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Twitter. Twitter Marketing Strategy: 5 Steps. So you want to succeed with Twitter eh?

Twitter Marketing Strategy: 5 Steps

Before you run off and chase shiny butterflies and little blue birds, take a seat and collect yourself. Then read the following tips on creating a potential Twitter marketing strategy that will help you become more productive and successful using Twitter for business. First things first. Who are you trying to connect with? 1. The first step in scoring is knowing all about the goal. 2. It’s essential to know how success with Twitter will be measured. Where does Twitter fit in? 3. As a communications and social networking tool, Twitter can connect with customers, prospects, journalists, employees, candidates, investors and marketing partners. Twitter is a tool and only as useful as the tactics you use. 4. First and foremost for tactics, the Twitter page needs to be designed and optimized.

There are a few tactics with Twitter that are almost always a good idea regardless of the audience, goals and overall plan: Measure twice, Tweet once. Twitter en chiffres. Facebook. Bouton "Like" / "J'aime" et plugins sociaux: Facebook obtient le. Infos / chiffres / astuces. Facebook. How to Create a Facebook Fan Page Editorial Guide. Facebook Fan Pages are popping up in record numbers.

How to Create a Facebook Fan Page Editorial Guide

Now businesses have another space to connect with their clients or customers and a great opportunity to add value. However, one thing I hear repeatedly is that Fan Page owners are frustrated with their lack of fans and low engagement levels. They work hard to create the page, add the bells and whistles, but no-one comes. One reason for this is a lack of purpose and planning. The words purpose and planning might not get you all that excited. Below I outline how to create an editorial guide to ensure your Fan Page success. First, Define Your Purpose To define the purpose of your Fan Page, here are three questions to consider: #1: Why Do You Want a Fan Page? If the answer is, “Because everyone else has one,” you might want to rethink your direction. . #2: How Will Your Fan Page Differ From Your Website? Think about what you can offer on your Fan Page that’s different from your website. . #3: What is Your “It” Factor? Creating Your Editorial Guide.

Retrouver le créateur d’une fanpage sur Facebook. Posted on | avril 15, 2010 | 10 Comments Cette méthode ne fonctionne plus et je n’ai pas de solution à vous proposer sur la nouvelle version de facebook.

Retrouver le créateur d’une fanpage sur Facebook

Je sais j’écris beaucoup à propos de Facebook ces derniers temps. Mais là j’ai trouvé un truc assez intéressant pour retrouver le créateur d’une page fan sur le réseau social le plus utilisé du moment. Je vous préviens tout de suite, la technique est assez compliquée et implique de trifouiller un peu plus que d’habitude. L’idée est assez simple à la base : lorsque l’on affiche la liste des fans d’une page, ceux-ci sont affichés par ordre d’inscription – les derniers inscrits étant affichés en premier.

De quoi a-t-on besoin ? Pour trouver cette astuce je me suis basé sur Firefox ainsi que deux de mes extensions préférées : Tamper Data et Firebug. Tamper Data Tamper Data permet de modifier tous les paramètres d’une requête envoyée au serveur – qu’elle soit synchrone ou asynchrone. Firebug La méthode. Eight cool social media infographics. Yesterday I noticed quite cool infographic being passed around online.

Eight cool social media infographics

Made by the guys at Trendstream, it maps social media access and involvement around the world. I love infographics. I think they’re a smart, creative way of displaying data in a way that’s easy to understand and is engaging. I’ve also noticed that they seem to be becoming more common, permeating not only technical subjects, where they seem to have originated from, but other areas, such as mainstream media, design and of course, the internet. So, inspired by the newest of social media infographics, I thought it might be useful to collect some of the better examples in one place as a source of inspiration and information.

The World Map of Social Networks. The 10 Stages of Social Media Business Integration. Brian Solis is a principal at new media agency FutureWorks.

The 10 Stages of Social Media Business Integration

You can connect with him on Twitter or Facebook. An overnight success ten years in the making, social media is as transformative as it is evolutionary. At last, 2010 is expected to be the year that social media goes mainstream for business. In speaking with many executives and entrepreneurs, I've noticed that the path towards new media enlightenment often hinges on corporate culture and specific marketplace conditions.

Full social media integration often happens in stages — it's an evolutionary process for companies and consumers alike. Here are the ten most common stages that businesses experience as they travel the road to full social media integration. Stage 1: Observe and Report This is the entry point for businesses to better understand the behavior of an interactive marketplace. Reporting: Distill existing social media conversations into an executive report. Stage 2: Setting the Stage + Dress Rehearsal Stage 7: Community.