,000 Models 3. 3DShook 4. 5. 6. 3D Warehouse 7. 8. 9. Digital Craft and Architectural Geometry: The BAC Summer 2012 » G1: Plane/Sphere Hybrid. G-C Narrative: Particulars- The G-C models were a study of plane manipulating the sphere. The act of slicing the sphere leaves sphere in pieces. The manipulation of pieces was the exploration. I was working with a 2in radius sphere, a self imposed 10cm cube bounding box, and a shapeways volume limitation of 6in^3. The early models of G-1c were the reaction of slicing a sphere and mirroring its resultant pieces. Similar to G1-b, careful construction resulted in careful results. The model was the first in the study which felt like a building block.

The next step was to not have the slicing/mirroring planes meet in the center point of the sphere, and rather have them meet off center. Casting: another way to combat the floating chips was to imagine the interior volumes as the model, not the pieces themselves. G1-c PLANAR MODEL: The planar model of G1-c was just of the walls that were cast. The g2-C model was a continued exploration of a sphere sliced. G-B Narrative: G1-b PLANAR MODEL: Model #1. Hive 1000; Architecture & The City | Ehab Ghali. Habitat Manhattan/ A Housing for 1000 artists Delancey St., Lower Manhattan, NY A live-work environment for 1000 artists that explores a particular strain of visionary (And now sometimes realized) urbanism, involving spherical geometries; this project contributes to a wider understanding of the sphere as geometry. ​

Pointed to one extreme where subdivisions and surfaces are coincident. The other extreme pointed to subdivisions privileging the structure qualities of minimal surface geometry. My Interest falls in between these two spectrums. ​ This project looks at the implications of producing a controlled transformation of a given surface template and creates continuity between organizational states of the program(Live-Work-Show) in relation to the logic of sphere as a cell and how that can create new ideas of Utopian cities and housing as architecture project. ​ 3d torus vormplus. Evolution of genius. Art Ceramics | Home Design HD. Reza Ali. C++, code art, GUI, Inspiration, iOS, iPad, ofxUI, open source, OpenFrameWorks, OpenGL, Special Effects, Technology, UI Design, User Interface Algorithmic, Art, C++, code art, Computational Design, Design, Generative, GLSL, Graphic Design, Gray Scott, Inspiration, ofxUI, OpenFrameWorks, OpenGL, Prototyping, Reaction Diffusion, Reza, Simulation, Visualization, Visuals Algorithmic, C++, Computational Design, Design, EDM, Freelance, Generative, ofxUI, OpenFrameWorks, OpenGL, Particles, production, Reza, Simulation, Special Effects, Technology, vfx, Visuals, VJ Deadmau5 + Rezanator February 19, 2013 In August of 2011 I was presented with an amazing opportunity.

Possible Productions reached out to me regarding an upcoming project with Bionic League: Deadmau5′s 2011/2012 tour: Meowingtons Hax. Art, C++, Computational Design, Data Visualization, Freelance, GUI, iOS, iPad, OpenFrameWorks, Reza, Technology, User Interface, Visualization iCubist February 18, 2013 ciUI: A User Interface Block for Cinder.

Whittling. All the pieces on this page are each whittled from one piece of wood using only a selection of knives and scalpels. Here we have nine balls in seperate cages on the top and the same on the bottom, with three revolving cages inside each other, with a ball in the centre, for the middle pillar. It stands 5.5 inches high and is 2.5 inches square, carved in lime. The fan is a real challenge for any whittler. Carved from one piece and then split into 32 blades 1mm thick when wet.Just make sure that the timber has a strong grain to assist splitting after carving. This fan is 8.5 inches across the diameter. This ball cage is whittled from lime and is 6 inches high by 2.5 inches in diameter.

A wheel chain designed by the late Cecil Houghton, whittled in lime and is 6 inches in diameter and 1 inch thick Chain mail, whittled in lime with links 1.25 inches in diameter. This chain tower, in lime, has 8 chains around a solid centre pillar. Artful Home | Original Artwork by North American Artists. Kris Henning | Industrial Design, Research and Product Development. Dis-form: Archive. 3d models | Product Categories | the future is unique. Lampes de table | Éclairage d’intérieur. ENCHGALLERY HOME. Francesco pacelli artist. Meredith Woolnough. Home | Art Aurea. Welcome to D-Shape. Flux: A Mesmerizing 3D-Printed Zoetrope that Glows. Karol Gadzala – Graphic design & Art direction. Studioluminaire by studioluminaire - Shapeways Shops. Lampes design, effet carcasses d’abat-jour!

Dexigner. Galleries: Ceramic Design | Lighting | Décor | Monthly Spotlight. Janne Kyttanen. Studioluminaire (@studioluminaire) | Twitter... Lampshade. Atelier Allibert, Luminaires décoratifs, objets décoratifs en fil de fil, carcasses d'abat jour, kit main libre pour repas debout et cocktails, à Aulanay sous Bois, 93600, decoration et lampes decoratives pour abat jour en fil de fer. Math Craft Inspiration of the Week: The Curve-Crease Sculptures of Erik Demaine. Erik Demaine is a Professor of Electronic Engineering and Comp Sci at MI, but he is also an origami folder who has had work displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. He makes some beautiful models and intricate puzzles, but in my opinion the really inspirational work is the curved creased models.

In Erik's own words describing the above models: "Each piece in this series connects together multiple circular pieces of paper (between two and three full circles) to make a large circular ramp of total turning angle much larger than 360° (between 720° and 1080°). Each sculpture is also turned a different amount before joining the sliced circles into one big (topological) circle. " These pieces are strange and beautiful, but they are also quite reproducible. H also makes amazingly complex and organic looking models like the following: Three Waves Meeting His set of models, Pushing Curves to the Limit I hope you have a chance to visit Erik's website. Tobywoolley389110FinalJournal by Toby Woolley. Daniel Widrig. Sculpture.html. A Blog Exploring Digital Art. Plethora Project. Naked Geometry - Naked Geometry. Spirograph gif. Yantra. Mandala. modern jewellery blog : obsessed with rings // feed your fingers!: January 2015.

Antonio Bernardo. Stefania Lucchetta Experimental Titanium Jewel Design. Manuela Gandini. White November Jewellery. Deskriptiv - generative methods. BETA. Kugeln on Behance. Geometric Currency Sculptures by Kristi Malakoff. I’m really enjoying these folded and pasted currency sculptures by Canadian visual artist Kristi Malakoff (previously). Each polyhedra is folded, cut and pasted together from several bills, blending the textures and colors from multiple worldwide currencies. (via my modern met) Update: These particular pieces were designed by Tom Hull, Meenakshi Mukerji, Heinz Strobl, and Makoto Yamaguchi. Gray Nebula - Clint Fulkerson. Carbon-based formations in suspension ^ Gray Nebula 1, 2012, graphite pencil on paper, 10" x 8", Private Collection ^ Gray Nebula 2, 2012, graphite pencil on paper, 10" x 8", Private Collection ^ Gray Nebula 3, 2012, graphite pencil on paper, 10" x 8", Private Collection ^ Gray Nebula 4, 2012, graphite pencil on paper, 10" x 8", Private Collection ^ Gray Nebula 5, 2012, graphite pencil on paper, 10" x 8", Private Collection ^ Gray Nebula 6, 2012, graphite pencil on paper, 10" x 8", Private Collection ^ Gray Nebula 7, 2012, graphite pencil on paper, 10" x 8", Private Collection ^ Gray Nebula 8, 2012, graphite pencil on paper, 10" x 8", Private Collection ^ Gray Nebula 9, 2012, graphite pencil on paper, 10" x 8", Private Collection ^ Gray Nebula 10, 2012, graphite pencil on paper, 10" x 8", Private Collection ^ Gray Nebula 11, 2012, graphite pencil on paper, 10" x 8", Private Collection ^ Gray Nebula 12, 2012, graphite pencil on paper, 10" x 8", Private Collection.

Clint Fulkerson. Ausgaben - View for printing Specification of Morphological Models with L-Systems and Relational Growth Grammars Author: Winfried Kurth [published in: Computational Visualistics and Picture Morphology (Themenheft zu IMAGE 5)] Catchwords: formal grammar, L-system, Lindenmayer system, graph grammar, relational growth grammar, fractal, syntax, morphology, virtual organisms, Artificial Life, pattern formation, recursion Disciplines: Computer science / Informatics, Bioinformatics, Virtual Reality Among the techniques for the creation of photorealistic virtual organisms, particularly plants, and in scientific models of vegetation structure, rule-based specifications (formal grammars) play a prominent role. 1.

The programme for a computer-based simulation of a process is often specified by writing down the elementary steps of calculation in a prescribed order, which is to be applied when they are executed by the machine. 2. Describes the structure in Figure 1. L(100) for (i:(1:30)) ( for (j:(1:i)) F0 RU(90) 3. Eva Schindling | seeing the world in systems. Refraction Reflection Refraction A rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon – thus, a rainbow is not an object, and cannot be physically approached. Posted in Home, Research Tagged 2013, dispersion, Olafur Eliasson, physics, processingjs, rainbow, ray, water, wavelength Thought Experiments / February 2012 I failed again at thing-a-day, the February 2012 edition. Ana + kata Ghostly architectural shapes from outer space. Algorithmic Botany: Publications. Mark Newbold's Java Stuff. Mark Newbold's Java Stuff Stereoscopic Animated Hypercube v2.0Hypercube and other 4D objects.

With OpenGL hardware acceleration using JOGL. See below for the 1996 (thin wireframe) version. In case of problems, non-OpenGL version is here. Hyperspace Star Polytope Slicer(HyperStar) 3D sections of 4D star polytopes Counter-Rotating Spirals IllusionA motion-aftereffect illusion. Animated Necker CubeForced mental reversal of cube Waterman PolyhedraGenerate polyhedra by selecting atoms in a crystal Stereoscopic Animated Hypercube1996 version Thin wireframe polyhedra. See also: 24-Cell ObjectCross-PolytopeSimplex The java source code for these. Stellations of the DodecahedronMorphing between several stellations.

Fechner Color IllusionLinear MotionSee color where there is only black and white. Guestbook(what other people saw) Fechner Color IllusionRotating Motion Morphing PolyhedronConstruct an icosahedron on the edges of an octahedron. Pulfrich Illusion3D effect due to motion. Chapter 9 The Four Dimensional Stars. Chapter 9 The Four Dimensional Stars Copyright © 2007 Jim Charle Credits – all 3d images werecreated using Great Stella. . – Further image processing using Image Magick I would like to start this discussion on the Four Dimensional star polychora by introducing a new concept. I am not familiar with any previous work on this concept, so it could very easily be presented with a different name. As I present this concept on three-dimensional polyhedra, you will probably not be overwhelmed by it.

For a quick review, remember that a stellation of a polytope is a polytope formed by extending the sides. Can extend the pentagon’s sides to create the star. In three dimensions, the Dodecahedron has three stellations, and the Icosahedron has one. Now lets apply the concept of Generational Stellations. The Dodecahedron is composed of pentagons, and the pentagon has a stellation, the pentagram or five-sided star. Note 3 – Grandfather clause. 1. 2. Diary - January 2015. Dodecahedron Stellations. Harmony-Comprehension and Wholeness-Extending. Metatron Cube. How to Live Multi-Dimensionally Through Sacred Geometry | Transformations. Synergetica. Modeling a Geodesic Sphere. Cameron Browne - Gallery. Generative Art Conference, Milan. Robert Lawlor Sacred Geometry Philosophy and Practice. MODELING: Chapter 5: Solid Modeling (UP19980818) Faceted Geometry Kernel – Mesh Boolean Technology. Generative « HIDIHO! Generative Art - Case Study: Sutcliffe Pentagons.

Trespassing allowed: from the classical to the quantum world (and back again) | Blog of a research group in theoretical physics. Draw five-point star pentagram, pentacle, pentagon. Other stars how-to. Black and white processing gif. InterKinActive » Fractal II. Stellation. Stellation : afrch. Cathedral Plan and DC Map. Polyhedron Stellation - Ankur Pawar website. Faceting.pdf. Brgc. Visuels Génératifs | Conception et Création Multimédia. Models of polyhedra: stellated icosahedra and others. Polygons and polyhedra : paul scott : stellations. Representation of Creative Processes through Dynamics in Three Dimensions. Chapter 2 - OpenGL Programming Guide. Miscellaneous 3D lists « HIDIHO! The system dihedral: Curves and surfaces. Generation and classification.

Madness and Genius | Mathematics is the sister, as well as the servant, of the arts and is touched by the same madness and genius. Clélie. Away3d | Coding on acid. WPF 3D: Part 1 of n. Grab my balls | Coding on acid. Catch 22 - Andreas Kahler's blog: Creating an icosphere mesh in code.