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MBA. This course provides a brief overview of financial intermediaries and their functions.


With the aid of case studies, students focus on measures of interest rate risk, including the periodic (re-pricing) gap and duration gap, the management of interest rate risk using the appropriate composition of assets and liabilities, futures, options, caps, floors, collars, and swaps, value at risk measures, the management of credit risk, off-balance sheet risk, liquidity risk, capital adequacy, and deposit insurance. Summer Reading List: The B-School Edition.

For aspiring MBAs, the summer is a time for quiet reflection, not to mention getting a jump on the competition through either an internship or other educational opportunities.

Summer Reading List: The B-School Edition

Reading is another affordable way to expand your mind and give you deeper insight into management. "I'm a fervent believer that information adds to knowledge, and knowledge is a powerful tool for good decision-making," says Hassell McClellan, associate professor of operations and strategic management at Boston College's Carroll School of Management (Carroll Full-Time MBA Profile), who used to have his own children read five to six books each summer and turn in one-page book reports.

Search. Higher Education. Target Acquired : KELLOGG it is ! « Target : MBA admit for fall 2012. The long arduous path is over … sitting snugly in my mailbox at 1:30 am in the night was that much anticipated email – “Welcome to Kellogg” :D.

Target Acquired : KELLOGG it is ! « Target : MBA admit for fall 2012

MBAdventure. GMAT Advice and Lessons Learned « MBAdventure. As those of you who read yesterday’s post about my own personal GMAT horror story know, I (unfortunately) have a lot of experience with this test.

GMAT Advice and Lessons Learned « MBAdventure

A quick recap: I took the test twice – the first time I studied on my own (e.g., did not take a class) and bombed it with a 590. The second time I took a prep class with Veritas Prep, studied smarter, and pulled out a 710. Before I get into some of the things-I-wished-I’d-known-but-didn’t, let me make a note on target scores: General wisdom holds that you should aim to meet or beat the average GMAT score of the programs to which you are applying. So, if you are planning to apply to any of the top ten business programs in the country, it pretty much means that you should be aiming for a score in the 700s if at all possible. What’s Your Story? « MBAdventure. Hello out there, fearless MBA applicants!

What’s Your Story? « MBAdventure

Now that I have droned on about the GMAT I am going to move to the larger (and much more interesting) topic of your “story.” Now, before you think that I’m getting too touchy-feely, hear me out: Yes, your application consists of specific data points that admissions directors use to get a sense for your general intellectual strength. These data points are things like your GMAT score, your undergraduate GPA, your salary compared to peers from your company, etc.

I definitely do not want to imply that these data points are not important – because they are – but I do want to stress that they do not make up who you are. MBA Recommendation Guide at MBA MBA Letter of Recommendation. How to write a recommendation for an MBA applicant.

MBA Recommendation Guide at MBA MBA Letter of Recommendation

In the Seven Application Elements section of this site I talked about the emphasis (or lack thereof) placed on recommendations. What I said was that most people end up having to write their own rec's or at the very least help their recommenders write them. The joint-effort approach is fine, but if you end up helping your recommender, be sure to address some of the following key issues and try to avoid some of the common pitfalls. What Should I Do With the Grid Boxes? Most applications will ask your recommender to check grid boxes rating your personality in areas ranging from potential for leadership to sense of humor.

If your recommender doesn't have the time to jump through that many hoops for each school (which is usually the case), have him write one very comprehensive letter of recommendation and address separate copies of it to each of your schools. Don't Forge Your Recommendations Don't forge your recommender's signature. 1. 2. 3. Business School Loans - Federal and Private Graduate Business School Loans. The GradLoans Business School Loan will help you bridge the gap between federal financial aid and the true cost of a graduate education.

Business School Loans - Federal and Private Graduate Business School Loans

Created especially for business school students like you with unmet financial need, our business school Loan program will help you achieve your professional and educational goals. You can use a graduate business school loan to cover any education related expenses, including, student computers, books, room and board, travel and more. Part II: Your Chances of Getting In. By John A.

Part II: Your Chances of Getting In

ByrnePoets & QuantsAuthor on July 1, 2011 Ms. Peace Corps (cp) 750 GMAT3.74 GPAUndergraduate degree from a near-Ivy public universityWork experience as a Peace Corps business advisor in Honduras with two and one-half years as a strategy consultant with Deloitte ConsultingExtracurricular involvement as a three-time All-American women’s rugby player and a one-time USA under-23 team memberMinimal volunteering, but nothing too exciting.

Odds of Success Harvard Business School: Better than 50% Stanford: Better than 50% Wharton (Lauder program): 60% Chicago: 70% to 80% Kellogg: 60% to 80% Sandy’s Analysis: “H/S/W could happen. Mr. (He’s already applied and is going to the University of Virginia’s Darden School, but requests feedback as to why he didn’t get into Harvard, Stanford and Wharton.) Self profile evaluation based on GMAT, work experience and GPA for MBA applicants. GMAT Forum - MBA Forum. Top 20 Best GMAT Books on GMAT Club : GMAT. Fourth Ed. - The 8 Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guides. Description This set of 10 Strategy Guides is the core of our curriculum.

Fourth Ed. - The 8 Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guides

Each book delves deeply into a single area of the exam, providing detailed and specialized instruction. Used together, these guides produce a substantial learning impact, helping you develop all the knowledge, skills, and strategic thinking necessary for success on the GMAT. Included in this set are: Ask Admission Consultants.