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Yesterday at the Googleplex, journalists, technologists and Googlers converged for the TechRaking summit. Our goal was to figure out how to break news of its bad habits lingering from the pre-Web era. We compared notes about our own organizations, shared examples of stories and projects, and dreamed up ways to serve you better. Here's what we've got so far. The Problems "We need to rethink every facet of the journalism model," said Richard Gingras, VP of News at Google, to start off the event. Making News Useful Making News Useful
A Brief History of Curating New Media Art | The Green Box
"Rethinking Curating is an invaluable road map to the landscape of contemporary curating and the ways in which the 'behaviors' of new media art have changed institutions, exhibitions, and the roles of curators and audiences. Outlining the characteristics of new media art and their histories, the book comprehensively explores functions of the curator—as filter, producer, or editor—and the exhibition—as touring show, festival, or platform. Multiple artworks and exhibitions serve as case studies that effectively illustrate the complex topography of curating in and for the 21st century." Rethinking Curating Rethinking Curating
Shel Holtz: Smarter Curation for Enterprises Shel Holtz has more than 35 years’ experience of organisational communications, in in-house and consulting roles with mostly Fortune 500 companies. He is a Fellow of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), the author or co-author of numerous books in the communications arena, and a frequent speaker. These days he is principal of Holtz Communication + Technology, helping enterprises communicate better in the online space. One of his focus areas is watching how the social world uses online technologies, and applying that in enterprises to improve internal and external communications. Shel Holtz: Smarter Curation for Enterprises
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The Digital Museum - Curator's Abstract The Digital Museum - Curator's Abstract The Curator's Abstract My current art practice takes many forms, including painting, sculpture, drawing, curation, installations, video, web design, digital images, teaching and the study of the creative process. In this report I show how different facets of my perception, motivation and process are informed with underlying elements. The Six forms include Material Frame, Perspective, Ground, figure and Strategy, all derived from painting practice. In this report I describe sections of my life and history, influences, as they relate to my work.

Adelante :), de hecho es el tema que justamente estoy tratando, ojalá podamos colaborar más a fondo by naka Feb 28

Voy a "tomar prestado" tu arbol... soy nueva, pero ya estoy familiarizándome con el funcionamiento. Yo también investigo, quiero tomar como referencia este concepto de curaduría de contenidos para una curaduría de artes visuales, de qué va tu investigación? by anarosavaldez Feb 28

Gracias, estoy aumentándolo constantemente porque ando investigando al respecto :) by naka Feb 28

Está muy bueno este árbol de perlas!! by anarosavaldez Feb 28