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Top 10 benefits of online tuition for children. How to make Maths Fun and Exciting for Primary Students? How to prepare your children academically and mentally for PSLE Exams? Common Mistakes and how to overcome them in PSLE Science Paper. Tips while preparing for PSLE English Paper. Do computer algebra systems improve math education. 5 Ways to deal with stress before a Maths Exam. How should we deal with kids who are bored? “Mum, I’m bored!”

How should we deal with kids who are bored?

Sounds familiar? Many parents would say that this phrase brings about a feeling of dread in their hearts. Unlike times of the past, before hand phones and iPad came into existence, the current generation of parents were able to entertain themselves through activities like sports, or movies. Now, this generation of hybrids (individuals who grew up with Nokia 3310 when they were in secondary school, and who played snake only when there were no good movies out in the theaters) cannot believe that their younger beings are unable to sit still for a mere five minutes without being absorbed in an entertainment of any sort.

Who can blame them though? Best PSLE Maths Online Tuition. Fun meals to cook with kids. Now that the kids are home for the holidays, the issue is keeping them busy!

Fun meals to cook with kids

One great way to not only spend time together but also to fill their stomachs, is by cooking a meal together. With the ease of the internet, there are plenty of easy, healthy ways to do that with minimal fuss in the kitchen! However, there are a few key tips you should keep in mind before bringing kids into the kitchen. First, it’s best to keep kids’ cooking separate from the commonly accessed areas. You can consider using the dining table or another counter for their work so they’re not in the way of anything. Diwali : As Celebrated Across The World. November’s here and it’s once again time to bring out the candles for the much anticipated festival of lights – Deepavali!

Diwali : As Celebrated Across The World

Symbolizing the victory of good over evil, this festival is celebrated by Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs. As these communities spread across the world, Deepavali – or Diwali, as it is more commonly known – spread along with them. Everywhere they went, people changed the way they celebrated Diwali a little. Family is not an important thing, Family is Everything. Michael J.

Family is not an important thing, Family is Everything

Fox once said, “Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.” At every new juncture of our lives, family takes on a different meaning—from when we were doe-eyed teenagers declaring that we have found the loves of our lives, to grandparents who have seen generations transform before us. Family has different meanings to different individuals. Over the years, we’ve seen our understanding of family evolve and change as we enter different phases of life. How to Motivate Children to Study Without Forcing Them – Part 2 - #1 comprehensive online tuition for P1-S4 students. Last week we tried to understand how each child is different and how hence, their reaction to everything varies!

How to Motivate Children to Study Without Forcing Them – Part 2 - #1 comprehensive online tuition for P1-S4 students

Let’s take a step further and understand how we can help build a conducive environment at home for our children to study comfortably! Kids are mostly all for learning new things, reading interesting and fun facts, but most of them are not always the first to jump into studying. The reality is that most kids do not understand why they have to study. How to Motivate a Child to Study Without Forcing Them. Admitting your child to the best possible school and ensuring they get all the facilities they need doesn’t end the duty of a parent.

How to Motivate a Child to Study Without Forcing Them

Every parent has to ensure that his or her child is actually making use of those facilities! But sometimes, just bringing children up to date with the classes they attend and ensuring they complete their homework on time can become the task of nightmares. Eat right to think right! Super foods for the growing brain. Where would we be without our makan?

Eat right to think right! Super foods for the growing brain

The importance of food in Singaporean culture is hard to underestimate. But we all know that char kway teow and curry puffs, while delicious, aren’t the healthiest choices for every meal, especially for growing children!