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How can SMS marketing predict the future for your new business? Does mobile marketing have a place in a B2B world? Please Sir can I have some more? Well there’s no need to ask us for more... Smartphone winning the war against the desktop. [SPAM] This message was marked as spam – getting your message heard. SMS is too cool for school. How to make your customers trust you? 5 reasons why you're not using SMS marketing. Life’s new universal remote: The mobile phone. Can SMS marketing be used to predict your new business’ future? If we were to ask you where you saw your new business in the next 12 months what would be your answer?

Can SMS marketing be used to predict your new business’ future?

We often wish we could look into the crystal ball of commerce and business or have a magic 8 ball to hand but unfortunately it’s not that simple to know…or is it? When taking on a new business challenge, many people, although excited and full of anticipation often avoid launching head first, taking into consideration many factors such as being cautious to not spend too much money until they have made just enough. Are you one of these businesses? When you first set-up your new business, irrespective of what industry sector that you sit in, you will be wanting to make sure you have placed close thought to how you will be spreading the word of your business or brand. Marketing, advertising and communication with the right tools combined with a bit of strategic planning will make the chances of getting to where you want to be more likely.

And this is the point where SMS marketing can help… What place does SMS marketing have in the B2B world? Our platform has served a diverse range of industry sectors within the B2C community since we first launched our SMS gateway.

What place does SMS marketing have in the B2B world?

Having become one of the most obvious choices for marketing within a B2C environment, SMS has enabled thousands of our customers to target their messages at the right people at just the right time. From notifications of discounts, promotional offers and sale alerts – SMS has given marketing plenty more oomph. Although the obvious tool for those advertising and communicating with the average consumer, is it not time that SMS became the prominent tool of choice for B2B marketers? There are more than 6 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide and with a rise in business’ adoption of the mobile, does the humble handheld device now have the ability to transform the way B2B communications are made? Did you know that the average business person keeps their mobile phone within three feet of themselves at any one time? Please Sir can I have some more (from my SMS marketing)? Oliver Twist may have asked for more, but with us there’s no need to.

Please Sir can I have some more (from my SMS marketing)?

We understand that it’s not always simple and straightforward and that no business or customer is the same. Sometimes you want to be contacted, sometimes you don’t. Some business work the conventional 9-5 and others may not. Smartphone reigns supreme. It’s already won the hearts of your customers, but what about your business?

Smartphone reigns supreme

The smartphone is seen in the hands of pretty much every consumer, and we’re sure you’ve had enough of hearing how ‘mobilegeddon’ is here and that the world is going mobile mad. In business, it is now no longer a question of whether it is time for your business to go mobile, but how. New smartphone statistics released recently show this. And while many business and marketers are already reaping the rewards along their mobile marketing journey there are still some, maybe even you, who are missing out. And for those people, there is the infographic below… With stats that show that mobile is blowing just about every other device out of the water with domination like no other, there is no longer a question that ‘mobilegeddon’ is going to happen, but proof that it has.

[SPAM] –Is your message getting heard? From email and Facebook to YouTube and mobile, the variety of digital communication and marketing technology available to us is huge, making it simpler than ever to contact consumers, businesses and people wherever they may be.

[SPAM] –Is your message getting heard?

But with the range of tools and platforms available, are you finding it easy or more difficult to get your messages read and understood? Social media The arrival of social media, all those years ago, seems like a distant memory, and that could be attributable to the notable changes that platforms like Twtter and Facebook have seen since then. While the ability to reach millions with a post or tweet hasn’t changed, organic reach seems to have dipped with the arrival of paid promotions and ‘Boost post’. It's "Back-to-school" for marketing. How do you plan to make the most of the back to school period?

It's "Back-to-school" for marketing

While the Summer holidays may be in full flow, this doesn’t mean that it’s any time for marketers to kick back and relax. Help your customers trust you with SMS Marketing. Do your customers trust you?

Help your customers trust you with SMS Marketing

If you’re a business that prides itself on putting your customers first then building or nurturing trust should be your first priority. Newly released figures suggest that 91% of consumers are concerned about the way companies are using their data. (Gigya) The smartphone: Life’s little remote. Gone are the days of flicking from soap opera to talent show and back again on your television set, here are the days of swiping and clicking with your fingertips as the average consumer takes to managing their own worlds through a different type of device.

The smartphone: Life’s little remote

The smartphone. Smartphone use in Ireland has now hit a record high of 59% (ComReg) TV, online and mobile remain the main forms of media consumption in a digital age, however mobile is the only one growing, from 4% to 20% since 2009, as TV consumption falls from 45% to 38%. (eMarketer). So it seems we are ditching the TV remote and swapping it for a new device of choice – one we can carry in our pockets, with less chance of losing it down the side of the sofa. From checking our bank balances and transferring money for bills, through to paying for goods with Apple Pay, the smartphone has kick-started a new dawn for consumers and brands.

Form2SMS turns website traffic into customers. Getting people to your website is one thing, but turning them into customers is a whole different ball game.

Form2SMS turns website traffic into customers

Not every visitor to your website is going to want to buy something, however that doesn’t mean that they don’t like your products, an unexpected car bill or the wrong time of the month could just stop them from clicking that “add to basket” button. With these factors in mind a lot of websites have introduced email newsletter sign ups onto their websites, which enables them to collect their customers’ data and send them any news, offers or information in the future.

However, as we all know an email can be very hit or miss… with the huge amounts of spam emails we all receive now, spam filters are getting tougher and our interest in opening emails is dropping. Turn website traffic into customers with SMS sign up fields. So, you love your Mum more than your Dad? Could bad jokes and embarrassing dance moves be to blame for our lack of appreciation for Dads on Father’s Day?

So, you love your Mum more than your Dad?

The imminent celebration of Dad’s worldwide takes place this Sunday, and we’re asking – do our consumers love Mum more than Dad? Consumers spend 3 times (75%) more on Mums on Mother’s Day than Dads on Father’s day (The Drum) Each year the same adverts adorn our television screens and emails offering discounts on ‘Dad’s driving anthems’ compilation CDs, ‘Number 1 Dad slippers’ and novelty mugs of our favourite celebrity Dads – and each year we’re pretty sure when Dad’s receive them they just think “It’s another to add to the collection.”

A simple way of knowing if your campaign has worked will just involve comparing previous non-mobile marketing years figures against this years or simply send out a relevant offer code for use on your website or in store to monitor the results. Embed this Infographic on your website: Source: Mobile marketing – the simple, the smart and the useful. The Text Marketer SMS system is an incredibly clever and easy use system, and we’ve crammed it full of free helpful features to make sure you get the best possible results out of SMS. So we thought we would just take you through some of these great features… Copy/PasteNumbers into the ‘To‘ section for a quick and easy send If you don’t want to spend time organising and uploading different contact groups, then it’s easy to just copy and paste your numbers directly into the ‘To’ box. Just make sure the numbers are on separate lines or separated by a comma.

Paste your numbers in, type your message and press send – job done! URL link shortener. It’s nothing personal, it’s marketing. Ever been on the receiving end of someone starting the phrase “It’s nothing personal, but…” with the close of that sentence often leading to something negative? Well in marketing personal is something positive, particularly with mobile marketing.

With 75% of the World’s population owning a mobile according to a 2015 report by The World Bank it seems almost everyone is in touch while on-the-go, whether at home, at work, or on their way there. The smartphone has become like our portable personal diary mapping memories, creating new ones and keeping you on schedule. Mobile marketing – Does size really matter? When Apple announced the arrival of the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus last year – heavy gasps were heard globally. The display – 28% bigger display than its predecessor made its owner’s hands feel empowered, so Samsung, HTC and Nokia Lumia followed suit, but as phones get bigger, what does it mean for marketing? How to collect your customers’ data. The response has been too good – we haven’t got the man power. Why do you love your Mum more than your Dad? Mobile marketing made easy – more Messagebox features. Marketing – This time it’s personal.

We’ve all had those moments, leaving our mobile phones unattended in a room with our other halves or friends – fearing the worst that they’ve looked through it while we’ve been away. But not because we’ve got something to hide, because our mobile phone has become like our personal diary. Gone are the days of filling a daily entry in a notebook with your favourite pen, and here are the days of portable memory mapping.

From taking photos and videos of every day occurrences such as meals through to a special family occasion, and social sharing with friends and family while we’re on-the-go – smartphones have made everything more personal and what’s more nearly everyone has one. “75% of the world’s population owns a mobile according to a new report by The World Bank” (June 2015) Mobile has changed the marketing game. The 160 characters in that content has to be a two-way road, starting with relevance in its first and final goals. No spam. Mobile marketing – Is bigger always better?

Simon: the legend who has helped shape your business today. SMS is the new lucky horseshoe for racing tipster. Why your customers love Mondays. Spring is in full swing and with bank holiday just around the corner many consumers are living in hope that the sun keeps his hat for the many things they have planned for impending May Day. From brief getaways, to a spot of DIY right through to some generous retail therapy, a bank holiday following pay day can open up plenty of opportunities for companies and customers to increase productivity, profits and regain the love that’s lost for the first day of the working week.

The Spring holiday which seems to run intermittently between the Easter weekend through to the end of May has become known for generously high spends for those shopping for clothes, gardening and DIY items… …or booking their summer holidays. An extra 22 seconds is also spent shopping online over the bank holiday Monday by customers looking to bag themselves something special. Consider putting in a URL linking directly to a relevant landing page with our handy URL shortener. Related posts: Time to take customer service mobile. Are you mobile body ready? Posted on May 1st, 2015 by nadya.ahmed. The Grand Budapest mobile hotel – the mobile holiday maker.

Get excited about Mondays – turn them into ‘Monyays’ The Boomtown Rats had it right when they sang “I don’t like Mondays” – who does? Well with May Day Bank Holiday just around the corner we think there’s plenty of opportunity to fall in love with the much-dreaded first day of the working week – well temporarily anyway. 81% are frustrated with your customer service… Over the past ten years, SMS has moved from being a mere curiosity in users hands to an extension of the arm, as a communication channel adopted by almost every consumer of all age groups.

Everything from booking a holiday and making a table reservation right through to paying bills and ordering a taxi, all these services are often just a-click-of-a-button away and have led to an increased demand in expectation and immediacy when it comes to customer service and support. With estimates that by 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as a key brand leader (Customer 2020 Report) it is becoming increasingly more important for brands and businesses to adapt to social change and the needs of the customer. SMS – Recruitment’s best kept secret. Easter – not just about chocolate and bunnies. Increase leads, sales and your customer base with one little magic word… You might have read that title and been very skeptical and somewhat pessimistic about what this ‘magic’ little word can actually achieve.

However do you know what the best thing about this word is? Here’s how “SMS marketing has increased our sales turnover by 30%” Posted on March 17th, 2015 by jake2035. Mobile Flying high with Flight Quotes. Recruiting with SMS to land the perfect job. Get Crackin’ this Easter with SMS Marketing. Get Crackin’ this Easter with SMS Marketing. Do you or your customers suffer from PPV syndrome? Get lucky with SMS this St Paddy’s Day. A look into the ever-changing mobile crystal ball.

Sending a message – the simple, the useful and the clever, part II. Madonna takes a tumble over our low prices… It’s National Grammar Day Write Now. Mum’s the word this March. Caution: Your business could be losing money without SMS! Your new BFF – the smartphone. ‘March Forth’ – It’s National Grammar Day! Happy Mother’s Marketing Day. Happily Ever After with SMS Marketing.

Cooking up a storm with a sprinkle of SMS psychology. Become an SMS Super-Marketing-Hero. Seize 2015 with these 10 Mobile Marketing Stats! Text Marketing Ebooks. The Seven Deadly Sins of Mobile Marketing. A whole new world with SMS Marketing.