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Design. Wazp 3D Printing Commercial Solutions - Wazp. Accueil - Creatix3d : Creatix3d. Prodways: 3D printing for professionals and industrial production. News. Texturing - Emboss text onto curved surface. Smooth embossing (recessed or extruded) text on a curved surface is quite difficult to do and get it to look perfectly smooth.

texturing - Emboss text onto curved surface

There are generally 3 ways to add extruded text to the object of a surface (curved or otherwise): A separate extruded text object (may need to convert to mesh) that is positioned on the surface of the main objectModelling the text into the main mesh object (lot of work, especially if the underlying surface is curved)Using a bw image of the text as a displacement map and adding subsurf to make the text crisp.

Perpendicular Vectors - OpenProcessing. Processing.js. Reflection1 by Ira Greenberg.


Based on the equation (R = 2N(N*L)-L) where R is the reflection vector, N is the normal, and L is the incident vector. The Torus - Dynamic Flow Process. Whereas the Vector Equilibrium represents the ultimate stillness of energy, the Torus shows us how energy moves in its most balanced dynamic flow process.

The Torus - Dynamic Flow Process

The important thing to understand about the torus is that it represents a process, not just a particular form. A torus consists of a central axis with a vortex at both ends and a surrounding coherent field. Source Code & Tutorials. Recently, I have released source code for a number of projects.

Source Code & Tutorials

In most cases these projects are released as they were published – while the code is reasonably well-commented, the projects weren’t build specifically to be released and thus may not be shining examples of standards and software architecture. That said, I hope that these releases will serve as inspiration for you to make some things of your own. Modeling - Modelling a spiral around a sphere. The easiest way to model this is to shrinkwrap a strip of vertices to a sphere and then put a skin modifier on it.

modeling - Modelling a spiral around a sphere

I would recommend starting out with two verts, one at the origin and the other about twenty units up the x-axis and about two units up the z-axis. Once you have the verts in place, subdivide it with about 400 cuts and add a simple deform modifier. Switch the modifier to Bend mode and jack the angle way up to around 2560. Spreading points on a disc and on a sphere. Double Rainbow All The Way. A Processing.js tutorial by Jim Bumgardner In this tutorial, we're going to make an animated double rainbow in Processing.js.

Double Rainbow All The Way

I'm doing this to teach you about the HSB color space, and to show you a more sophisticated way of using it. Circles, Spirals and Sunflowers. A Processing.js tutorial by Jim Bumgardner In this tutorial, my aim is to show you some fun ways to draw circles, and spirals, and ultimately, how to draw the interesting pattern you see on sunflowers.

Circles, Spirals and Sunflowers

All these techniques are described from a few basic facts about circles, which you probably learned (and forgot) a long time ago. Back in grade school, you may have learned these three equations: T/E/S/S atelier d'ingénierie. Accueil - Gantois architecture. France Résille - La découpe jet d'eau servant l'architecture. Architecture and Design Products. Métal Pourpre, matérialise vos idées. Jerome Herr on CodePen. Experiments In Processing. Jerome Herr - OpenProcessing. Jerome Herr (@p5art) Xeromino's Pastebin. Fr. Stéréolithographie La stéréolithographie (SLA) est souvent considérée comme le procédé pionnier du secteur du prototypage rapide, le premier système ayant été commercialisé en 1988 par 3D Systems.


Les systèmes SLA® se composent d'un laser ultraviolet, d'une cuve de résine liquide photodurcissable et d'un système de commande. Une plate-forme est plongée dans la résine (au moyen d'un élévateur), de sorte que la surface de la plate-forme se trouve à une couche d'épaisseur sous la surface de la résine. Le rayon laser trace ensuite les contours et remplit une coupe transversale en 2D du modèle, en solidifiant la résine au contact du laser.

Une fois qu'une couche est terminée, la plate-forme descend de l'équivalent de l'épaisseur d'une couche, la résine couvre la première couche et la couche suivante est fabriquée. Une fois le modèle terminé, la plate-forme s'élève au dessus de la cuve et la résine excédentaire est drainée. 3D Printers and Scanners - Direct 3D Printing. Generate. Examples of Color Ramp Formulas. View topic - The Tiger Explained. Here's another fun idea:7D is the lowest dimension where you can have toratopes with 3D cuts that are empty in all 4 cardinal cut directions.

View topic - The Tiger Explained

An example can be the tiger tritorus (((((II)(II))I)I)I) and its cut ((((()())I)I)I).Now, all nonempty cuts have to be outside the cardinal directions, which means that the diagonal cuts should be still nonempty and interesting Well, that is interesting! I spent some time imagining a 5D intercept array, and how to explore it.

GRASSHOPPER DEFINITIONS. Absolutely Fabulous 3D Printing. PStricks : applications: juillet 2014. Built-in types. One-Dimensional Line Polynomial Gaussian peak Lorentzian peak Exponential with X offset constant Double Exponential with X offset constant Exponential Double Exponential Sin Hill Equation Sigmoid Power Lognormal Two-Dimensional Gaussian Polynomial All built-in nonlinear fit functions feature automatic initial guess generation.

Built-in types

Override automatic initial guesses with your own. Distortion. Hans Mikelson tanh.orc tanh1.sco tanh2.sco Introduction. Math - easing functions for bell curves? Beta distribution - Wikipedia. In probability theory and statistics, the beta distribution is a family of continuous probability distributions defined on the interval [0, 1] parametrized by two positive shape parameters, denoted by α and β, that appear as exponents of the random variable and control the shape of the distribution. It is a special case of the Dirichlet distribution. The beta distribution has been applied to model the behavior of random variables limited to intervals of finite length in a wide variety of disciplines. Code lines.  Aurélie Bidermann. Test psychologique : Résultat à l'inventaire des 5 facteurs de personnalité : A− O+ E− C N. ProcessZine. Fractals, computer graphics, mathematics, demoscene and more.

Intro After having posted about the basics of distance functions in several places (pouet, my blog, shadertoy, private emails, etc), i thought it might make sense to put these together in centralized place. Here you will find the distance functions for basic primitives, plus the formulas for combining them together for building more complex shapes, as well as some distortion functions that you can use to shape your objects.

Hopefully this will be usefull for those rendering scenes with raymarching. You can see some of the results you can get by using these techniques in the raymarching distance fields article. Spirograph. The name has been a registered trademark of Hasbro Inc. since 1998 following purchase of the company that had acquired the Denys Fisher company. The Spirograph brand was relaunched with original product configurations in the USA in 2013 by Kahootz Toys and in Europe by Goldfish and Bison. History[edit] The mathematician Bruno Abakanowicz invented the Spirograph between 1881 and 1900.

It was used for calculating an area delimited by curves.[1] Drawing toys based on gears have been around since at least 1908, when The Marvelous Wondergraph was advertised in the Sears catalog.[2][3] An article describing how to make a Wondergraph drawing machine appeared in the Boys Mechanic publication in 1913.[4] The Spirograph itself was developed by the British engineer Denys Fisher, who exhibited at the 1965 Nuremberg International Toy Fair. Topology of a Twisted Torus - Numberphile. Designeradesigns. MyMiniFactory - Guaranteed 3D Printable Designs.

Create, buy and sell custom rings. Visual Artist & Director. Behance. CollabCubed. Plotter que imprime con plumones sobre cualquier superficie. Con este plotter puedes imprimir sobre cualquier superficie, desde una hoja de papel tamaño carta, hasta cartones de distintos grosores. Y además puedes utilizar casi cualquier tipo de plumones, lápices, lapiceros, estilógrafos, pluma fuente, etc. Flowered pendants of turned wood: the sculpted lighting & boxes of Laszlo Tompa, Hungary. See a link to his site under Blogroll. Flower Lamps / Hydro Lamps / Cube Illusion Box / Spiral Box. Armen Agop’s sedate, reposing, granite forms. The sculptor was born in Cairo & lives in Italy. See Blogroll for a link.

Sufic series / Transcontemporary series. Ancient Symbols, meanings of symbols from Ancient Egyptian, Celtic, Greek, etc. Assignment 10: Parametric Equations. R: Animating 2D And 3D Plots. Rapid Prototyping, 3D Printing, CAD Design, and Jewelry Outsourcing Services. Mixee Labs: make your own 3d printed model a reality! G-code. A group blog for the Wesleyan Math & CS department's 3D printing project. Mamou-mani. Using CodeThread to create 3D objects. Programmation de commande numérique. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Open Source Wedding Rings. Minimally designed. Limitedly created. Unellenu by unellenu - Shapeways Shops. Mobilier design, Luminaires, Tapis et Objets de Décoration : 1er syndicat du design : Alliance française des designers AFD, défendre et promouvoir tous les métiers du design.

Détail de la formation. The Official International Ring Size Conversion Chart - Resources. Mobius Strip. Hyperbolic Non-Euclidean World. Skin. 3D puzzle of the trefoil knot and its fibrations via 3D printing - Online Technical Discussion Groups—Wolfram Community. L’hexagone comme structure adaptative. Торцевые разделочные доски - Единичное производство / MTM wood. Rangoli Designs - Dot Rangoli 30. Mode Lab. Drawing Machine II. Knots. Index of /labs. Art, Geometry, Astract Sculpture. BLOG, Inspirational art, knots, cymatics, relationship, Living, Loving, Love, Sacred geometry, NDE, New Science, Cymatics, Transformation, Dia.BLOG.ue.

Form Follows Function. Coding for Creative Practice – Sophie Lemaire – Sicre – Sophie Lemaire-Sirce. Toxiclibs - OpenProcessing. Math - Using atan2 to find angle between two vectors. Positional Astronomy: <br>Spherical trigonometry. Tutorials. List of periodic functions. 3D Calc Plotter. Evacuation eaux usées bruyante. Cardioides et limaçons (Page 1) / Programmation / Forum de mathématiques. Mayavi: 3D scientific data visualization and plotting in Python — mayavi 4.4.4 documentation. - Tutorials - Interpolation Tricks. Scripted Node (Generator) — Sverchok 0.5.0 documentation. Hugi 24 - coding graphics bonz sines and cosines for fun and profit. Les smartphones transformés en imprimantes 3D. The Constructive Aspect of Visual Perception. Stereographic Lampshades. Impression 3D Bordeaux Prototypage Rapide.