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Impression 3D et propriété intellectuelle. L’impression 3D permet de créer des objets en volume à partir de simples fichiers numériques et menace de placer les industriels et les créateurs de toute sorte dans la même situation que l’industrie de la musique il y a quelques années.

Impression 3D et propriété intellectuelle

Ce sont des filières toutes entières qui se retrouveraient menacées. Comment le droit de la propriété intellectuelle peut-il appréhender cette nouvelle réalité ? L’impression 3D relève de secteurs d’activité extrêmement variés : petit outillage, jouets, aéronautique, automobile, bricolage, accessoires en tout genre, ustensiles de cuisine, bijoux, décoration ... Cubehero Blog. This week, I attended the Bay Area Software Engineers meetup on 3D printing.

Cubehero Blog

I haven’t really gone much to these things, because the information presented is usually pretty rudimentary. However, in spirit of talking to more people interested in 3D printing, I went to check it out for the night. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did I meet some cool people, but there were tid bits by the speakers that were interesting. I’ll share some highlights of each speaker, and then summarize my thoughts on some of the topics mentioned.

The first speaker was Ted Larson of OLogic. Tempo Automation’s desktop machine places components onto etched boards.It can do it regardless of the orientation of components and board by using machine learning.In the future, the machine will also be able to etch the board, solder the components, and reflow them.It’s typically hard to manufacture small runs of boards. 3D printer improvements: How to use Openscad (1), tricks and tips to design a parametric 3D object. Part 1/5: Introduction to constructive solid geometry with Openscad Some technical and non-technical people keep asking me how I create new designs.

3D printer improvements: How to use Openscad (1), tricks and tips to design a parametric 3D object

As often, after a few personal replies, I end up heading to the blog to share the answer as they keep asking for more. Home - Tethon3D. Paul O'Dowd: Textured 3D Printing: How to explore it yourself. This blog post aims to give the essential details for other people to recreate some research I have done at CFPR.

Paul O'Dowd: Textured 3D Printing: How to explore it yourself.

When I started my employment as a Research Fellow I was given unlimited access to a Rostock Max FDM 3D printer to cut my teeth. I developed an intimate understanding of the machine, software and materials, and with a playful attitude, I developed unusual surface textures such as this: After constructing the 3D printer kit I began to experiment in getting the machine to work to the expected standard (smooth surface finish, fast print times). Soon enough various 'failures' were cropping up in the printed objects. Fabrication sur mesure d'objets en Plexiglas et Altuglas. Pôle Européen de la Céramique. Deskriptiv’s eye-catching 3D printed geometric sculptures. Jan.21, 2014 German studio Deskriptiv, composed of Christoph Bader and Dominik Kolb, choose 3D printing to detail features of their design.

Deskriptiv’s eye-catching 3D printed geometric sculptures

The duo collaborate on a number of visual projects which combines design and computer science to produce complex shapes. They describe their impetus for their work: "Processes that give rise to forms are at the heart of our artistic work. We work on the interface of computer science and design and combine both disciplines. Instead of concerning about the outcome or the final product the designers focus on the process which generates the final result. Materialise 3DPrintCloud. Francesco de Comité's homepage. Where Dreamers Find Courage. 10 startups qui veulent révolutionner leur secteur grâce à l'impression 3D. 3D Printing Company Profile: Objet Ltd. - Rapid Ready Technology.

Editor’s note: In an effort to help our readers differentiate the companies providing rapid technologies, we will be profiling them on Rapid Ready Technology.

3D Printing Company Profile: Objet Ltd. - Rapid Ready Technology

If you are a rapid technology manufacturer or service provider and would like to be considered for a profile, please contact us. Second Note: Objet has merged with Stratasys since the time of writing. The best inventions often seem obvious in hindsight. They fill a need. Consider one of the all-time greats: the wheel. Accueil. Post-processing 3D printed Objects with DIY Ultrasonic Vapor Polisher. DES SOLUTIONS SUR MESURE DEDIEES AUX ENTREPRENEURS. Créée par Philippe Veran, entrepreneur spécialisé notamment dans les technologies au service du biomédical (dentaire, orthopédie…) et basée à Salon de Provence, Dentosmile propose une nouvelle technique invisible de réalignement des dents par un système de gouttières transparentes, évolutives, fabriquées sur-mesure grâce à un logiciel de modélisation numérique et à l’impression 3D.


Ainsi, contrairement aux méthodes d’orthodontie traditionnelles particulièrement inesthétiques utilisant bagues et fils en métal, cette méthode est invisible, confortable, et plus facilement acceptable notamment pour les patients adultes. Des technologies comparables connaissent un succès très important, notamment aux Etats-Unis. Experience. Revolution. Now. Vectary lève $2,5M pour simplifier la modélisation 3D. Dans l’optique de démocratiser toujours plus la modélisation 3D, la firme Vectary annonce avoir levé la somme de 2,5 millions de dollars auprès du fond d’investissement Blue-Yard Capital.

Vectary lève $2,5M pour simplifier la modélisation 3D

Une somme qui permettra à l’éditeur slovaque d’assurer le développement de son logiciel éponyme. "L’impression 3D est un enjeu majeur pour la France", assure Joël Rosenberg, expert en innovation au Ministère de la Défense - Impression 3D. 10 super beautiful 3D printed mathematical sculptures of Henry Segerman. Jan.15, 2012 Math, fashion, art, 3D printing, Henry Segerman, do they have connections?

10 super beautiful 3D printed mathematical sculptures of Henry Segerman

Yes, mathematician and a mathematical artist Henry Segerman at the University of Melbourne, Australia created these beautiful Mathematical sculptures using 3D printing technology. 3DCeram : Prototypage Rapide, Céramique industrielle et usage biomédical. WirePrint - Hasso-Plattner-Institut. WirePrint prints 3D objects as wireframe previews.

WirePrint - Hasso-Plattner-Institut

By extruding filament directly into 3D space instead of printing layer-wise, it achieves a speed-up of up to a factor of 10, allowing designers to iterate more quickly in the early stages of design. WirePrint achieves its maximum speed-up on (a) 3D printers based on the delta design, but also works on traditional Cartesian-based printers such as the PrintrBot shown in (c) Even though considered a rapid prototyping tool, 3D printing is so slow that a reasonably sized object requires printing overnight. This slows designers down to a single iteration per day. With WirePrint, we propose to instead print low-fidelity wireframe previews in the early stages of the design process. To maximize the speed-up, we instruct 3D printers to extrude filament not layer-by-layer, but directly in 3D-space, allowing them to create the edges of the wireframe model directly one stroke at a time.

Please also see the WirePrint Webpage at Cornell University. Movie: 3D-printed gold jewellery will transform the industry. Future Makers: digital manufacturing could "reshape the jewellery industry," says designer Lionel T Dean, who has created a collection that is 3D printed in 18 carat gold (+ movie). Dean designed the pieces as part of a project called Precious, a collaboration between five companies including software provider Delcam and precious metal supplier Cooksongold, which is aiming to modernise the UK jewellery industry. The first range, which includes items by Dean and other designers, was unveiled in August at Birmingham City University's School of Jewellery. "We're here today to launch our collection of 3D-printed gold artefacts to demonstrate to the UK jewellery industry the potential of 3D printing," Dean explains in the movie.

"Additive manufacturing with metal allows you to create forms that would be almost impossible to create by conventional means. " "The jewellery industry was one of the early adopters of additive technology, using it in an indirect sense," he says. The Best 3D Printing Services for Custom Jewelry - 3D Printing Industry. Advancements in the 3D printing industry seem to have no limits. Everyday, the technology is becoming more and more accessible to the public and more and more groundbreaking in the science, aerospace and sports industries, just to name a few. Since 3D printing technology’s wild successes in technical industries, we are also seeing it applied to more creative industries as well, such as art, childhood education, and jewelry making.

3D printing, Céramique industrielle et usage biomédical. The Franklin Institute 3D Prints Incredibly Complicated White Matter Brain Model for New Exhibit. Over the last few years researchers have learned a tremendous amount about the inner workings of the human brain. With that said, we have only begun to understand a small fraction of the bigger picture. Further research in the coming decades promise to have implications which could lead to cures for some of the most tragic diseases. From Alzheimer’s to Parkinson’s disease, to mental illness, new information could lead to some pretty amazing breakthroughs. There are all sorts of initiatives ongoing, including that of the Blue Brain Project, which was launched in 2005, and seeks to create a synthetic brain by reverse-engineering the mammalian brain down to the molecular level.

Bijouterie et techniques d’impression 3D – Bijouterie Vivalatina. 3D printing : Functy. Voxel Volumes One of the main feature additions of the latests version of Functy has been the ability to export as SVX files. Functy could already export in PLY and STL, but both of these are triangle based. They represent the 3D functions as surfaces defined by carefully aligned triangle meshes. Rendering objects using a graphics card also uses the same triangulation process, so exporting as PLY or STL is a very natural extension of the existing rendering. The SVX format is different though. Madeup: a Programming Language for 3-D Models by Chris Johnson. Shop. Mathematical Art Galleries. This Collab Could Make Ikea Furniture Building a LOT Easier. Some of us (masochists, myself included) love the whole Ikea shopping experience. Cinnamon buns and (now, meatless!) Swedish meatballs fueling your quest to redecorate, little pencils scribbling numbers you’ll never be able to decipher, spending way more than you originally planned (all those Sinnligs really add up).

Likely, more of us are just in it for the final product — enviable, affordable furniture you can dress up or down, hack to make even better and move with you from dorm to first home. But there’s another step in there that I’m sure we just all hate: building what you bought. Well, imagine a world where you could put together your Ikea furniture, triumphantly proclaim “nailed it!” We second that notion. Create:Chimora Print. (fr) Bijoux 3D. La chaîne britannique Argos se lance dans les bijoux imprimés en 3D. Avec plus de 730 magasins outre-Manche, Argos est l’une des plus importantes chaînes de grande distribution en Angleterre, commercialisant aussi bien des produits high-tech, de la décoration pour la maison, de l’équipement sportif ou des articles de mode.

Open Source Wedding Rings. [update 1][update 2] I lost my wife’s wedding band a few years ago. She handed it to me while I was driving and asked me to take it to a jeweler to get it hammered back “in round”. Of course, I lost it immediately. My original wedding band I still have, but it’s always been a little unsatisfying. My ring finger is thinner than hers, and the pattern never quite matched where the original jeweler sized it down. 3d printed jewelry on Etsy, a global handmade and vintage marketplace. Votre bijou personnalisé. Impression 3d et prototypage rapide à Lyon - bijouterie joaillerie.

L’avenir du commerce passerait-il par l’impression 3D ? Pour les bijoux, c’est possible, pour vérifier la taille et la coupe. 3D Printed Rings & Diamonds at Brilliance. If you are unsure about your ring size or are having trouble picturing a particular diamond shape or diamond size, take advantage of our 3D printing options available below. If you have a 3D printer, we can send you all the necessary files for you to print and try on your ring. If you do not have access to a 3D printer, we can have the rings printed for you. Find your ring size If you do not know your ring size and want to confirm it before you buy, try printing a few 3D rings in different sizes. Gioielli contemporarei in stampa 3D - Maison 203.

Joaillerie et bijouterie en ligne Gemmyo - Joaillerie Gemmyo. Laser Cut Helical Springs : Wave Springs. 3D Scanning Service. > 3D CAD Software for Jewelry Designers. Infini 3D. - Un bijou unique fabriqué exclusivement pour vous, à la rencontre du savoir-faire artisanal et du numérique avec la technologie 3D. Disponible en nylon coloré, laiton et argent massif. Absolutely Fabulous 3D Printing. Stylish 3D Printed Jewelry Handpicked Online. Sexy 3D Printed ‘52 Shades of Day’ The future is now. Mixee Labs: make your own 3d printed model a reality! Mazzo di Fiori & the Next Generation 3D Printer by Joshua Harker. I am an artist. I have become known for my pioneering work in the 3D printed medium & have a professional history in product invention/design & development. My art is about pushing the limits of form... an exploration into what can be made & how to accomplish it. My venture into this project is a direct extension of that.

For the last 18 months I've been developing a new 3D printing technology to usher in the next generation of the 3D printing revolution in terms of quality, capability, cost, access, & ease of use. This is a completely new approach & not another FDM/RepRap or DLP project. As an inventor, I'm here to share my vision but need to reach a more viable version before I can make promises on it. I'm offering my art as rewards for your support. So until I can bring the meat, here's the potatoes... Specs & Features: Software: Software tests are golden with seamless integration with the prototype printer. Students turn to 3D printing to create custom flexible resin skins for prosthetics. May 8, 2015 | By Simon. Free to Forge: Open Source 3D-Printed Metal Mesh Furniture.

Francesco de Comité's homepage. Francesco De Comité (IEEE VIS Arts Program 2014) - Palegre.Net. Flickr: The Shapeways Pool. Potatoes are Up, The Meat Will Follow – A New 3D Printing Process is Promised. Generative Design, Reality Computing, and Virtual Worlds at AU2014 — IrisVR - Virtual Reality for Architecture, Engineering, Design. Spark, the Open and Free 3D Printing Platform. RE.VA.GE. - RE.VA.GE. is a VAse GEnerator - RElabRElab. Christoph Heindl. Creating-the-smallest-possible-sphere-around-3d-autocad-geometry-using-net. Making 3d-printable objects for programmers - Safari Blog. RE.VA.GE. - RE.VA.GE. is a VAse GEnerator - RElabRElab. Processing/OpenSCAD.pde at master · leducmills/Processing. Yeggi - Printable 3D Models Search Engine.

OpenSCAD CheatSheet. Know only 10 things to be dangerous in OpenSCAD. CAD tools. CAD like 3D geometry C/C++ library. Préparer votre fichier pour l'impression 3D avec SolidWorks. SculptGL - A WebGL sculpting app. Interactive Art & Computational Design, Spring 2015. 3D Printering: Making A Thing With OpenSCAD. Cubehero: Work and collaborate on 3D printed projects. Spark 3D Printing Platform. Autodesk Labs Innovation Edge Newsletter - April 2015. Les matériaux. Impression 3d-fabrication additive - SimpSymm - Complex procedural geometry for 3d printing. 3D Hubs: Local 3D printing services and 3D Printers.

Cults ・ Acheter et vendre des fichiers 3D pour imprimante 3D. MXD3D. LOTOCOHO SHOP UNIQUE JEWELRY. CAD collaboration solution that accelerates product development - GrabCAD. NU: A 3D Printed Bracelet Coded by Sound Characteristics in Rhino's Grasshopper. GuruBlog - 3d. Graphics - How to extrude a 3D image from a binary 2D image. AutoCAD 2010 User Documentation: Split or Extrude Mesh Faces.

OpenSCAD User Manual/2D to 3D Extrusion. 3D - Timestretch. Grasshopper et la programmation sur Rhinoceros 4: une introduction. OBJ Files - A 3D Object Format. 107 Photos on 3d printer, 3d printing and 3d printed jewelry. Osservatorio sulle Stampanti 3D a Scuola.