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Biofield Energy

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Collection of Biofield Energy Researches by the expertise in Biofield & Material Science. To know more please go through with the submitted links.

The Trivedi Effect - Health, Wellness and Fitness Center. The Trivedi Effect. The Trivedi Effect – Reviews and Testimonials. The Trivedi Effect™ I’m delighted to share an interview with Mahendra Kumar Trivedi today.

The Trivedi Effect™

Over the last sixteen years, close to 150,000 people around the world have received Energy Transmissions from him. They report improved mood, less stress and anxiety, more energy, greater stamina, increased self-confidence, clarity of mind, and inner peace. Healing with Human Biofield Energy. The Trivedi Effect® Official Channel Page.

Trivedi Effect testimonials speaks about the impact of Mahendra Kumar Trivedi’s Biofield Energy Treatment that has transformed the life of thousands of people around the globe.

The Trivedi Effect® Official Channel Page

Know more at Mahendra Trivedi is an ordinary man with an extraordinary power. The Trivedi Effect has been positively influencing and redirecting the lives of people who have been struggling with their physical, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual, social and financial health and well-being. By harnessing and transmitting the abundant, infinite energy of the universe that comes from Nature—Universal Intelligence—to living organisms or non-living materials, Mahendra Trivedi and his Trivedi Masters™ have been able to scientifically prove the beneficial and limitless potential of this energy phenomenon.