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How Malayan Family Protect Is Beneficial For Yo... - Lifestyle and Investments - Quora. Despite the rainy season putting a damper on planned trips, traveling is still something that many families do together. It is a way to bond and strengthen their relationship with each other. Aside from this, it’s also a means to see what the world has to offer in all their glory. And what better people to experience this with than your family? There are top destinations you can go to that are sure to tickle your children’s fancy. However, traveling is not a worry-free activity. Fortunately, the Malayan Family Protect product line offers adequate protection and security for your family should they face any health issues while traveling. Wide range of protection plans Malayan’s health insurance plans have a wide product range that is beneficial for all members of the family. Hospital Cash PlanFamily ShieldMalayan Insurance Family Protect PlusCard For LifeMalayan Family Protect EliteMalayan Family Protect Max Coverage for all family members Benefits in case of emergency.

What To Ask Your Health Insurance Agent - Insurance Tips and Tricks - Quora. When you’re looking for health insurance, it’s easy to get lost in different plans from various providers. With so many offering various benefits, it can be quite confusing and tedious to narrow down just what you want. In times like these, a good insurance agent can make the difference between a mediocre plan and a perfect plan that caters to all of your health needs. A good insurance agent is also someone who knows how to answer your questions and concerns. They do everything in their power to make sure an insurance plan is convenient for you. But what do you ask an insurance agent to determine the best insurance plan for your needs? Below are some questions to consider. Payment and Other Costs One of the most important things you need to ask is the amount of payments you will be making for the product.

Benefits There are health insurance plans that cover hospital income benefit, ICU benefit, accidental death and disability benefits, and the like. Doctors Under Coverage Limits in Coverage. Caring For Your Child During The Rainy Season - Insurance Tips and Tricks - Quora. The start of classes is also the start of the Philippines’ rainy season. This means that your children will most likely be coming to school in raincoats. Due to inclement weather, there’s a possibility for classes to be cancelled quite often. But, most of all, the rainy season coinciding with the start of classes means that your child is quite susceptible to various diseases. These include common rainy season illnesses such as cholera, Hepatitis A, typhoid fever, influenza, leptospirosis, and dengue. In order to protect your children from these illnesses, here are some tips on how to care for them during the rainy season.

Make sure they are well-equipped when they leave the house Make sure your child has a raincoat and an umbrella before they leave for school. Improve their immunity Parents want to keep their children close and safe at all times but kids will be kids. Remind them to practice proper hygiene Address possible causes of sickness beforehand Invest in a health care plan. MOMI SHARES| Family Protect | MOMI BERLIN. Preparing Yourself For Accidents | Beauty, fashion and everything in between! Adventures of a Diva Princess: Live worry free: The Advantages of Family Protect Plans. No matter who you are and where you are, family is the most important thing in this world. I remember the very first drawing I did when I was five and it was a drawing of stick people composed of my family – my father, my mother and my little brother. For us Filipinos, family is life and family are our life.

We always have in mind their protection and well-being. We can’t function well if something happens to them especially if it concerns their health, it plays havoc with our peace of mind. But how can we make sure that we can protect our loved ones and have a peace of mind knowing they are indeed protected. The past few years have seen the rise of insurance in our country. Recognizing the values of family and their well-being; RCBC Bankard with Malayan insurance, the consistent number one non-life insurer in the country, introduces health plans whose coverage is extended to the family. How To Use Malayan Insurance Family Protect Plans In Caring For Your Health – TWENTEEN MOM. Once you become a wife and a mother, your family becomes your top priority. Not only do you give them all the love in the world, you also take care and provide them with everything they need.

It is also your responsibility to protect them from any harm and that includes getting a health insurance from a reputable company. Have peace of mind and protect the ones you love by obtaining a Health Protection Plan with YGC Corporate Service, Inc. (in partnership with Malayan Insurance and Sun Life Grepa Financial). Organized in 1999, YGC Corporate Service, Inc. (YGC CSI) is tasked to identify and optimize synergy opportunities within YGC. Health Protection Plans They have different Health Protection Plans that are suited to your specific needs and those of your family members. Other Insurance Plans/Products Aside from Health Protection Plans, YGC CSI also has the following: How To Apply If you want to apply for a specific plan, purchasing insurance from the Malayan Insurance Store is easy-peasy.

Benefits to Look for in a Life Insurance Plan – Winged Hope. I grew up with my father working different jobs: lawyer, newspaper editor, radio station manager, elected government official and at one point, an insurance agent. However, my father never really discussed insurance to us, his children. Years later, a couple of months after finishing university while I was still busy searching for that perfect job :), I was approached by a smart-dressed, middle-aged woman. She proceeded to invite me for lunch which included an insurance presentation. Her goal was not to sell me an insurance plan. The goal was to make an insurance agent out of me. And so technically, my first job after finishing my Psychology degree was really selling insurance. Today, we can of course read and know more about the different insurance companies and their products through media and through the internet. Well, I hope they took out life insurance policies that would really be beneficial for them.

Here are the top 3 benefits that I would also look for in a life insurance plan: My Metro Lifestyle: When Your Healthcare Plan is Not Enough. When I started online freelancing in 2014, I tried to make the transition as smooth as possible. For someone who's always sick, that meant getting my own healthcare plan and building an emergency fund. Freelancing has its own perks such as having a flexible schedule, unlimited earning opportunities, the absence of daily commutes and enjoying full control over tasks and projects. However, it also meant you have to file your taxes yourself, pay the full SSS contribution (no more employer share) as well as getting your own healthcare plan which unfortunately is more expensive compared to corporate plans. Since I was trying to be smart and practical, I thought that I was already safe and fully-covered.

Not until I got sick and unable to work for 2 months straight. Yes, my healthcare plan took care of my hospital bills and medicines, however, being unable to work meant no income for me. Because of this experience, I realized that our healthcare plans are not enough. Malayan Home Protect Plus Insurance - Lhyzie Bongon Blog. Your home is one of your investments and preserving it for the future especially when you have kids would be something to think about. In the Philippines March is considered as Fire prevention Month and as June approach rainy season start how can we protect ourselves and our house with these human error and/or disaster that may occur which is inevitable.

How can you protect yourself, your family and your home at the same time? Getting a Home Insurance can help you with that. Buying or getting a home insurance Philippines can be challenge and getting a quality one is important. There are things to consider when getting a home insurance policy and make sure it covers unexpected or unforeseen loss that will happen such as: FloodEarthquakeFireBurglaryAnd Etc. There are also things you need to know and understand in getting a home insurance such as: One company that offers a home insurance in the Philippines is Malayan Insurance with their Home Protect Plus.

Why we need nonlife insurance more than ever. Malayan Insurance Co. Inc. is the leading nonlife insurer in the Philippines. To adapt to changing times, the firm recently launched innovative products such as cyberinsurance and fine arts insurance. Company president Yvonne Yuchengco shares her insights about the growth of nonlife insurance. Q1:The market penetration of nonlife insurance in the Philippines is less than 20 percent. Why do you think Filipinos are still not investing in nonlife insurance and what can trigger demand? A: Philippine nonlife insurance industry net premiums grew 16.24 percent in 2016 compared to the previous year. There is also a growing appreciation of the important role that insurance plays in big catastrophic events like Tropical Storm Ondoy and Supertyphoon Yolanda.

All in all, the quality of financial education and risk management is improving through shared experiences that can be found online. Q2: Is there a difference in the purchasing behavior of younger buyers versus older buyers? Pisceanrat: Guide to Philippines' Most Comprehensive Home & Property Insurance. Hello po! At a young age of 24 years old, I was able to buy my own house and lot in a nearby province! Well, technically, the title is still not officially mine, since it is through installment, but I already "own" and cherish it as MY property- acquired through courage, hard work and sacrifice! Admittedly, that abode was not my first choice- I was looking for a really low-cost one, but those were sold out, she said, so the agent showed this to me, and I instantly fell in love with this 80 sqm single attached unit; what with its pink color, cute theme, garage at the side and spacious front yard- looking much like a doll house!

As my first real investment in my 'adult' life, that property is very important and is a source of pride. When we first moved in, I took care if there are some things that need to be repaired. I checked about the safety and security- new door locks, grills in the windows. We ensure to unplug appliances, close the gas whenever we go out, etc. RCBC Savings Bank. Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation. Malayan Insurance tips on disaster preparedness. LBC Tie-Up with Malayan Insurance to Ensure Safety of Customers | ExperienceNegros.

Servicing the Filipino is not just about providing logistical solutions but also caring for the welfare of their customers. This is the message LBC wants to impart when it strengthened its partnership with Malayan Insurance with the aim of providing affordable micro insurance for every family. With the Kaagapay Insurance, LBC has given access to both customers and non-customers to apply for a simple and inclusive insurance policy. For just P25, the Kaagapay Insurance offers coverages of up to P20,000.00 for accidental deaths; total permanent disability due to accident; and, disablement and dismemberment due to accident. It also provides for P5,000.00 insurance for murder and unprovoked assault; burial assistance in case of accident; and, fire assistance. LBC Kaagapay Insurance began in 2011. Present during the signing were SVP Philippine Operations Oliver Valentin and Senior Manager Philippines Branch Operations Karen Pauline Alcazar of LBC Business Solutions; and, President Yvonne S.

Home Protect Plus policyholder lauds Malayan Insurance's prompt response | The Daily Guardian. Health Protection. Yuchengco Group of Companies. Malayan Insurance (Philippines) Home... - RCBC Savings Bank.