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After the cold war, proletariat movement had to remain in the defensive position. However, learning lessons from the past, the movement is gaining momentum in recent years. Capitalism has already reached in climax and it has been clear that capitalism faced a shameful defeat in many issues including credit crunch in the US and Europe. On one hand, people are suffering under excessive economic burden, the gap between “haves” and “have nots” is increasing more than ever before, dissatisfaction among the people is multiplying.

On the other hand, rays of hopes have been visibly surfaced in the forms of the election in Europe and in the South and Latin America. Nepal News. NEPAL PRESS FREEDOM - Latest News. NEPAL HUMAN RIGHTS NEWS. Nepal Rastra Bank. Nepal News Headlines & Stories - 1stHeadlines. Online Nepali News Portal: Recent News on Politics, Economy, Science and Technology, Environment, Tourism, World Affairs, Entertainment, Fashion, Society, Music, Crime. Latest news and analysis from Nepal on politics, economics and society. The Himalayan Times - Nepal News, News on Nepal, News of Nepal, Nepali News, Nepalese News. News from Nepal as it happens. UML chairman talks of November polls Admitting that Constituent Assembly (CA) elections are unlikely in June, UML chairman... 33 political parties picket Singha Durbar protesting ongoing election process The 33 fringe parties including Mohan Baidya led CPN-Maoist picketed Singha Durbar, the...

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Afghanistan outplay HK to enter ACC T20 Cup final Afghanistan defeated Hong Kong by seven wickets in the first semifinal match of ACC T20... SC stays TRC ordinance, 'fast track' promotion of NA officers The Supreme Court on Monday stayed the implementation of the ordinance on the... Dahal to visit China on April 14 UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal is all set to go on a weeklong visit to China on... Nat’l Cooperatives Day marked The 56th National Cooperative Day was observed amidst different programmes...

UCPN (M) reverses Prakash Dahal's suspension The UCPN (Maoist) has revoked the suspension of party chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal's ... Breaking, National, World, Business, Sports & Entertainment News With Multimedia and Photogallery. Global Network of Daily Nepali News, Literature, Art. Rastriya Samachar Samiti, National News Agency. Welcome to Peoples Review. Nepal's Best News Portal. Nepal National News Bureau. The Rising Nepal. सुकुम्बासीका नाममा देशका विभिन्न भागमा ठूलो मात्रामा सरकारी स्वामित्वको जग्गा अतिक्रमण भएको छ।

The Rising Nepal

त्यसरी अक्रिमणमा परेको भूक्षेत्र वन जंगल, हवाई मैदान, सरकारी तथा अर्ध सरकारी निकायको सम्पत्ति, कलेज तथा मठमन्दिरका जग्गालगायतका रहेको कुरा तालुकदार मन्त्रालय वन तथा भू-संरक्षण मन्त्रालयले नै जनाएको छ। प्राप्त तथ्यांकका आधारमा विश्लेषण गर्दा प्रायः सबै निकाय वा क्षेत्रको जग्गा अतिक्रमणको चपेटामा परेको पाइन्छ। क्षेत्रगत आधारमा हेर्दा पहाडी, तराई तथा राजधानी क्षेत्र तथा पूर्वदेखि पश्चिममा समेत अतिक्रमणको समस्या चर्को रहेको छ। समग्रमा भन्नुपर्दा पूरै देश यस समस्याबाट ग्रस्त छ। वास्तवमा सुकुम्वासी समस्या एउटा ठूलो समस्याका रुपमा रहेको छ।

Nepal News Headlines. Nepal News. Big News News in Nepal: Fast, Full & Factual. The state is supposed to protect its citizens and provide for their basic needs.

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Citizens agree to be ruled so that they can enjoy free and easy life. But many a time the state encroaches upon the freedom of the individual. When this encroachment proves oppressive to a large number of people, they burst into violence. The state reacts to this violence with counter-violence. The 2012 Nobel Laureate Mo Yan’s novel The Garlic Ballads narrates the story of a state-citizen tussle leading to tragic outcomes.