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Transmedia quick references

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NUEVOS MEDIOS, EL RETO DE LA NARRATIVA TRANSMEDIÁTICA. Narrativas transmediáticas, interactividad, mashup y edupunk. Harry Potter, Matrix, Prison break, Smalville o Lost no son solamente el nombre de una saga de libros, películas o series de televisión, sino mucho más.

Narrativas transmediáticas, interactividad, mashup y edupunk

En esta era multi-plataforma representan una marca que tiene presencia en diferentes medios, lenguajes, formatos y áreas comerciales. How Punchdrunk Theatre Reels 'em In With Immersive Storytelling. A scene from Sleep No More, a theater production in New York City created by London theatrical company Punchdrunk.Photo: Yaniv Schulman When London’s Punchdrunk Theatre Company opened Sleep No More in March 2011 in an abandoned warehouse block in New York, few imagined it would still be running a year later.

How Punchdrunk Theatre Reels 'em In With Immersive Storytelling

A strangely wordless interpretation of Macbeth as filtered through film noir with a nod to Hitchcock, Sleep No More defies every convention of theater. [bug id="sxsw2012"] It has no stage, no seats, takes place in a labyrinth of oddly decorated rooms, and requires audience members to wear Venetian-style masks but gives them no clue how to respond to what’s going on — which can be anything from nothing at all to a naked man in a bloody bathtub. “What is it?” Apparently they are — for not only is Sleep No More still running, it’s playing to sellout crowds. Modern Mythology. Emerging Applications of Transmedia - Transmedia Digest.

Feb 14 2012 As transmedia storytelling becomes more common it is being rolled out across a variety of industries and in many different applications. Entertainment The transmedia approach emerged over the past decade in the entertainment industry. Immersive Storytelling and the Future of Film: The Sound of My Voice.

Still from The Sound of My Voice with Brit Marling What advances in cinematic storytelling can we expect to see in the Digital Age?

Immersive Storytelling and the Future of Film: The Sound of My Voice

Writer Brit Marling and director Zal Batmanglij have an idea. The story is called The Sound of My Voice – a beautiful, eerie, and contemplative journey into the heart of a prophetic cult. If the name Brit Marling rings a bell, it’s because she was the trifecta creative force (writer / director / actor) behind last year’s beautifully subdued sci-fi drama Another Earth. (If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to visit your Netflix queue.) The Sound of My Voice is the story of a journalist and his girlfriend that are pulled into a cult whose leader (Marling) claims to be from the future.

Immersive Storytelling and Clickable Video - The Sound of My Voice “Clickable video” sounds annoying until you see it done right. How will the immersive digital components tie to a cinematic release? A Unified Labeling System for Transmedia Projects. I’d like to develop a unified labeling for transmedia projects.

A Unified Labeling System for Transmedia Projects

The objective is to allow the audience to quickly and easily determine (a) if this is the kind of project they will like (b) what is expected of them in terms of time and effort required to enjoy the project. I believe this type of communication will help multi-platform projects become more widely accepted and more easily understood. The diagram below shows a simple label that I think covers all the necessary bases. Age rating. Same idea as for movies and games, identifies if this experience is for children or adults. Genre. The genre of the story. Transmedia Storytelling and Multi-Modal Brands. Transforming data into narrative content. One of the largest by-products of the digital revolution is data, and entrepreneurs are finding new ways to harness and make use of the increasing variety of data.

Transforming data into narrative content

In the following interview, Kristian Hammond, CTO of Narrative Science, talks about how his company generates narrative stories from gathered data — a function that could play out very well in content organizations such as newspapers, allowing them to scale content without having to hire more staff. Hammond says stories grounded in data work best — think sports stories, to start — and that the increasing amounts and kinds of data being produced create new opportunities for the kinds of stories that can be generated — think pharmaceutical testing reports.

He will expand on the ideas and concepts behind using data to generate content in the Scaling Content Development Through Automation session at the upcoming Tools of Change for Publishing conference. Transmedia Storytelling and Content Marketing. Since it is exquisitely aware of important to low Buy Viagra Online Buy Viagra Online testosterone levels and have vascular disease.

Transmedia Storytelling and Content Marketing

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En los últimos meses los medios se hicieron eco de algunas experiencias de enseñanza de la física por medio de largometrajes (ver por ejemplo el artículo de El País “La ciencia según los superhéroes“).

Enseñar las Hipermediaciones: entre el cine y la teoría de la comunicación (I)

En España Sergio L. Palacios, profesor de la Universidad de Oviedo y autor de “Einstein contra Predator” entre otras obras, ha sido uno de los pioneros en poner los fotogramas al servicio de Newton, Einstein y Hawking. También Arturo Quirantes Sierra, de la Universidad de Granada, transita por los mismos senderos (ver su blog Física de Película). Por lo que pude averiguar existe una relación muy fuerte entre los físicos y la gran pantalla, como parece confirmar este post donde se pasa revista a otras experiencias. Los físicos, además, se han tomado el trabajo de asesorar a Hollywood para evitar que cometan banales errores en sus producciones.