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Rorablue. Netzvergnügen, Katzen & Selfies. Letzte Woche haben wir den wunderen tumblr »This Charming Charlie« entdeckt.

Netzvergnügen, Katzen & Selfies

Lauren LoPret hat Charlie Brown und Morrissey zusammengeführt, in dem sie die Sprechblasen mit The Smiths Zitaten gefüllt hat. Wir haben uns die Idee geliehen und uns letzte Nacht schon wieder durch die Discographie von Tocotronic gehört. Herzlich Willkommen im Leben von Charlie von Lowtzow und seiner Charlietronic Gang. This charming charlie. Dear Morrissey, Just like you, I too can be intensely persistent.

This charming charlie

I’m sorry to hear about the dishonorable treatment that Harvest has given your new album. I’m reaching out to you in the only way I know possible. Did you know I run a record label? We believe that World peace is none of your business should get the respect it deserves, without executives controlling the channels. Lets talk. Lauren LoPrete Loglady Records Oakland, California. This Duck is Tocotronic. Phänomeme. Funny Photos of Men Mimicking Women on Instagram. ZOMG ZUFALL! #700. Peanuts Character Creator. List of Emoticons for Facebook. Here is the complete list of all Facebook emoticons.

List of Emoticons for Facebook

As you can see, we have loads of great emoticons to choose from. You’ll find an incredible selection of familiar smiley faces and their codes along with a huge number of new Emoji emoticons that are also popular. Now you can easily express yourself to your friends when you are happy, sad, in love, cranky, or experiencing just about any other emotion while decorating your Facebook status and comments using our Facebook emoticons list. Just choose emoticons that best suit your mood.

To use our amazing ‘Emoji’ icons, all you have to do is copy and paste a symbol code beneath the emoticon’s image. O.O :v (y) Quelle: Internet. My Garbage Cat Wakes Me Up At 3AM Every Day by Will Herring. Moorhuhn kostenlos online spielen. 2 Kinds of People. Reddit: the front page of the internet. How Old Do I Look? The REAL Meanings Of Some Words.

Every word has a definition, but they aren't always what we mean when we say them.

The REAL Meanings Of Some Words

For example, I might have said "I'll do that right away, honey," but what I really meant was, "I will forget whatever you asked me to do the moment this show ends. " This fun series of images shows us what some of us really mean when we use some of these simple, everyday words. Do you have any real-life word definitions of your own? If so, feel free to add them to this list! (h/t: designtaxi) Show 1 more. 15 New And Typically True Words For Our Generation. Robot Unicorn Attack from Adult Swim - Free Online Game. 21+ Honest Valentine’s Day Cards For Unconventional Romantics. Most of us have had enough of the typical Hallmark-style Valentine's Day card (not that there's anything wrong with them).

21+ Honest Valentine’s Day Cards For Unconventional Romantics

For couples and romantic singles with a sense of humor or an unconventional approach to romance, there are fun and creative cards like these! Sure, some of them might not be the most romantic cards out there, but you've got to give them to the right person for them to be effective. If there's a pant-nullifying Valentine's Day card that you think we've missed, you can add it to this list and vote for your favorites as well! (h/t: huffpost) Show 71 more Add Image Recent submissions to this list Lorem To My Ipsum Your Assets Make My Stock Index Rise.

ROLLIN` SAFARI - what if animals were round? _mnpyde4BXS1rcobvyo1_500.gif (GIF-Grafik, 500 × 255 Pixel) Post Internet Art. RIESENmikroben GIANTmicrobes Plüschmikroben. LG G3 mit Weihnachtsbonus von Drei. 27 Pictures Only "Harry Potter" Fans Will Think Are Funny. You're Getting Old! Google ist dein Freund.

Brick-by-brick. Mini Metro. 10 Hours Fluffle Puff "Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows" Bored Panda - the only magazine for Pandas. Deutschland. 21.10.2011 – Der Tag im Überblick. Müde Ente im Unterricht. ~ Online Wichteln an Weihnachten! Fort McMoney. TWOYOUTUBEVIDEOSANDAMOTHERFUCKINGCROSSFADER.COM. Pictures of Hipsters Taking Pictures of Food. Schlechter Becher.