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Chiropractor. OSTEOPENIA & OSTOEPOROSIS. Osteopenia is defined as a condition of decreased bone density caused by greater bone loss (resorption) than bone creation.


This is considered a milder form of bone loss that does not meet the criteria of osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease in which bone is lost faster than the body can replace it. VITAMIN D, ZINC, AND COVID. Our public health officials recommendations of social distancing, face coverings and washing your hands to reduce the risk of becoming infected with COVID are well known.


Are there other things one may do to potentially mitigate risk? A wealth of evidence points to the benefits of correcting nutritional deficiencies to optimize one’s immune system. While this letter is my opinion, predicated on published research from a variety of medical journals, neither the NIH nor the CDC endorse utilization of supplementation with essential nutrients for prevention or treatment of COVID. It should be noted however that part of President Trump’s rapid recovery involved the use of zinc and Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency is widespread in this country. A huge 15-year German study showed that there was a 300% increase of people dying from respiratory disease (including the flu and pneumonia) who were Vitamin D deficient than in those with healthy levels. About the Author: Dr. Family Chiropractic. Shoulder and Arm Circles for Neck and Upper Back Stress Relief.

By: Dr.

Shoulder and Arm Circles for Neck and Upper Back Stress Relief

Scott Heun Many of you are sitting at less than optimal desks, perhaps even a makeshift desk or dining room table acting as your “home office” due to the recent societal changes we have all learned to endure. Unfortunately, these less than optimal postures and poor ergonomic positions are hard on your spine and muscles. This post is to encourage you to frequently move about your home, at least every hour to promote greater circulation, and reduce muscle fatigue. A visit to your local chiropractor can help keep everything loose and aligned while you sit at a less than ideal location right now. Set a timer to sound on the hour. Upon returning to your work station, stand up tall.

Remember to keep your head centered over your torso. Please review this movement with me, Dr. Stay safe, and as always, if you have any questions, concerns or comments, please email us directly. Best Chiropractor. A Comprehensive Approach The unique approach of Btrong4Life Napa Valley Center is to comprehensively assess both your overall body structure – the relational position of your head, torso, lower body and feet – your MacroStructure and the relationship of your joints to one another, as well as the actual structure of your bones, their strength and health – your MicroStructure.

Best Chiropractor

We use state of the art digital technology, and computer aided assessment tools to insure we have the most accurate information possible. Once we have a completed your BodyBluprint we have something to show you, in order that together we formulate a plan to address your pain, loss of function or general lack of health and vitality. Healthcare should be a partnership between patient and physician and should always be cooperative. We want you to feel that you are in the best chiropractor’s hands each time you come in for an appointment. Falling, Or Not Is Life Changing. By: Dr.

Falling, Or Not Is Life Changing

Scott J. Heun We all fall. It’s part of learning to walk, and eventually run. If you are an athlete, or were, you no doubt have fallen many times when pushing yourself to your physical limits. While we specialize in chiropractic care and weight loss, we also teach patients the importance of prevention. Once we have a complete understanding of how you are built, we can determine how balanced, and strong you are. Any pain or immediate restrictions of motion or performance, are addressed first. Like health in general, postural strength and core stability is an ongoing and never ending process. Best Chiropractor. The Trouble with TSH Part 2. The trouble with TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone), or more specially, with your doctor relying solely on TSH to completely assess thyroid physiology, is that it happens to be extremely complex and sensitive to the influence of many other factors.

The Trouble with TSH Part 2

There are a number of reasons why your doctor’s reliance on this single lab test is incorrect for determining hypothyroidism or any other disease. For you to fully comprehend why you are right and your doctor wrong, you need to understand all the fallacies of using the TSH test to diagnose a thyroid problem. My personal opinion, after running hundreds of comprehensive thyroid panels, is that reliance on this test alone, may be the greatest disservice physicians are doing to their patients today.