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A Day without Hate - Denver Colorado. Alan Watts - What do you Desire? Traveling SE Asia 2015. Stars Blessing - Uganda - 2015. Happy Kids Africa - Pharrell. Happy - Africa 2014 — BC SERNA. Happy - Africa 2014 — BC SERNA. Eunice's Dream: A Poem from Kibera School for Girls. Teaching Mindfulness (Character Education) Printing press making a magazine. Podcasting. Remember the good old days of TV and radio?


Everyone would gather around to be entertained. Shows were broadcast at specific times and if you weren't there on time, you missed it <boo>. Broadcasts disappeared into the ether. Teachers. Mr. W. How To TPCASTT a Poem. How To Read Poetry. Figurative Language Rap Song. Pit and Pendulum - Edgar Allan Poe Rap. Prefixes Rap - Flocabulary Grammar Rap.

Flocabulary - Five Things (Elements of a Short Story) Vocab_matters_2010.mp4.

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