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María Fernanda Burbano Terneus

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Keep Drawing, Amazing Hand-Drawn Animated Short. E-Actividades para e-Learning. Creative Production Agency. Ëlodie, illustratrice freelance * french illustrator based in Paris. Le concours est maintenant fini !!! Un grand merci à tous pour votre participation et pour avoir partager avec moi vos petits secrets ! Juan Francisco Casas.


Rafael Pólit - Mascotas y Animales. Rafael Pólit - Canon EF 70-200 f4L. UPS. Pearltrees videos. Getting started. Fractal World Gallery Thumbnails : cosmic recursive fractal flames orflame... - StumbleUpon. Forked from: [BetweenAS3]uzumaki - wonderfl build flash online - StumbleUpon. Cole rise - StumbleUpon. Take_a_smile_by_apalipis-d3albe9_large.jpg?1298930432 from - StumbleUpon.

Crazy paper thing - StumbleUpon. Conversation Marble Magnets for Valentines Day. I’m sure these could be a lot neater or fancier by printing out the lettering on your printer, but if you are looking for something that’s not only fast and easy but also kid friendly, this is the way to go. All you are going to need are some flat glass marbles, a black Sharpie and some pastel paper. These would make fun gifts for friends or even for a teacher! Conversation Marble Magnets for Valentine’s Dayprintable version Flat glass marble magnets Pastel card stock Black fine point Sharpie Scissors Mod Podge Paintbrush Pencil Small magnets Hot glue gun Write conversation heart sayings on pastel paper, such as hug me, kiss me, be mine, bff, etc.

Place marble over the top and trace marble lightly with pencil. Cut out circles, cutting the circle a little smaller than the tracing. First paint some Mod Podge onto the flat side of the marble. After it has dried, then attach magnets to the back of the marbles using hot glue. Watch?v=d6egUsZvWu4 from - StumbleUpon. Oleg Shuplyak Optical Illusions Paintings - StumbleUpon. The Chromatic Typewriter - StumbleUpon.

The Art of Photography - Jaime Ibarra (12 photos) Snapping shots through the lens of his camera, Jaime Ibarra is always looking for an artistic angle.

The Art of Photography - Jaime Ibarra (12 photos)

He takes photography to another level, accentuating the beauty, movement, and color of his models. "Pretty wardrobe + location + pretty model = 5% of the the photo, in my opinion. Without a palpable connection with the viewer a shot falls short of the mark. It is a deal breaker for me... " Browser not supported - StumbleUpon. Watch?v=dY1Lr-yGtd8 from - StumbleUpon.

Colossal - StumbleUpon. (click images for detail) Artist Sagaki Keita was born in 1984 and lives and works in Tokyo.

Colossal - StumbleUpon

His densely composited pen and ink illustrations contain thousands of whimsical characters that are drawn almost completely improvised. I am dumbstruck looking at these and love the wacky juxtaposition of fine art and notebook doodles. See more of his work here, and be sure to click the images above for more detail. Fly.swf from Bunny Triptych - artwork by Lawrence Yang - StumbleUpon. WATERCOLOR : Marion Bolognesi - StumbleUpon. Kuroshio Sea - 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world - (song is Please dont... Embroidery Designs at Urban Threads - Projects PR28. After ordering, I would walk over to their giant pile of cardboard coffee sleeves, and then toss it away later.

Embroidery Designs at Urban Threads - Projects PR28

As one who likes to think of herself as a bit more resourceful than that, I decided I could take a craftier approach. Fall has arrived and mornings are cool, I think it’s time I treat myself to a little warm mocha goodness. This time, though, I’m not going to use one of those wasteful cardboard cozies. I’m going to make my own. To make yours, you’ll need fabric for the front and lining, small grommets, grommet setting tool, and ribbon to fit your grommets.

Beautifully Offbeat Photography (13 photos) Samuel Bradley's photos cannot be neatly categorized.

Beautifully Offbeat Photography (13 photos)

Wonderfully offbeat and somewhat quirky, they truly span the spectrum. As he tells us, "I'm battling with two different ways of working and I don't know which one I prefer. I think most people follow my work and blog for the more quirky, interestingly processed and sometimes a bit 'cliché vintage' photographs. They're accessible to a wider audience, they don't require a lot of explanation and invite people to make their own assumptions and construct their own meanings. " He continues, "Then there's the other side of my work that I think I've only really just begun to explore. I asked Bradley to share the story behind the man and the wolf photo we featured a few days ago (see above).

"In all honesty I wasn't happy with the project as a whole, but I got three of my strongest and most popular photographs out of it. Extraordinary - StumbleUpon. 20 awesome examples of street art. Chell in the Rain - StumbleUpon.

Banksy's Biplane Heart Trail. We haven't seen much of Banksy in 2011, so it's nice to see a new, quality piece coming from him.

Banksy's Biplane Heart Trail

Spotted recently in Liverpool, a little, puttering biplane is seen leaving a large, heart-shaped smoke trail. Also worth noting is this dark yet poignant piece he created as a commentary to the madness that is Black Friday. Banksy's website via [Unurth], [The Lonely Villain] Get.swf?i=003702 from Kuroshio Sea - 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world - (song is Please dont... - StumbleUpon. Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas, original design by Stamen, press any key to s - StumbleUpon. Balerine12.jpg from Aluminum Can Ornaments. Thank you for visiting Little House in the Suburbs.

Aluminum Can Ornaments

Please subscribe and you'll get great simple living tips and how-to articles delivered to your inbox, for free! Today’s post began where so many of our posts seem to originate: The Recycling Bin What you need: Empty aluminum beverage cans Scissors Sandpaper (sanding block is helpful but not necessary, or wrap sandpaper around a bit of wood) Pen or pencil Ribbon or cord for hanging 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 0411wallpaper-week-1-6_1600.jpg from - StumbleUpon. Sidewalk chalk guy - StumbleUpon. Sidewalk chalk guy «« back to

sidewalk chalk guy - StumbleUpon

Home and Garden Puzzles" - StumbleUpon. Little People - A tiny Street Art Collection (1 of 2) Ubersuper - StumbleUpon. &&&&&&&THEIR CIRCULAR... - StumbleUpon. _56984655_56984654.jpg from - StumbleUpon. Lorenzo Duran - L’artista spagnolo Lorenzo Duran si avvale delle foglie come tela per le sue incisioni.

Lorenzo Duran -

Dopo il lavaggio e l’essiccazione, rimuove con precisione chirurgica ed estrema cura i segmenti in eccesso, usando una tecnica simile a quella del tradizionale paper cutting. Quest’ultimo passo è ovviamente il più difficile vista la fragilità del materiale scelto, il risultatò di questo processo è una serie di affascinanti disegni geometrici incredibilmente belli e dilicati. Grazie a Francesca per il suggerimento. via: Standing Up for Freedom Video - StumbleUpon.

Log in Cynthia Yildirim Standing Up for Freedom Directed by Carlos Lascano, this emotive piece of work takes us on a metaphorical journey showing mankind's struggle for freedom over the last half century.

Standing Up for Freedom Video - StumbleUpon

Music was contributed by Academy Award winning composer Hans Zimmer and Academy Award nominee Lorne Balfe. posted 3 years ago. Clock - StumbleUpon. INCREDIBOX [ Official website ] - StumbleUpon. Eros y Thanatos. Illusion by =Mavrosh. Dream The Impossible And Catch The Wind by *33M. Hellsing:Integra and Victoria by *starxade. Autumn in my dreams by =Rezzan. Hills and Holes Barnack by *davy59. Roser Oduber.

Desde sus inicios como artista al comienzo de los años ochenta, Roser Oduber ha caminado por una doble vertiente: una figuración caracterizada por el obvio virtuosismo de la artista como dibujante y otra, marcada por un informalismo matérico de formas sencillas y jerárquicas que recuerdan los totémicos glifos de nuestros antepasados.

Roser Oduber

En su trabajo más reciente, ejemplos de los cuales se pudieron ver en la excelente exposición organizada por la Fundació Vila Casas en el Espai Volart de Barcelona durante la primavera del 2011, Oduber integra las dos vertientes ofreciéndonos obras claramente figurativas, pero con el denso relieve de la materia. La combinación de estas dos técnicas le permiten abrir un diálogo sobre la dualidad interior/exterior en el ser humano, profundizando sobre la percepción de la cordura, la lucidez y la demencia. Peliculas Online Subtituladas - Series Online - Free Movies - Peliculas Gratis - Ver Peliculas.

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