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Nanna Audibert

Hey Guys, I am Nanna Audibert, online blogger, traveler and book reader. Having 10 years of experienced working with multiple agencies and multiple fields. Reach to me@ Cheers!

Anxiety Counselling in Calgary. How many treatment sessions of anxiety disorder therapy do you need?

Anxiety Counselling in Calgary

This depends on your situation. Many people see significant improvement in 8 - 10 sessions, but we are here to help you as long as you need. There are home remedies you can do in addition to your professional counselling sessions to further help provide you with a sense of calm. Your psychologist will inform you about the right home remedies for your situation. Children, teens, and adults experience anxiety. What level of anxiety does my child appear to feel? If you are unsure about the answers to these questions and/or want further advice on your little one’s needs, contact the Family Psychology Place. As a teenager or adult, you may be more able to understand if you need help on your own, but this can still be difficult to figure out. We promise to help you feel happy, full of life, and void of negative thoughts in a nurturing environment. 6 Quirky and Surprising Facts About Dentistry. You might think you know what there is to know about dentistry but here are some surprising facts for you. 1.

6 Quirky and Surprising Facts About Dentistry

Hardest Human Substance What is the hardest substance in your body? A lot of people will answer “bones” but the answer is actually tooth enamel. Almost 96% of enamel is made up of minerals. Even though it is strong, it is not indestructible, so it is crucial to take care of your enamel. 2. Dental floss is made of nylon filament which is powerful enough to withstand a large amount of force. You never know when dental floss can come in handy. 3. Do you remember Jan singing “Brusha Brusha Brusha” in the movie, Grease? Do you want to know something even more interesting? 4. Yes, they do, in fact, they have more than 25,000 teeth in their small mouths.

Korite Ammolite Jewelry Store. Summer is winding down, and in no time, we will be welcoming crisp autumn mornings and multicoloured leaves falling from the trees.

Korite Ammolite Jewelry Store

As kids and parents everywhere are savouring the final days of August and preparing to go back to school, our team at Korite has been working hard to offer some exclusive deals to start your year off right. For a limited time, we are offering 20% off storewide and an additional special gift with purchase for all purchases of $299 or more. 5 of the Best Tips and Tricks to Avoid Weed Breath. After a puff or two on the balcony, you finally feel relaxed after your stressful day.

5 of the Best Tips and Tricks to Avoid Weed Breath

Cannabis helps calm your nerves and release happy endorphins. 10 minutes later your phone rings and it’s your significant other saying he/she is coming over. Yikes! Drive off to School in Style - Advantage Ford. While we don’t want to admit it, summertime, at least for students, is nearing an end.

Drive off to School in Style - Advantage Ford

It has been a peculiar summer here in Calgary with inconsistent weather; however, that has not stopped us from getting on the road in our Advantage Ford vehicles. Our backyard here in Alberta provides us with extensive opportunities for hiking, camping and exploring the great outdoors, and that doesn’t have to end this month. In our July blog series, we even discovered some of the unique tips and tricks of utilizing your Ford vehicle to its full potential for all of this Canadian exploring. Unfortunately, it’s now time to change gears and begin preparing for a brand new school year. 3 Essential Benefits of Branded Uniforms - Creo Promotional Solutions. Branding is the core of your business, identifying your company.

3 Essential Benefits of Branded Uniforms - Creo Promotional Solutions

What is a brand? A company’s signature recognition through its name, wording, symbol, and total design. You want your employee’s attire to reflect your company’s values and mission statement with a memorable brand. So, why are branded uniforms so important? How Does Fords Pro Trailer Backup Assist Work. How does Fords Pro Trailer Backup Assist Work?

How Does Fords Pro Trailer Backup Assist Work

The second part to our tow-tally awesome summer blog series is all about Ford’s exclusive Pro Trailer Back-up Assist; a special feature offered in a number of our ford vehicles with towing capabilities. Pro Trailer Back-up Assist makes backing up your trailer into a campsite or jobsite easy as ever, and can also be used for launching your boat down a tricky dock with ease. Our back-up assist can increase efficiency and ease stress for those who are new at parking their towable accessories and/or only tow occasionally. Fords Pro Trailer Back up Assist is offered on two of our vehicles, the Ford F150s and the Ford Expeditions from 2015 onwards. This exclusive feature is offered at an economical cost, making it an accessible option for anyone considering on buying a new or used Ford. 3 Negative effects Drinking Alcohol has on your Oral Health.

Drinking alcohol on a night out with the girls/guys can be fun but detrimental to your oral health.

3 Negative effects Drinking Alcohol has on your Oral Health

What happens to your teeth and gums when you consume liquor? 1. Oral Cancer Oral cancer is one of the scariest oral health concerns today. People are dying after finding symptoms too late. According to the American Dental Association, 10,030 people’s lives may get claimed this year alone if oral cancer is not detected early enough and treated.