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Covid, Posture and General Health. By Dr.

Covid, Posture and General Health

Scott Heun Since March of 2020, most of us have endured a complete upending of our daily routines. Shelter in place has resulted many people working from home, with little or no preparation for this new challenge. I have seen a tremendous increase in cases of neck stress and strain, some cases with associated headache, as well as lower back pain and sciatica. Essentially all of these conditions are due indirectly to the Covid pandemic…people in general were not prepared when they suddenly almost without warning, were commanded to work from home.

The purpose of this blog post is to give you some basic guidance on how best to improve your home work environment, and avoid the additional strain on your body. Set up your computer to be slightly above eye level. Start by sitting up straight, with your head over your torso, and torso over your pelvis, your shoulder blades retracted towards one another. Set a timer and get up every 30 minutes. Use speaker phone, or a headset at all times. Family Chiropractic. Sports Chiropractor. Drugs That Can Cause Hypothyroidism. There are many drugs that have the potential to induce hypothyroidism.

Drugs That Can Cause Hypothyroidism

Drug- induced hypothyroidism is an underactive thyroid gland due to a reaction to a medication. If your hypothyroid symptoms began after starting a medication, you may be suffering from drug-induced hypothyroidism. Here is a list of some medications known to cause hypothyroidism. For a detailed explanation of the mechanisms by which these drugs exert their influence on thyroid hormone, read: Drugs That Suppress TSH or Cause Central Hypothyroidism, Best Pract Res Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2009 Dec; 23(6) 793-800.

Drugs impact thyroid function at many different levels; from the hypothalamus to pituitary, synthesis and secretion by the thyroid gland, metabolism, binding of thyroid to its major binding protein, altering thyroid receptor function, and absorption of medication from the GI tract. Drugs that affect thyroid function in normal patients: WHAT IS C-REACTIVE PROTEIN & WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? Doctors perform lab testing to provide valuable additional information to a careful history and examination, in order to better assess a patient’s condition.


It is of little value to perform a test unless the doctor has a thorough understanding of the meaning of a positive result. Unfortunately, very few doctors bother to test for C- Reactive Protein (C-RP), and fewer still have an in-depth knowledge of the significance of an elevated lab value. If one does have a full comprehension of the root cause interpretation of high C-RP levels (as you will have once you have finished this article), then one would probably agree with me when I say that it is probably the single most valuable test I perform.

So let’s learn what C-RP is, and why it is so important. Chemicals called cytokines and interleukins released by the above cells stimulate the production of C-RP. Cardiovascular Disease Studies have shown a relationship between C-RP levels and the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Iodine and Thyroid Function. Without iodine, thyroid hormone cannot be formed.

Iodine and Thyroid Function

This goes beyond what we usually associate thyroid with like hypothyroidism, etc. Without thyroid hormone, we are not born. Low levels of the thyroid due to iodine deficiency are the leading cause of preventable mental retardation in the world, called cretinism. Because of the prevalence of iodine deficiency, iodine deserves significant attention. In addition, the thyroid is the only hormone to require a trace element to function! Dr Jerry Tennant states that every organ that secretes something requires iodine. He also notes that these organs are the ones that tend to get cancer; and that the Japanese who have a very low rate of cancer, also consume the highest level of iodine. David M. Functional Nutrition. Understanding the Difference between Allopathic Medicine & Functional Nutrition Allopathic medicine is by nature a reductionist philosophy, whereas Functional Nutrition (FN) takes the opposite approach, which can be termed “wholism”.

(Not to be confused with the generic term “Holistic Medicine” that encompasses everything from A to Z in “alternative health care”). A reductionist philosophy of health care attempts to reduce or simplify a patient’s issues by placing a name to a disease, then treating it with a specific drug that has been designed and approved for that disease. The ultimate goal is to label a patient as having a disease. To the doctor, the patient then becomes “my Parkinson’s patient” or “my diabetes patient”. The patient becomes the disease and can claim it for their own, as “my Parkinson’s Disease” or “My Diabetes”. Standard or “allopathic” medicine teaching is largely organ specific. BStrong4Life - Family Chiropractic, Sports Chiropractor.

Napa Ca Cachiropractor — UNDERSTANDING THE KETO DIET. BStrong4Life - Best Chiropractor in Napa Valley. A Comprehensive Approach The unique approach of Btrong4Life Napa Valley Center is to comprehensively assess both your overall body structure – the relational position of your head, torso, lower body and feet – your MacroStructure and the relationship of your joints to one another, as well as the actual structure of your bones, their strength and health – your MicroStructure.

BStrong4Life - Best Chiropractor in Napa Valley

We use state of the art digital technology, and computer aided assessment tools to insure we have the most accurate information possible. Chiropractor. BStrong4Life. What kind of results can be expected from the BStrong4Life System?


Patient’s suffering from chronic spinal pain, in particular lower back and neck pain often have at the root of their problem, a break down of spinal structural integrity coupled with substantial loss of core strength. This is also true in cases of osteporosis. Once the structural weakness is analyzed and measured, a patient-centered course of care is followed to improve or correct it. Most patients feel great, achieve a more stable underlying spinal structure, and are able to rebuild their body in a balanced and efficient way. As a result, dramatic gains in strength, stability and function can be achieved. This training regimen produces an average strength increase among all users tested of 78% increase in year one, and over 130% in year two. BStrong4Life Training forms the foundation of fitness and structural health for most patients…you can certainly do more, but you should never do less.