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Instructional Rounds

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Read Write Respond. Creative commons licensed (BY-SA) flickr photo by mrkrndvs: In his book, Start With Why, Simon Sinek makes the statement that, “people don’t buy what you do, people buy why you do it.”

Read Write Respond

The problem is that too often we get the two confused, caught up in what we are doing and forgetting why we are doing it. Sometimes we forget because we never actually give it our attention. So this is my attempt to identify the ‘why’ that I always endeavour to start with. I see my ‘why’ as a learner with a passion for helping other learners find their spark. Although such activities may be about me, my passion for learning, my desire to grow, they are not actions that can be measured through the number of retweets or hits on my blog.

In the end, if, as David Weinberger suggests in his book Too Big To Know, the smartest person in the room is the room. So what is your why? Kathleen hansell sur Twitter : "Ralby schools IR Concept maps-Formative Assessment, Feedback, Self-regulation and student engagement. Instructional Rounds, Rosemeadow Public School. Luci Woolaston sur Twitter : "Great PL today thanks RALBY... #IRPL #iroundsnsw @annbasel. Familiarizing ourselves with our PoP at SPS @iroundsnsw @annbasel. Instructional rounds at my school today with @Nanabarb99 leading the way! Check out our PoP! Working shoulder to shoulder with @c_mamo & Adela during #instructionalrounds. Do we do what we say we will and how well do we do it? @jangreen31 @Nanabarb99. Celebrating the awesomeness of our teachers! @Nanabarb99 #instructionalrounds.

ClassMovies - EducationInstructional Rounds, Rosemeadow Public School. Are we giving our students opportunities to articulate their thinking? IR at GEPS #creatingapath. What are our key messages from "Making Thinking Visible"? #creatingapath @iroundsnsw. Observation without judgement - a key practice of Instructional Rounds #creatingapth @iroundsnsw. Instructional Rounds... by barbarareynolds. Locked flipbooks and pages can't be accessed due to the use of forms that block content.

Instructional Rounds... by barbarareynolds

CopyCopied Using free embed code, the flipping collection will display only 3 flipbooks, each limited at 15 pages/pdf. The other publishing options don't contain such limitations. Instructional Rounds: Learning2C LEARNING TO SEE UNLEARNING TO JUDGE A Professional Development Tool For Classroom Observations ... Published: Dec 1, 2013 Views: 30. #RALBYInstructional Rounds Collaborative community schools network practice focused on improving teaching &learning. Instructional Rounds In A Nutshell. #KnowWhy 5 Awesome day of learning on #InstructionalRounds. @VBTitleI. Theory of action, connected with problem of practice, Lansvale East PS @TooneyRebecca.

Creating powerful learning opportunities #bialikcot2015. #IRLEPS A genuine day of learning! @iroundsnsw @MarkDiamondLPS @ddonatiello24 @GHidson @VMiedler. @MichaelStrahan5 @new71k - snaps! #nswppaconf2015. Nanabarb sur Twitter : "Celebration Wall to highlight fabulous classroom practices at Burwood PS @iroundsnsw #creatingapath... Nanabarb sur Twitter : "High hopes for Instructional Rounds network - Networking to make a difference to student outcomes #ralby @iroundsnsw.

SolutionTree : How many characteristics does ... Instructional Rounds In A Nutshell. Haikudeck. Overcoming the Assessment Culture to Achieve Real Education Reform  Professional development for educators is a fundamental key to large-scale improvement of learning for children.

Overcoming the Assessment Culture to Achieve Real Education Reform 

Yet building the capacity of adults charged with preparing students for the future is the weakest part of our nation's reform strategy. This is not because we don't know what to do. We understand that professional development must be sustained over time. We know it must be structured and focused, and include direct observation and support in the classroom. We know that teachers and school leaders must understand the importance of children's cognitive and emotional development and embrace it with a sense of urgency. Our nation's record in professional development isn't weak because we don't have the knowledge or the tools to do it right.

Culture change is particularly difficult in an environment with schools that have been redesigned around assessments, which measure school performance. Can we make these cultural shifts? Blogs. Guest Post - Stacey Quince – Principal, Campbelltown Performing Arts High School.


(Campbelltown Performing Arts High School is a Microsoft Partners in Learning Worldwide Mentor School.) I recently undertook Instructional Rounds for the first time and one of the key elements Richard Elmore highlighted during the training that was that “in order to learn how to do it, they (teachers) have to unlearn certain other things”.

It occurred to me that “learning to unlearn” has been a recurring but incredibly important theme for the significant transformation that education has been undergoing, and continues to undergo, across Australia and around the globe in recent years. A combination of changing context, including rapidly emerging technologies, and an evolving understanding of neuroscience make this an exciting time to be an educator. But they also make it a challenging time. A learning partnership that is also an unlearning partnership. Instructional Rounds Sydney Style by barbarareynolds.