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Hi This is Naina from India. I am working as a freelancer blogger for many reputed companies, website and personal blogs. I love to entangled with the optimistic and funny peoples. If you would like to know my taste, just read my news and article.

WATCH: Top Five Performances Of Lionel Messi’s Football Career. On Sunday, Argentina and Barcelona icon Lionel Messi gave a big shock to football fans as he announced his retirement from international football following a heartbreaking loss to Chile in the Copa America Centenario final at East Rutherford (New Jersey).

WATCH: Top Five Performances Of Lionel Messi’s Football Career

For a player used to winning everything in sight at the club level with FC Barcelona, Messi’s international career followed a depressingly familiar pattern of disappointment and underachievement. Ahead of the start of this 2016 tournament, Diego Maradona had also accused Messi of lacking a personality. Well! Whatever, the present is, in the past, this little magician has managed to conjure up some truly amazing moments for football fans, here are five of them: In pics indian coaches till now.

Good News For Coffee Lovers: Beverage Not Linked To Cancer. Bees Chase Car For Over 24 Hours To Rescue Their Queen. In an incredible ordeal, a 65-year- old grandmother was followed by a huge swarm of bees for more than 24 hours while driving her car home from a nature reserve in the UK, attempting to rescue their queen.

Bees Chase Car For Over 24 Hours To Rescue Their Queen

Carol Howarth was amazed when a swarm of over 20,000 bees flew down onto her vehicle, covering the back end of the car. ALSO READ: Angelina Jolie Joins London School of Economics As Visiting Professor The unusual incident happened shortly after she had parked her car in the town centre of Haverfordwest, West Wales, before going shopping at lunchtime last Sunday.

A team of three beekeepers, a national park ranger and members of the public helped to capture and contain the swarm inside a cardboard box. Howarth told the Telegraph that she had “never seen anything like it.” Concerned that the insects might be destroyed with pesticide, Moses contacted two members of Pembrokeshire Beekeepers’ Association, who came to help capture the swarm. WATCH: Man Jumps Into Zoo Enclosure 'To Shake Hands With Lion', Rescued Unhurt. Sweatergate Trending After US Weather Presenter Asked To Wear Cardigan Live On Air. A United States TV station has come under fire after a woman weather presenter was made to cover herself up with a cardigan mid-way through a live forecast on the pretext that viewers were complaining about her dress.

Sweatergate Trending After US Weather Presenter Asked To Wear Cardigan Live On Air

Liberte Chan was in the middle of her weather update for Los Angeles TV station KTLA when a frumpy grey sweater appeared on the right side of the camera. “What’s going on? You want me to put this on? Why? Because it’s cold?” “We’re getting a lot of emails,” anchor Chris Burrous quipped back, later claiming that viewers were upset she was wearing a New Year’s Eve-style dress for the broadcast. The TV network was slammed on social media for the incident that took place on Saturday with many calling the on-screen drama sexist and some referring to it as #sweatergate.

And when Twitter react: “This is so demeaning, why couldn’t they pull her to the side beforehand? Apple Likely To Inaugurate Hyderabad Facility On May 19. Global tech giant Apple Inc is set to inaugurate its development centre in Hyderabad on May 19, a senior Telangana government official said on Tuesday.

Apple Likely To Inaugurate Hyderabad Facility On May 19

State IT Department’s Secretary Jayesh Ranjan, however, did not confirm if Apple CEO Tim Cook, who is scheduled to visit India this week, will be present on the occasion. “Apple team is coming. But we do not know who are the members of the team which is coming on May 19 (Thursday) for the launch of the facility. We are not 100 per cent sure whether Apple CEO Tim Cook will be there or not. We also asked them. ALSO READ: Apple’s Tim Cook To Visit India This Week He had earlier said executives of the California-based technology company that owns popular consumer electronic brands such as iPhone and iPad had already met state government officials, requesting their support for some of the clearances. Meet The ‘Beast’ In Zuckerberg’s Family. [caption id="attachment_189017" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Image: Facebook[/caption] Everybody knows that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is a genius programmer, a considerate boss and a loving father.

Meet The ‘Beast’ In Zuckerberg’s Family

But not everyone knows that he is an animal lover too. Infact, Mark has a Hungarian Sheepdog, who even walked Priscilla Chan down the aisle when the two got married in 2012. Eat Seafood Meal Once A Week To Stay Sharp. Including seafood or other foods containing omega-3 fatty acids at least once a week in your diet may protect against age-related memory loss and thinking problems, says a study.

Eat Seafood Meal Once A Week To Stay Sharp

The age-related memory loss and thinking problems of study-participants who reported eating seafood less than once a week declined more rapidly compared to those who ate at least one seafood meal per week. “This study helps show that while cognitive abilities naturally decline as part of the normal ageing process, there is something that we can do to mitigate this process,” said study senior author Martha Clare Morris from Rush University Medical Centre in Chicago, US. The findings were published online in the journal Neurology. The researchers followed 915 people with a mean age of 81.4 years for an average of five years.