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Guild Wars 2 Journal : News, Guides, Forums which has set their eyes on the PvP and WvW aspects of Guild Wars 2. I go by the alias Swimchamp, and i am the Founder and Council Leader of Blacklisted. I became addicted to MMOs at a very young age, and have always been a competitive player. However, it is the friendships and memories that I have built over the years that has made it all worthwhile. Guild Wars 2 Journal : News, Guides, Forums
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I sat down with Colin Johanson and Jon Peters during the first day of PAX East to go over the content patch going live on Tuesday. Most of the patch features themselves are not really reflected in play testing, so I spent quite a bit of time watching the ArenaNet developers gang up on Jon repeatedly in the 5v5s while we talked about the Megaserver system. Before we moved on to Jon’s endless demises, we went over the other features and I got to see the way the User Interface had been developed to bring these systems into the game. Traits The first thing on the table was the update to the traits system. I am sure most of you know the basics of the current system and the main changes to the system that were announced, so I am going to skip straight to the gushy center. You can find them in the previous blogs that were released about the feature patch if you haven’t read them.
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