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Two Immersions of the Real Projective Plane. Unellenu by unellenu - Shapeways Shops. Index of / Surface-Oriented CAD, Math, & Telescopes. Surfcad is a python proof-of-concept CAD library I’ve been writing for what I call “surface-oriented CAD”.

Surface-Oriented CAD, Math, & Telescopes

The idea came to me when I realized that some of things I’d been trying to make in openscad, a CSG based CAD program, would have been much easier to do in the software I’d written for making models of mathematical objects (eg. this model of a solution the diffusion equation). In this software, surface were constructed based on mathematical functions. One had to think to make sure that their object was closed, but it was possible to describe things that would have been prohibitively difficult in a CAD program like openscad. Accueil. MakerHome: Day 178 - Borromean rings. When I give talks about 3D printing and knot theory, I often tell the story of my student Olivia who created and printed a 3D model of the Borromean rings as her first project in my class.

MakerHome: Day 178 - Borromean rings

The Borromean rings consist of three rings arranged in such a way that no two of the rings are linked to each other, but the three together are linked and cannot come apart. Olivia's model came out beautifully, but she had a confession: no matter how hard she tried, she could not make the Borromean rings model out of circles. She reported to the class that she had to resort to using slightly elliptical rings instead of circles, and that in fact, she wasn't even sure that it was possible to construct the darn thing out circles. A Survey of Algorithmic Shapes. The increasing number of (3D) documents makes digital library services become more and more important.

A Survey of Algorithmic Shapes

A digital library provides markup, indexing and retrieval services based on available metadata. In a simple case, metadata are of the Dublin Core type: title, creator/author, time of creation, etc [123]. This is insufficient for large collections of 3D objects, because of their versatility and rich structure. 6.1. Semantic Enrichment. The Wallace Line. Build your own fantastical characters with 3D printed modular action figures ModiBot. Jan.24, 2013 Build and customize your own action bot, a figure that you could move around, pose and show up its personality.

Build your own fantastical characters with 3D printed modular action figures ModiBot

These freeform action figure are designed and created by toy designer Wayne Losey (KidMechano). Wayne Losey began his career as a comic book creator and illustrator making character design, visual storytelling and content development. He started his illustrious toy career as designer for Kenner Toys in 1993 and since then, he has been designing and sculpting for more than 20 toy and entertainment brands, ranging from action figure brands like GI Joe: Sigma Six, Spiderman, Batman, and Star Wars to Transmedia interactive properties like Pokemon and Beyblade.

Now Wayne Losey has his own company - Dynamo Development Labs, an IP and concept studio that provide strategic creative solutions for the producers of toys, games and branded entertainmentgames. Dezeen - architecture and design magazine. How to Design Snap-Fit Ball Joints for 3D Printing with Shapeways. When designing an action figure to be 3D printed the best way to create articulated components that are pose-able is with snap-fit ball joints.

How to Design Snap-Fit Ball Joints for 3D Printing with Shapeways

Civil War Ironclad USS Monitor Robot Action Figure by DSnow Ball joints work as snap-fit components and cannot be 3D printed together as the friction required to make the parts pose-able would result in the parts being fused together. When designing ball joints it is best to make them an ‘exact fit’ where the positive part (the ball) and the negative part (the socket) are the exact same circumference. You need to ensure the socket component is not entirely enclosed, more like a C shape to allow the part to expand slightly to snap it into place. MakerBot lance son AppStore de l’impression 3D. L’art numérique ou art digital : sommaire. La startup française Drawn veut imprimer vos meubles en 3D ‹ Esprit meuble le mag.

Miguel Chevalier, maître de l'art numérique. Festival de design paris pantin. Expositions. Paul O'Dowd. Graphics.Implicit. TranslateSource Arguments Translate an object by a vector of appropriate dimension. scaleSource.


File:Double torus illustration.png. Devil's Curve,Electric Motor Curve. The NCB is grateful to the Huntington Library for giving us an opportunity to compare the original publications from Gabriel Cramer (1704-1752) and Sylvestre Lacroix (1765-1843) with modern animations.

Devil's Curve,Electric Motor Curve

In investigating 18th century publications several observations are of interest to a contemporary reader. First, Cramer wrote what surely was the definitive treatise on curves for his generation. MalinC's GeoGebra-book - GeoGebraBook. 1.

MalinC's GeoGebra-book - GeoGebraBook

Quadrilaterals 2. Triangles 3. Christopher Olah's Blog. Manipulation of Implicit Functions (With an Eye on CAD) Most people are familiar with the equation for a circle, I prefer to think of it as the curve where is zero — the locations where the Euclidean distance from is one.

Manipulation of Implicit Functions (With an Eye on CAD)

This curve is called an implicit function, and when we look at it as the curve on which a function of two variables is zero, a lot of possibilities open up for manipulating it. User:Oleg Alexandrov/Pictures. Above are some of the pictures I contributed to Wikipedia.

User:Oleg Alexandrov/Pictures

The pictures were created either with MATLAB, Inkscape, or Xfig. Most the pictures have the source code included (click on the picture) or are in SVG, so they are editable. I place the pictures in the public domain. A complete listing of my media contributions is available in my commons category. Index of Classic Plane Curves and Surfaces - The National Curve Bank. Geometric patterns design with recursive pursuit relative motions. [Index] 2. Recursion and Pursuit 2.1 Recursion Recursion is the concept of the well-defined self-reference, and a way of specifying a process by means of itself. In LOGO [8-10], a number of procedures have been executed with recursive method to draw a series of geometric patterns. Sans titre. 02-03-2014 | Remy van Elst This article shows you how I built a real world object in OpenSCAD and how I got it 3D printed.

OpenSCAD is a Solid 3D modeling based on the Computational Geometry Algorithms Library. It is not like Blender, AutoCAD or Maya, who allow you to visually create and manipulate something. OpenSCAD allows you to program the entire thing. Want a cube? 3D Printering: Making A Thing With OpenSCAD. This week, we’re starting off with OpenSCAD, a 3D modelling program that’s more like programming than drawing. A lot of useful 3D printable objects – including the parts for a lot of RepRaps – are designed in OpenSCAD, so hopefully by the end of this you’ll be able to design your own parts.

This isn’t meant to be a complete tutorial for OpenSCAD; I’m just demoing SCAD enough to build a simple part. HydraRaptor: Polyholes. When Reprap machines print holes they tend to come out undersized, even if the linear dimensions of an object are spot on. There are several effects that all make holes smaller than they should be: - Faceting error When CAD systems convert cylinders to triangles they produce a polygonal prism, so holes represented in an STL file are polygons with their vertices on the circumference of the original circle.

Preparing a “Blobby” Object for Printing with Shapeways. I have been working with a 3D blobby object for some of my pilot studies on shape from shading and texture that I would like to 3D print. Back at Rutgers University, we had a MakerBot Cupcake, but now that I am in Germany, I need to find alternatives. I have been looking into getting the 3D object printed using but there have been a few hiccups along the way, so I wanted to describe my experiences in the hopes that it might help someone else avoid these issues in the future. The object was generated in MATLAB using a simple script (see 3D “Potato” Generation using Sinusoidal Pertubations) and rendered in our 3D environment: So the question is: What do I need to do to get this 3D object printed at Shapeways? Click through to see the steps that I took to get this 3D model printed economically.

How to make a tentacle using processing and toxiclibs. Catmull–Clark subdivision surface. Hyperbolic Tiling in 3D - Look Think Make. SuperShapes Generator. Chrysalis: Grasshopper + Processing for online 'making' apps by Chris and Amber. Kwambio: Unique 3D Printable Objects Made By You. Sacred Geometry and phi calipers. The Best of Modern Handmade & the Modern Maker. Jewel District, le service d'impression 3D en ligne dédié aux bijoux. Contacts - Sisma Jewellery. Modern Contemporary Design. Eat-a-bug: January 2010. Klein Bottle. Key-Frame Animations. GNU Octave: Interpolation on Scattered Data. Scientific Visualization - Project 1 Report - Richie Zirbes.

Interpolation (scipy.interpolate) — SciPy v0.7 Reference Guide (DRAFT) ⚡Présentation "Maillage 2D et 3D 1)Exemples de nuages de points: 2)Interpolation dun nuage de points: 3)Triangulation: a.Différents types b.Diagrammes de Voronoï c.Triangulation." Structure Synth meets Sverchok - Generative Art inside Blender - Look Think Make. Experimental mesh generation – Blender-Brussels. Topology Guides. Pour s’amuser en géométrie plane. No Art – Just Math. Résultats Google Recherche d'images correspondant à. Douglas Sharpe. Miles and Lincoln Laser cut screens. Explorez les sciences du numérique - Accueil. HackerLabKolding - advanced skills and techniques - week 1. Design Continuum. How Bézier curves are created. Making things with maths - Steven Wittens. Lightyears. Cini&Nils - Lampade di design per illuminazione interni ed esterni. Prodeez. FORMAKERS - urban vision architectural research.

Geometrical drawing; a collection of plates for... 25 Sacred Geometry Inspired Lights And Lanterns By Cozo. On the Search for Spatial Patterns: Repetition as the Crystallization of a Design Method. Parametric design & parametric architecture BY CHRISTOPH HERMANN. Apprentissages géométriques à l'école primaire. Parametrische Flächen und Körper. COMPLEXITY GRAPHICS. Mary Button Durell. Geometry Daily: Archive. Figures for "Gaudi's strange geometry" Contemporary Jewellery Design. Pavages apériodiques du plan. Le Polygone Étoilé. Antlitz - About. Des carrés inscrits, et plus ... - IREM d'Aix-Marseille. Images des mathématiques. This Week's Finds in Mathematical Physics (Week 274) s1. Topological Mesh Modeling.

Celestials of Moebius degree 4. Analogies from 2D to 3D Exercises in Disciplined Creativity. Construction de mod\`{e}les en fil de fer. Des carrés inscrits, et plus ... - IREM d'Aix-Marseille. Atizay17, annuaire des arts en Charente Maritime. Mind-Boggling Geometric GIFs Made With Processing. Pattern in Islamic Art. Drum Lamp Shades - Printed Lamp Shades - Lamp Shades, Contemporary Lighting, Modern Lighting, Retro Home Lighting, - Seascape Lamps. Torus Magic (150mm) (SV5ZJVJXQ) by AkiraNishihara. MB Honaker Tucson Arizona Art Consultant, services: Sales, Consultation and Installation. Les trois figures mère de la géométrie. Symetrie Rotation Frise Pavage Coloriage. Home - Joris Laarman Lab. Islamic Fractal Star - Outlined Version - Phil Webster Design.

Using Ultra Fractal as a Drawing Tool.